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Time to finally dip into dabbling in Space Marines, I suppose. It was inevitable, eventually, I suppose... I must admit that the occasional rare SM unit that slips into my CSM shopping cart is more than a coincidence.

I have decided to play with some of the 7e formation freedom, now that more recent codexes are really embracing the list-chunk-fragmented-scattershot. I figured I'd just pick the coolest units of the coolest armies that are at least semi-competitive, working mostly off what I more or less already have units in the vicinity of, so...

Iron Hands CAD
110 - Master of the Forge w/ Conversion Beamer [Warlord]
120 - 5 Tactical Marines w/ melta, a Sergeant w/ meltabombs, & a Drop Pod
68 - 5x Scouts w/ camo cloaks, 3x sniper rifles
365 - 10x Sternguard w/ 5x combi-melta, 3x combi-grav, 2x combi-plasma
138 - 3x Bikers w/ 2x melta, Attack Bike w/ multi-melta
180 - Ironclad Dreadnought w/ power fist, heavy flamer, seismic hammer, meltagun, & a Drop Pod

Astra Militarum Allied Detachment (Death Korps minis, but just AM rules)
100 - CCS w/ 4x melta (in Vendetta)
145 - Vet Squad w/ lascannon in Chimera w/ ML, HB
170 - Vendetta
130 - 2x Wyverns

Inquisition Warband
34 - Ordo Xenos Inquisitor w/ 3x servo-skulls

Officio Assassinorum Detachment
140 - Culexus Assassin

50 - ADL

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I see a good bit of symmetry here. It really looks like a well balanced list with all the angles covered. It just seems like you're not using the MotF to his full potential with only one dread. But that's fine. I've taken them just to fill an HQ slot and Bolster before. I do know that you can take a Beamer on an Inquisitor and it'll save some points. I'm also not really a sternguard fan, even though they're badass. They are just very expensive when kitted out with combis. Since I don't use them though, I'd really like to know how they play out for you on the table top. Have you used this list in any games yet?
I figured the MotF would sit back in a corner ruin on an objective that he'd Bolstered with the Scouts, for the 2+ save with camo--but I could easily take a cheap Libby and shift the Beamer over onto the Inquisitor--it would give the Inquisitor more to do, certainly, and would get me at least a tiny bit of psychic ability/defense aside from the Culexus. I could even drop the vet Chimera and get the Inq conversion beamer anyways--it's not like I have a servo-harness if the vet Chimera gets dinged up, on the MotF...

The Sternguard... I don't want to run them 10x melta, but I feel like that would be the most reliable Knight-killer, since then the Ion Shield wouldn't be able to block me off on whichever side I throw the meltas... I suppose I'll honestly be combat squadding them slightly differently than "melta, plas/grav" if I'm going to throw them at a Knight. I feel like if they can reliably come in and melt two units, they'll probably have earned a good chunk of their points back, and then acting as a distraction/any survivors using special ammo are there to justify the rest of their cost. The sheer amount of pain they can so reliably drop into place, though, is why I'm trying them out... well, that and the gorgeous minis. Which I have yet to buy. So might not even buy, if I find that proxying them doesn't work out that well.

Haven't run it just yet, no, though I may soon (would have to proxy the Drop Pods and Sternguard, but otherwise have pretty much everything).
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