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Ion cannons?

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I'm using them tomorrow for the first time, and am a bit confused by the wording. My old drill instructor always said there was no such thing as a stupid question, only a stupid recruit, so...

If you hit with all three attacks, does the target receive damage for each hit, or just the one damage however many hits it takes?

Also, what does it mean by "then cancel all dice results"? What dice results?

Thank you for your answers, and patience, in advance.


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As ntaw says.

Example 1: You shoot someone with an Ion cannon, and get Hit, Hit, Crit. The Defender rolls 2 Evades, and would normally suffer a critical hit. Instead, they suffer 1 normal damage, receive 1 Ion token, and the Crit is cancelled and has no effect.

Example 2: You shoot, and get the same results as above, but the Defender gets 3 Evades and thus the shot misses. No damage dealt, and no Ion token received.

Example 3: You shoot, and get Hit, Hit, Miss. You have Greedo as a crew upgrade (the first damage dealt each turn is dealt face up). The Defender gets 1 Evade, so is hit by the attack. They receive the Ion token, and would normally take 1 damage. However if they are unlucky enough to not have Shields, this will be Critical Damage rather than a face down damage card, because Greedo doesn't rely on what you roll on the dice, only that you deal at least 1 damage. A nice little combo!
Greedo and an Ion Cannon are easily the best 4pts I've spent on Boba Fett. Nothing quite like Ion causing a Stress Crit, followed by 4 dice with rerolls in the rear arc and a prox mine when you blow past the actionless, ionized sucker next turn...
Just the one. Ion and Flechette weapons can only ever cause a single, non-critical damage, regardless of how many hits you roll.
I like Jendon, but found that trying to stay within range of his ability is crippling to a lot of Imperial ships. Bombers are probably the best bet, combined with the ST321 Title so you can enter the initial joust with Focus and Target Locks for your munitions.

Yeah that can be mean, but that shuttle is 32 points, the interesting thing about the doomshuttle (using Vader and the cheapest pilot) is that it is only 24 points. It WILL die, it is the equivalent of 40k termicide or something. Also if they get something slippery like a Phantom or Interceptor in arc they can smack it with a crit to help everyone else hit it.
In case you're talking about Stealth Device (I might have misread) then you need to connect with the attack dice to shut it off - simply dealing damage isn't enough. The defender needs to be hit by the attack itself.

That said, Vader is certainly very nice for dealing with ships that rely on 4+ green dice to survive, and since the Decimator was released, is the main reason I recommend Shield Upgrade over Hull Upgrade on Aces like Fel and Jax.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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