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Hi, this is my first post on this forum, so here's a bit about me

Found you guys when I was searching for WH40K demotivational posters, and a link led me here.

Bedford, NH, USA, Terra, Segmentum Solar, IOM.

Mostly good memories from my FIRST team, team #1517 for those who are interested.

It's in honor of the Special Forces operating world wide, the true Night Stalkers, who give all who prey on the innocent nightmares. It's also in honor of the 160th Special Operations Air Regiment or SOAR.

Not really a WH40K gamer, more of a fluff person. Have played DOW, and read some of the codexes, and many of the WH40K novels.

DOn't really have one for tabletop, but in DC managed to crush Tau, Eldar and Chaos, by self playing Emperor's Spears Chapter.

Either IG or Astartes.

None, as far as I know.

Big on the fluff, big IOM supporter, fanficiton writer, that's pretty much me.

Not getting one, sorry.
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