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Newly Registered and clueless new player.

Helo Everyone! I just registered for the site. I'm about as much of a noob as humanly possible. I played 40K with some friends about 15 years ago. We started out just painting and then eventually got into some basic skirmishes. I don't remember how to play AT ALL. My friends and I just reconnected and we're starting the same way. Painting parties, building scenery, essentially gearing up as best as possible before getting into the nitty-gritty. I used to have a small Ultramarine army. the six of us that now get together are Blood Angels, Space-Wolves, Chaos, I just recently decided to make a switch to Eldar and then one other friend has been painting for Years, he's got pretty much a little of everything.
My older brother on a whim bought the new Space Hulk boxed set and apparently that was the kick in the ass we all needed and it seems as if we're all diving in headfirst, spending money like crazy and regearing up our forces. this is one addictive game. I just bought a squad of Dire Avengers, completely based on their name and I also purchased the Eldar Codex. I have to say, I'm pretty excited about my choice after reading up on them. The Eldar really seem to be badasses. I think we all stayed away from them based on their "Clownish" Appearance.
On Sunday we played a four man "King of the Hill" style skirmish and I was late to the gathering, so I didn't participate. It was essentially all space Marines against each other. We fumbled around a lot in the begining; wrestling with the rules and learning how to play again. we're starting to get the basics down, but tactically, it was a disaster. Most of us were realizing too late that we could have done things smarter. it's all part of the learning curve. We're looking to find a local group that plays regularly so we can observe them. Working dry from a book is very slow and confusing.

If there are any other Eldar Army players out there with hints for me, I would welcome any comments. I think the Dire Avenger squad is a great choice for a starting point, but I'd welcome feedback from other players on where to go from here as far as purchases for the best tactical arrangement would be. From what little I've read, it seems as if the Eldar are very task specific, but I'm getting the impression that mixing certain soldier types with the Eldar is different than other races and has potential for more devastating combinations through enhancements gained through properly pairing squads. While it seems that my friends Space Marine tactics are rather straightforward, the Eldar are more nuanced and therefore tactically have more options. Any help with this would be much appreciated. Heh, I want to beat the pants off my friends and winning through strategic avenues is more rewarding than just advancing and shooting, as they all seemed to have done on Sunday.
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