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Hello one and all, erm...

I am Dalfort, my most frequently used nick on RPG/game sites. It originates from an AD&D 2nd Ed character I became overly engrossed in playing, his full name was/is Cornelious Kaye Dalfort he was/is a LG Fighter dual Classed with Wizard (originally, 3.5 he is a Fighter/War Mage).

I dabble with 40k more than being a massive fan, I have an Ork army to match my WHFB one (that used to 4k in pts before Sigmar rose his shiny armour!!) but my main GW pleasure is Blood Bowl.

A friend has introduced a few of us at our (small) gaming club to the joys of Deathwatch from this I hope to discover more about the previous systems (hence arriving here).

Hope that hasn't bored the majority of you :grin: speak to you soon!

Take care Dalfort.
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