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Intro to Tactica Wars

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Hello fellow Heretics, and welcome to the subforum "Tactica Wars", where all the matches are completely interactive from the members of Heresy-Online.

Now for one of the obvious questions: What is a Tactica War?

A Tactica War is a series of battles (hence "war") where people submit lists to a "keeper" or "official" and at random, they place one's list against someone else's list and they start a battle. After a thread is created and a battle has begun, the players both write in tactics. These tactics would describe what the units do, how you would deal with the most obviously dangerous units, and how you plan on capturing the objectives. Generally, Tactica Wars would be using tournament systems, and will declare one official winner of the Tactica War. But it's possible that it can go into leagues as well.

How does a Tactica War work?

Tactica Wars are generally tournaments, so the participants are randomized against others. The process of the match setup will vary, depending on the runner. But in general, missions and deployment will be randomized as well. If the Tactica War is using the single elimination or round robin systems, all rounds will be randomized for players as well. Participants may only submit one list at a time.

After the players have posted their tactics when the match has been posted up, it is everyone else's job to see who would win the match. In order to represent that, each willing member must vote for the person on who they think will win the match, and must explain why. The person with the most votes will win the match.

How many Tactica Wars can take place at a time?

Generally, only one. Maybe once we get rolling, we can add several other competitions and such in there, (an example could be some sort of "Versus" style threads like Galahad runs in the Tactics sections). If there is enough interest, a Fantasy Votewar could be started too. But one thing I don't want to see is "Me vs John: Who would win?". Threads like that would be delete automatically.

Could I create my own Tactica War?

Sure! It's good to see some people interested in the Tactica War section. As long as a) there's not another one going on, b) you're 100% committed to this c) you know what you want and already have pre-planned it and d), nobody has asked before you. Although please be aware, once a votewar has been finished, there would be a small 2 week break before a new one starts, just so it doesn't die out of boredom early on. Maybe if this goes, big, we can have two going on at once.

What is the point of Tactica Wars?

The main thing (of course) is to have fun and try something different. It's another option really for being a member of Heresy-Online. But a good, valid point is to try out different lists and see if you can create tactics and back up why and how it can hold it's ground against other units. It's also a pretty cool way to see what other people play and use for tactics, thus learning something new. After all, that's what Heresy is all about.
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