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Hello all and welcome to Into the Shadow, what might be the first Age of Sigmar roleplay featured at Heresy Online. I noticed that despite AoS being nearly half a year old, nobody had yet started a roleplay for it. Admittedly I couldn't really think of a plot until the recent releases for the Stormcast that finally had a real story, and gave me an idea. While the basic objective of the RP is the same as the recent Stormcast audio-drama story by Josh Reynolds, the adventure will be very different. The RP will be focused on a group of Stormcast Eternals from varying Warrior-Hosts, to allow variety, that are being dispatched to the Land of Shadow to find Malerion and his mother Morathi, and renew their oaths to Sigmar for the ongoing Realmgate Wars. But as these valiant heroes make their way into the darkness, they will find horrors that will test them like never before.

-Godmodding is not permitted except by me.
-The GM's decision is final, and that's me.
-Eight sentences minimum per action thread post. (Copied from Reever's RPs because it's the best limit.)
-Any questions, PM me. I will clarify anything, and would prefer that you do ask me for clarification rather than trying to guess at something yourself, unless you are meant to guess.
-You can post as many times as you like per update, minimum of at least once. Otherwise your character will be wounded, or get lost, or something else nasty.
-If you can't make said required minimum post, let me know. If you do that, your character will get through the next update okay. If not, bad stuff happens to him.

Character Sheet:
-Note, there is no age here because Stormcast don't have ages. Their souls are all Sigmar only knows how old and in terms of actual life, they could only be a couple years old at most.

Name: (Self-explanatory really. Note, your Stormcast name will not the same as your human name.)

Appearance: (What do you look like outside and inside the armour?)

Personality: (What is your character like? Are you an eager warrior who wants revenge against Chaos, are you a cynical soldier who believes that the war is pointless, or perhaps you have already been reforged and have lost much of who you originally were?)

Background: (What were you before you became a Stormcast? What made Sigmar choose you? What have you achieved as a Stormcast? In the case of the last one, bear in mind the Realmgate Wars have NOT been going on for long, so you can't have achieved a lot of stuff.)

Warrior-Host: (Which of the Warrior Hosts are you from? Hammers of Sigmar, Celestial Vindicators, Hallowed Knights, Astral Templars?? Any of the current Hosts are acceptable.)

Specialisation: (What type of Stormcast are you? You can be any of the following; Liberator, Judicator, Prosecutor, Paladin. As many people as they like can be Liberators or Judicators, however I will accept only one Prosecutor and one Paladin.) (Note: The Paladin can be any of the three options; Retributor, Protector or Decimator.)

Weapons: (Liberators can wield; Warhammer & Sigmarite Shield, Dual Warhammers, Warblade & Sigmarite Shield, Warblade & Parrying Blade, Grandhammer or Grandblade. Judicators can wield; Skybolt Bow or Boltstorm Crossbow & Storm Gladius. Paladins can wield; Thunderaxes, Stormstrike Glaives, Lightning Hammers or a Starsoul Mace. Prosecutors can wield Celestial Hammer & Sigmarite Shield, Dual Hammers, Grandhammer/blade/axe, Stormcall Javelins or Stormsurge Trident.)

Hopefully that's all the information you need at this point. Any questions, feel free to PM me and ask. I hope to see as many players as possible joining the RP.

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