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- Are Privateer Press minis really that hard to get in the UK? I mean, I know you can't get them from GW stores, but non-affiliated gaming stores should at least be able to order them in for you. Anywhere that sells Reaper minis, Magic, Malifaux or Confrontation should be able to get Warmachine in.

Privateer Press does not own their own chain of stores (anywhere) so you really aren't looking for a PP store.

By the way, I would try and get a local game store to order them in rather than shopping online. That way, it is easier to get a group interested. Although that will also depend on your local crowd, so there's a little up in the air about it all.

- the $50 box sets are designed to be strong starting forces for minimal sized games. They contain between 11 and 14 points. Aside from that, the small games consist of 15 points, while the standard size for a game is generally 35 points. That's 20 points more than the starting box, so if you get a $50 box and then two units or 'jacks and a couple solos, or even a different warcaster, you're probably sitting at around $150-$200 (that's US dollars, but I don't know the exchange rates that well).

Some forces will cost more, some will cost less since the point values aren't directly related to the prices.

- As for faction, every faction takes a little while to learn, and if you love the cryx, I'd say go for them. They are a tricky force (and one thing you have to remember is that Cryx is all about the assassination win- so don't be discouraged when more of your troops are dead. Just look down at the board, and figure out how to get him next turn).

- I don't know what your local meta looks like, since I don't live near you. Around here there are a number of stores that frequently hold Warmachine tournaments, and some have large Warmachine groups show up to play one another frequently.
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