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Interest Thread.

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Hello all, Revan here.

Im wondering who out there would be interested in doing a forum based Open World Dungeon+Dragon roleplay set in a custom fantasy universe that i used for the roleplay: Age of Dragons.

This is just an interest thread, and if i get a minimum of 4 people wanting to join then i shall begin work on the recruitment thread.

If you are interest then it would help alot if you yourself have:

Dungeons and Dragons, 5th edition - Players Handbook, but if you do not then do not worry i have skype: [email protected] and im sure i will be able to find a download-able pdf of it online aswell.

Any questions then feel free to send me a pm or post them here.
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hehe, and my beard!
Not the beard!
No problem Deus.

Still need atleast 2 more before i begin work on the recruitment thread.
I'm definitely in. Not played 5th edition yet, although I have the books etc, but I've played around with 3.5 a few years ago. Can't guarantee I can make many skype sessions though, I've got a new job which takes me all over the country at stupid work times etc, but I can pretty much guarantee at least one entry a week if need be.
It wont be on skype Vaz, it will be forum based with me doing the rolls and letting you know the results.

For example:

You would do your post then at the very end put in backets (Wish to attack Monster A with spell B, or want to do action A on item F) then in the update i will tell you what your results are if they makes sense to you?

Though im more than happy for you to message me on skype or do a call with me to find out the results of stuff, though i dont have a camera just yet. Im going to buy one when i get paid.
Im going to say level two.

However non-playable classes:


All other classes are good so:

See less See more
I'll also point out that Gnomes and Halflings will be un-avalible aswell, instead in the recruitment thread there will be the following new sub races:

Snow and Blood Elves.

Deep and Frost Dwarves.
Well, you know I'm in for this Revan.
Get on skype then *nods.*

Also if anyone needs the Players Handbook then send me a pm.

Now i have my minumum of 4 interested people, i shall begin work on the recruitment thread.
1 - 8 of 18 Posts
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