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Interest Thread.

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Hello all, Revan here.

Im wondering who out there would be interested in doing a forum based Open World Dungeon+Dragon roleplay set in a custom fantasy universe that i used for the roleplay: Age of Dragons.

This is just an interest thread, and if i get a minimum of 4 people wanting to join then i shall begin work on the recruitment thread.

If you are interest then it would help alot if you yourself have:

Dungeons and Dragons, 5th edition - Players Handbook, but if you do not then do not worry i have skype: [email protected] and im sure i will be able to find a download-able pdf of it online aswell.

Any questions then feel free to send me a pm or post them here.
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You know me. I'll support you with any endeavor of yours.
And my axe!
hehe, and my beard!
Not the beard!
Its not that beard, don't worry, it's the other one, the one I keep under the bed.
o_O the carpet matches the drapes?
The machet darpet the crapes!
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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