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Inquisitor Lord approaching a conclave

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Okay, so I'm making dialogue between Inquisitor's what kinds of things would they talk about/how would they go about it in manners of calling a conclave to order?

if anyone would like to help with the dialogue please do.

so far the only topic I can think up is a local Chaos Lord stirring up trouble, making a name for himself and they're working on finding and eliminating him(he's managed to evade them thus far)

anything else for plot holes?
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Well depending on the inquisitors involved in the conclave, they might debate over which is the greater threat and deserves more attention. There could also be discussion on methods, as different inquisitors have varying ideologies. And then depending on the inquisitors, who should be in charge once everything else has been decided.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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