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Inquisitor Lord approaching a conclave

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Okay, so I'm making dialogue between Inquisitor's what kinds of things would they talk about/how would they go about it in manners of calling a conclave to order?

if anyone would like to help with the dialogue please do.

so far the only topic I can think up is a local Chaos Lord stirring up trouble, making a name for himself and they're working on finding and eliminating him(he's managed to evade them thus far)

anything else for plot holes?
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Oh, so, some of the time it's not all seriousness? thought most(if not all Inquisitors) had their heads too far up their asses to talk about anything but Heresy.

I had two points being elaborated on(a local Ork Horde seems to be getting a bit too big, and a Chaos Lord Kathokk recently popped up)

I am taking suggestions however(if anyone wants to?)
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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