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Hi guys, girl and Ice if your looking;)

Well after 2 months of on and off work I've finally finished Inquisitor Barthomeu Speare. He's a Puritan Ordo Malleus Inquisitor. Well he's supposed to be a Puritan - whether he is or not is another matter. And he's just the Apprentice I intended to get the Forge world Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Special Character model for his Master. However this guy will lead the army for the time being.

The mini is based on the Space Marine Captain In Terminator Armour. But has been armed differently and has some icons removed and others added.

So yea here he is.

A shot of his open side.

His Pyscannon

A head shot

The mini before painting looked like this:

So as you can see he has changed a bit since then. His Psycannon was just to big to be hand held. So then it was going to be held by a hooded midget, then a servo skull, then strapped to his back and finally out of desperation and after seeing Darkmessiah's Dark Angel Chaplin I put it under his arm, where it now sits.The close-combat weapon was also a pain the hole. It has been everything from a Chainsword to a Glave/Spear thing. The green stuffing around his shoulder pad is a little rough as well but you have no idea how hard it is smoothing it out in that space.

Thats not going to be his base as well. I just haven't got any 45mm rounds hanging around so i had to make do with what I had. Thats the color I'm thinking of making the army bases though and doing the tanks in the color scheme below.

C & C welcome as always.

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Very nice.
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