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Well, I have found I really dig the Inquisition background and the potential Inquisition units bring for some creative fun conversion projects.
After a lot of hunting around I have ordered a couple of non-GW minatures that I thought would be cool conversions for Inquisitors:

For a counts-as Coteaz: http://images.dakkadakka.com/galler...on, Dorado, Gk, Hell, Inquisitor, Raimond.JPG Augustus from Helldorado

And for Ordo Xenos: http://phildeb.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/xii1.jpg Anima XII

Still awaiting these puppies through the post, hopefully they will arrive next week so I can get to work on them.

In the meantime I have a dozen spare guardsmen, plus some fire warrior bitz and a spare Chimera that I am splicing together to make some Ordo Xenos Acolytes: Fire warrior helmets on guardsmen and stuff like that. But eventually I will probably expand them to include more henchmen, like Inquisition storm troopers and stuff.

So with all this going on, I have been looking into how to incorporate them into my Imperial guard lists. I have always been a blob guard player and so fortunately I am finding that Inquisitors can buff my blobs considerably, especially when combined with the new cheap Priests.

I am actually finding that Inquisition as a primary seems better at lower points levels, where I can just take one platoon blob and have the acolytes fulfilling the old role of chimera-vets (cheaper chimeras, and can still fire 3 weapons out the top as opposed to the new guard rules for chimeras). Also, cheaper plasma (10pts a piece). It seems to make sense.

So with all this in mind here is what I have come up with:

1500Pts: Inquisition as Primary. Guard as Allies.


Ordo Xenos Inquisitor: w/Psyker-Divination, Liber Heresis, Rad Grenades, Servo-Skulls x3

Tank Commander Pask
Leman Russ Executioner
Leman Russ Punisher

Platoon Command Squad w/x3 Meltaguns, Chimera

Infantry Squad x30 w/x3 flamers, x3 autocannons, x3 power axes, Priest

Acolytes x5: w/x3 plasma, Chimera

Acolytes x5: w/x3 plasma, Chimera

Special Weapons Squad w/x3 flamers

Fast Attack:

Heavy Support:


So Pask gives the Punisher rending. Can split fire with his orders so Executioner can fire at something else.
Ordo Xenos Inquisition and Coteaz join the blob and scout with the Liber Hersis. I would be gunning for the 4++ divination power with both, as that would buff the blob even more (not having to worry about cover). If not, Prescience is just fine on the blob.
Keeping the Pask Squadron with 12" of Coteaz/Ordo Xenos would probably be a good idea, for prescience on both Russ'.
Platoon Command Squad: Dishes out orders to the blob (first rank fire with prescience = nice) from within the Chimera. Or they can twin-link their own meltaguns to take out AV 14. Screened by Blob for cover save.
Special Weapons Squad: In Vendetta. Last minute objective grabbing.
Acolytes in Chimeras: Like what Veterans used to do, but cheaper.
Manticore: Much needed long range anti-vehicle, or anti-horde.

I'm not looking for this to be competitive. Just fun with an eye to win, and a chance to use my conversions all together. Any good from that perspective?


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That is actually pretty fun and smart!

You've got so many toys in there and so many potential combinations of psychics, orders and buffs that you can deal with most things coming your way.

On the competitive side I would say you're low on anti-air with just one T2 vendetta. (Twin-linked snap-shotting tank-hunter autocannons might help a little.) CronAir, Daemon/CSM and Nid flying circus' will make you cry, because they care not for your AV14. When playing lists with 2++ units, don't forget that "misfortune" is your friend. Prescience and forewarning are both nice, but sometimes it pays to take down the enemy a notch and make it hurt.

I like it. It's fluffy with a very decent amount of firepower and does more tricks than a $10 ... ! :grin:

On a side note: You can actually field all those Inquisition units as an "Inquisitorial Detachment" using the full AM codex. (Extra HS and FA slots.) Even making one of those inquisitor guys your warlord to get those "better than average" warlord traits and still having the scoring hencmen. I'm going to look into that to boost my AM army. Oh my...
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