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I just wonder whether Daemons don't break up the balance in a game where all armies are based upon the same "Codex" ?
I think they will honestly, which is why I'm starting out this adventure with a pure Marine army. My plan is to have daemons coming in later or via summoning, but I feel that to get a real grip on the 30k setting I need to start without them.

So I have bought a few new things to the army, just to get this year going - A little update on the army so far.

Owned, assembled and ready to go:

- 30 Tacticals (incl. 2 sergeans with power swords)
- 5 Cataphrii Terminators with Lightning Claws
- 20 Assault Marines (Incl. 2 sergeants with interchangeable arms for various weapons)
- 1 Praetor in termie armor, with Combimelta and chainfist
- 1 Centurion with plasma and power mace
- 1 Diabolist (Sorcerer model, but can be used as I see it)

- 10 Outrider Bikes (Needs repainting from Crimson Slaughter, but still works)
- 1 Sicaran Battle Tank (Needs repainting from Crimson Slaughter, but still works)
- 1 Land Raider (Needs repainting from Crimson Slaughter, but still works)

Bought, but not assembled yet:

- 3 Rhinos
- Erebus & Kor Phaeron
- Zardu Layak & bodyguards
- Primarch Lorgar
- Mhara Gal Tainted Dreadnought

On the wishlist for 2016:

- 15 Dark Brethren
- 20 Ashen Circle
- 1 Spartan Assault Tank
- 3 Medusa

Input is very welcome in terms of what I should get first on the wishlist and/or bought but not assembled list first. I'm starting with the 3 rhinos this month, but I'm not sure which other unit to focus on after that.

All the possibilities!

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Erebus can go eat a bag of dicks. I hate that guy! :laugh:

I think Zardak should be next :good:
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