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12" is tall if you are just blocking LOS. It does depend though on how big the things you want to be blocking LOS is. If you want to block LOS from skimmer to Skimmer then yeah 4-5" tall. Average guy to guy though would be 2" tall maybe just over if you are counting some of the larger guys. Remember things like Dreadnaughts can only fire at the height there guns are.
A great one of course is woods. You just need a base of whatever size and scatter a few trees on it and have a declaration of if the base is as shown for density or Thick (anyone on the base unless in 1" of an edge of the base has 0 LOS outside).
You can do the same with buildings, if you have a few tall walls and a few short ones. Throw a few cotton wool bits on there and say that it is a fresh explosion site and is filled with dense smoke / radiation that interferes with visors and stuff, that makes it impossible to see through with any accuracy (so all shadows and mist).

Good tips though. 1.75L bottles of Coke

are great as both Bastions and Void Shield Generators. 500ml Bottles of Coke or Dr Pepper are also good for Void Shields due to their shape as well.

Trays that Chinese Food comes in (Foil or Plastic) from Takeaways are almost always the right height for blocking LOS and are nice as bunkers. Also very easy to resculpt.

Airwaves Chewing Gum Bottles
make nice Powerplants / Fuel Tanks / Silos.
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