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Hello there,

Today we have something for the fans of Japanese themes – of course not only for them.:) We were asked to do an Infinity Japanese Sectorial army along with a special showcase terrain feature to compliment it – a Japanese Garden! Take a look at the models we’ve done in our Standard Quality along with the diorama – spot the little details such as Koi fish swimming in the little pond!

How do you like the mood of the army?

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Mate everything here looks excellent individually, and I love the concepts you've used in both the terrain and the model painting.

I think the photography with the diorama is a bit of a falling point though, the shots you have up give some context but overall are busy and flat. Giving one overhead and following it up with some 'model's eye view' shots using either macro setting or macro lens with the camera, a shallow depth of field for 'super close ups' of the models in their diorama positions but a 'landscape' type shot of scenery close ups; this will really enhance the presentation of your excellent work here and replicate the experience of seeing it in person better.
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