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Space Marines
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Apologies for the necropost. I was the original creator of this chapter and after years and the new Primaris updates I have made some of the specialist forces of the Emperor's Daemons and would like some critiques on them if people don't mind. I have also changed the story surrounding them a bit. Emperor's Daemons Primaris datasheet

First, their horns grow inward as they undergo the transformation to full Space Marine stimulating the adrenal gland and areas of the brain associated with psyker powers explaining the rage and increased abilities.

Second, their color scheme has changed slightly emperorsdaemonsprimaris.png

Third, their planet was swallowed by the Great Rift. Half of the remaining 800 marines has ended up in the Dark Imperium after the Tomb World in their system teleported away before the rift opened. They have been trying to find their way back to the light of the Astronomicon. The other 400 are now a fleet based chapter within the Astronomicon side of the Imperium.

Fourth, The first Primaris both parts of the Chapter recieved were of Blood Angel stock as it was a bit easier to claim to be a Blood Angels successor over their true lineage. They are being slowly phased out via attrition. New recruits are provided by the desperate citizens of doomed worlds and feral populations onboard their ships.

Fifth, the remaining firstborn on the Astronomicon side have all attempted to cross the Rubicon Primaris cutting the survivors down to 150 veteran Primaris and 600 regular Primaris.

Sixth, the Axe of Ehrlen was lost with Haemos being sucked into the Great Rift. It is unknown if the vault inside of the Fortress-Monastery holding the Axe has been compromised or not.

Seventh, the "crying World Eaters" story turned out to be a hyperbolized version of the true events by a Remembrancer .
41 - 42 of 42 Posts