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Index Astartes: Inferno Knights (Version II)

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Updates (06/04/11):
- Expanded upon the Belief section.
- Expanded upon the Gene-seed section.
- Expanded upon the Recruitment section.
- Some minor edits and name changes.

As always, comments and constructive criticisms were appreciated.


PRIMARCH: Jaghatai Khan
FOUNDING: 821.M37, Part of the 22nd Founding


“May every strike of our blades uphold our vows to the Chapter!”
“Through the wrath of the inferno shall the tainted be cleansed!”
“We shall be the guiding light that burns in the darkest days of war!”
“Justice, our vow; death, our method.”
“Release the inferno, Brothers!”
“By our deeds we shall ignite the flames of purity!”


In the wake of the 7th Black Crusade, otherwise known as the Ghost War, a consensus was made by the High Lords of Terra to establish a handful of new Space Marine Chapters. These Chapters will be mainly posted in systems near the Eye of Terror, in defence against another similar attempt by the forces of Chaos, and would later be included as a part of the 22nd Founding.

As the sixth Chapter out of the group to be found, the Inferno Knights, then merely designated as Chapter 822, was amongst the first to be trained up and declared battle-ready. Their worth yet to be proven, they were assigned to quell an emerging rebellion in the strategically important Arturia system together with their parent Chapter the White Scars. Governor Morus of Emerath, though having turned himself and the planet under his control away from the Emperor’s light, posed more of an annoyance than a threat to the greater Imperium. Still, the heretic had the potential to become something far more dangerous should his heresy spread through the system, and as such this uprising was perfectly suited to test a newborn Chapter against the foul corruption of the Warp.

Created from the gene-seed stock of the White Scars, and watched over by a full company of their parent Chapter during their development, the Inferno Knights marines held their progenitor in high regard and followed in their affinity for fast strikes. It was through these tactics, and that of multiple successful precision assaults in key strategic locations, including the capturing of the governor’s fortified estate and the governor himself, that had swiftly brought the Arturia system back into the fold of the Imperium.

Their capabilities proven, Chapter 822 was deemed fit for independent deployment, and the Arturia system was left in their hands as their White Scars mentors returned to their own duties. The Chapter, having received control of the system, immediately began reformation of its six planets, which after millennia of development would become some of the most efficient and productive powerhouses in the sector with a degree of personal freedom somewhat better than most Imperial worlds. In particular was Arturia, designated Homeworld of the Chapter now known as the Inferno Knights, and the location of its Fortress Monastery Conflagration, whose powerful industries would go onto becoming a major supplier of plasteel and adamantium in the whole sector.

To this day they guarded the system and the greater Arite sector with unwavering loyalty to the Imperium of Man and the Emperor, diligently cleansing the taint of xenos and heretics from their area of responsibility. Their actions had so far renowned them for their honour and piety, if unnerved some Imperial citizens for their absolute ruthlessness in their elimination of their enemies.


Similar to many of the Chapters found in the vast Imperium, the Inferno Knights have their own views and beliefs that were different from the Imperial Creed upheld by the Ecclesiarchy, courtesy of their First Founding mentors. They venerate Jaghatai Khan as the Primarch of the White Scars Legion and as a master of war, and the Emperor as the War Father that lead the men of the Imperium into an age of glory.

Though the Chapter as a whole was taught and trained to be humble of their status as Astartes and to fight as a single brotherhood, the cultures of their homeworld had gradually seeped in, and personal honour had become an important aspect of the Inferno Knights. Ritual duels were conducted between the marines whenever a perceived slight had been identified, where combatants were to compete in both intellect and martial prowess through a set of two contests, and all disputes were to be dissolved after duel. To continue a dispute was seen as a sign of weakness, and was looked down upon unless it was of a clearly exceptional matter.

Befitting their Chapter’s name, fire rites had become a part of the Inferno Knights’ most important rituals, especially those to the honoured dead. Ritualistic funeral pyres, resulted from Arturian practices due to hard grounds, were conducted even during the direst of campaigns. Though their duty to the Emperor and the greater Imperium came first, brothers of the Chapter will nonetheless defend their fallen to the bitter end, even if their holy gene-seeds have already been retrieved, so that the dead may pass on towards His side through the funeral rites conducted by the revered Chaplains. The ashes of the fallen would then be spread upon the ground they had died on, and their names forever etched onto both the Chapter’s Roster of the Dead, and the Obelisk of Memorial situated within the mighty warship they last served upon.

As a Chapter of Astartes, the Inferno Knights held themselves to a higher standard of practice than to the wider Imperium. While most marines had their own thoughts and views, a general belief was that the unaugmented human populace were inexperienced cubs. They saw them as capable of praise worthy deeds of a level comparable to an Astartes, yet were hampered by insufficient tutelage and a short lifespan. As such, while the Inferno Knights were exceedingly ruthless against their enemies -especially heretics, for the Chapter marines believed had betrayed their potential in their weakness- they were generally ambivalent towards the faithful.


As a Chapter that follows fairly closely to the Codex Astartes written by Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines, the Inferno Knights acknowledge the organisation of the Chapter and the lifestyle emphasised on the great tome. Separated into ten whole companies, the only significant deviation from the Codex was the establishment of two assault reserves instead of one, and the greater emphasis on fast strikes in standard company formations. This was due to their affinity and appreciation of the tactics taught by their parent Chapter, which had led them to successes after successes. In a similar vein, the Chapter contains few Librarians, as the Chapter system’s proximity to the Eye of Terror demanded a much harsher selection regime for psychically gifted recruits. This harsh selection, however, resulted in Librarians that were highly devoted and pure, and as such the Chapter boast no incidents of corruption from its most Warp-lenient brethren.

The Inferno Knights were commanded chiefly by the Chapter Master, the Master of Sanctity and, by proving himself pure through the rigorous scrutinies and tests within the Reclusiam, the Chief Librarian. General tactics of the Chapter included the use of land speeders and bike, and each Battle Company has two dedicated Techmarines looking after company vehicles. Drop pod assaults were also a frequently used tactic of the Inferno Knights, while heavy armours were mostly reserved for large scale engagements though still utilised when the situation calls for it. This affinity to the use of war machines, together with their bond with the forge world of the Adeptus Mechanicus, resulted in them boasting a larger armoury than most Chapters.

Another practice that separates the Inferno Knights from many Chapters was the tradition of holding a Day of Reflection at the end of each year. On that day, Space Marines of the Chapter gather together to share their tales and the legends of old, gaining new insights of war from their brothers and learning through past mistakes of their predecessors. It was through this tradition of critical introspection that makes the Astartes an even more formidable force than they already were, for while many Chapters refused such a practice due perhaps to pride or their own traditions, the Inferno Knights gained valuable experience to which they would use to better serve the Emperor and the Imperium.


The Inferno Knights were direct descendants of the White Scars, their Chapter having received the honour of being picked to be created using their First Founding brethren’s gene-seed stock, and as such the Chapter suffers from no known mutations, maintaining all nineteen organ implants in pure format. Storage of their gene-seeds were safely guarded under the Fortress Monastery, kept secured on the lowest underground level with highly sophisticated surveillance and defence platforms, courtesy of their neighbouring Forge World, guarding every corners and entry points to the vault. In addition, gene-seeds extracted from the Chapter’s Librarians were held separate from those of regular marines, ensuring that possible corruptions from the Warp were kept at a minimum.


With a handful of worlds under the Chapter’s jurisdiction, the large population of the system ensured that the Inferno Knights recruited its new members mostly from within the six planets. Most recruits came from either Arturia or Shavll, and a handful from the more violent underhives of Emerath. Marines coming from outside the Arturia system was not unheard of, as the Inferno Knights would occasionally came across promising children during their struggle against the Imperium’s enemies, although it was indeed a rare occasion, and to date only one marine ever made it past the rank of Sergeant before joining at the Emperor’s side.

Basic training for the neophytes and newly inducted Scouts were conducted on the Isitius camps, and incorporates a dynamic program that teaches them both tactics and skills against any perceivable threats, with an emphasis on the Chapter’s speciality in fast strikes. During field assignments, new Scouts were first assigned towards the bike squads and Landspeeder squads, where they would acquire the reflexes needed to steer their war-machine in any meaningful manner as a weapon. Following thus, they would join the grounded forces, where they would continue to hone their skills until their graduation into full Space Marines.


Segmentum: Obscurus
Sector: Arite
Sub-Sector: Arturia
System: Arturia System
Population: 12,000,000,000
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Knight World
Tithe Grade: Adeptus Non
The Capitol of Sub-Sector Arturia, Arturia was a knight world with a rugged landscape; mineral-rich mountains provide an abundance amount of material for its power industries, with plasteel and adamantium production being the planet’s primary export. Separated into three main continents, most of Arturia’ surface was composed of rocky, mountainous terrains, with shallow seas dividing the landmasses. It was the second planet from its binary red dwarf stars, and was in itself self-sufficient.

The planet retains a feudal structure in its government, with a distinct hierarchy composed of seven caste levels. Each level was assigned a specific parameter of available occupations, allowed possessions, allowed child numbers and personal rights. With governing reformations by the Inferno Knights, a series of competitive contests called The Gauntlet were held every decade for the new generations of Arturia citizens, where they would be assigned to a specific level dependent on their contest outcomes. This system was directly overseen by the Space Marine Chapter, and was effective in maintaining a strong power structure where potential was not wasted and nobility-born kept humble knowing inheritance was not an option. In the event that exceptionally accomplishing contestants emerges, or that contestants fulfil the specific set of achievements in the voluntarily-invoked contest The Gladiate, where one engage in single combat against a full-fledge Space Marine, the contestants will also be given the option to be inducted into Astartes training.

With strong ties to the forge world of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Aeolia, Arturia boast a highly sophisticated level of technology and defensive fortification, including a Ramilies class starfort in its orbit. The planet was also the location to the Fortress Monastery of the Inferno Knights, situated to the southern fringes of the planet surrounded by some of the most dangerous mountain ranges known in the star system, the Hellsblade Peaks.

Arturia had a single glacial moon named Isitius. It had been fortified as the planet’s main space port and as the second line of defence of the planet, and was also the location of the primary training camps for new Astartes recruits and local planetary defence forces. Massive underground chambers were also established within the moon in coalition with surface camps, which together provide recruits a large range of combat training conditions and thus gives them a higher chance for survival during active scout duty.

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Chapter Command
Chapter Master: Gerardio Ray, Lord Arturia, Master of the Inferno Knights
Master of Sanctity: Aradiel Cesna
Chief Librarian: Romero Gislebertus
Chapter Champion: Prymus Kothor, ‘The Knight Exemplar’
Honour Guards: ‘Black Paladins’ – 15-strong Veterans
- Chapter Standard Bearer: Brother-Ancient Rogiar Craetus
Chapter Enquiries and Servitors: 750

Master of the Forge: Tymrael Loken
- 35 Techmarines
- 145 Tech Servitors
- 192 Bikes
--- 73 Assault Modules
- 80 Land Speeders
--- 20 Standard Pattern
--- 20 Storm Pattern
--- 24 Tornado Pattern
--- 16 Typhoon Pattern
- 32 Predators
--- 16 Destructor Pattern
--- 16 Annihilator Pattern
- 12 Vindicators
- 10 Whirlwinds
- 15 Land Raiders
--- 2 Standard Pattern
--- 3 Crusader Pattern
--- 4 Redeemer Pattern
--- 2 Terminus Ultra Pattern
--- 2 Helios Pattern
--- 2 Ares Pattern

Chief Apothecary: Vyran Hawks
- 14 Apothecaries
- 3 Initiates
- 28 Med Servitors

Fleet Command
- 12 Strike Cruisers
- 3 Battle Barges
--- Dyrnwyn
--- Fragarach
--- Arturia
- 8 Gladius Frigates
- 9 Hunter Destroyers
- 4 Nova Frigates
- 39 Thunderhawk Gunships

Chief Librarian: Romero Gislebertus
- 2 Epistolaries
- 5 Condiciers
- 6 Lexicaniums
- 1 Acolyte

Master of Sanctity: Aradiel Cesna
Reclusiarch: Amareo D'Enilis
- 25 Chaplains

1st Company
Veteran Company

Brother-Captain Vardes Hadion, Duke of Emerath
- 1 Chaplain
- 50 Terminators
- 30 Vanguard Veterans
- 20 Sternguard Veterans
- 2 Techmarines
- 4 Dreadnoughts

2nd Company
Battle Company

Brother-Captain Solisto Graius, Master of the Watch
- 1 Chaplain
- 4 Tactical Squads – 10-strong
- 4 Assault Squads – 10-strong
- 2 Devastator Squads – 10-strong
- 2 Techmarines
- 3 Dreadnoughts

3rd Company
Battle Company

Brother-Captain Llyrie Naiheja, Master of the Arsenal
- 1 Chaplain
- 4 Tactical Squads – 10-strong
- 4 Assault Squads – 10-strong
- 2 Devastator Squads – 10-strong
- 2 Techmarines
- 2 Dreadnoughts

4th Company
Battle Company

Brother-Captain Neallen Teaphs, Master of the Fleet
- 1 Chaplain
- 4 Tactical Squads – 10-strong
- 4 Assault Squads – 10-strong
- 2 Devastator Squads – 10-strong
- 2 Techmarines
- 3 Dreadnoughts

5th Company
Battle Company

Brother-Captain Ligarius Lorien, Master of the Marches
- 1 Chaplain
- 4 Tactical Squads – 10-strong
- 4 Assault Squads – 10-strong
- 2 Devastator Squads – 10-strong
- 2 Techmarines
- 1 Dreadnought

6th Company
Reserves Company – Tactical

Brother-Captain Arca Xander, Master of the Rites
- 1 Chaplain
- 10 Tactical Squads – 10-strong
- 5 Dreadnoughts

7th Company
Reserves Company – Assault

Brother-Captain Njal Azroth, Chief Victualler
- 1 Chaplain
- 10 Assault Squads – 10-strong

8th Company
Reserves Company – Assault

Brother-Captain Tranio Asmodi
- 1 Chaplain
- 10 Assault Squads – 10-strong

9th Company
Reserves Company – Devastator

Brother-Captain Frateus Ellieus
- 1 Chaplain
- 10 Devastator Squads – 10-strong

10th Company
Scout Company

Brother-Captain Raphael Leonides, Master of the Recruits
- Scout Squads
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Chapter Master Gerardio Ray, Lord Arturia, Master of the Inferno Knights

The twenty-sixth Chapter Master of the Inferno Knights, Gerardio Ray was Lord Arturia and the leader of his Space Marine brethrens for the last three hundred years. Born a local of Arturia, he had served the Emperor for nearly nine centuries, and was one of the oldest and fiercest loyalist Space Marine known to the Imperium of Man and of its enemies. Carrying the master-crafted thunder hammer Fury of Arturia and the master-crafted storm bolter Jus Invictus, both most blessed relics of the Chapter, he brings destruction to the enemies of the Imperium with absolute precision and dedication.

Notable Actions:
209.M41 – Battled against and slain Warboss Rokmuncha who led the Ork Waaagh! in sub-sector Vilsu. Promoted to the rank of Sergeant in the 4th Company.

277.M41 – Assaulted and drove a raiding party of Dark Eldars from the Mildigogis Highlands on the world of Quns in coordination with the local PDF, securing the strategic location in a bloody battle that took the lives of two marines. The Battle of Mildigogis Highlands proved to be the turning point of the war that resulted in Imperial victory a decade later.

301.M41 – Routed the daemonic forces of Chaos on the planet of Stregiles through multiple surprise attacks and ambushes. Subsequent strategic strikes sowed confusion amongst the spawns of the Warp, halting the daemonic advances and ensuring a total victory for the Chapter. Awarded the Crux Terminatus for outstanding achievements and services to the Imperium.

431.M41 – Discovered a Chaos cult dedicated to the Chaos God Slaanesh in the local populace of Embrin during the Glennt Campaign while fighting off Orks of the Waaagh! Stacrusha. Personally slain the leader of the cult, a Beta-level psyker corrupted by the Ruinous Powers during the assault on the cult’s central command led by Captain Vermaas Exodus. Promoted to the rank Captain of the 4th Company at the end of the Glennt Campaign, replacing former Captain Exodus who had fallen at the hands of Warboss Stacrusha near the end of the campaign. Captain Exodus was entombed within the metal sarcophagus of a Dreadnought afterwards, and stayed with the 4th Company.

671.M41 – Alongside former Chapter Master Glavius Prycek and brothers of the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 7th Company defended the worlds of the Arturia system from the Death Guard Chaos Space Marines. Chapter Master Prycek had fallen during the Battle of Grellon’s Plains against three Greater Daemons of Nurgle, slaying two before being struck down by the Plague Sword of the last. Captain Hadion assumed temporary command of the Chapter until the end of the war. Chaos forces were driven off the system with minimal Warp contamination to the populace. Successfully banished the last Great Unclean One back to the Warp after pursuing the Greater Daemon in the wake of Chapter Master Prycek’s death, and assumed the mantle of Chapter Master after unanimous recommendation from the Reclusiam, Librarius and Captain Hadion, who deferred the honour to focus on rebuilding the shattered 1st Company.

770.M41 – Participated in the Macaxian Crusade. Led the Chapter against the Alpha Legion war band operating in the Macaxian sub-sector in conjunction with the Storm Hawks and Crimson Paladins. Brought down the Khornate Daemon Prince and Bloodthirster leading the war band after ten days of single combat on the planet of Wyvn. Assisted the battered Imperial Guardsman of the Wyvnian 355th, 42nd and 209th in retaking Hive Phantom and executed the traitorous Planetary Governor after breaching the defences of the Governor’s residential palace. The Crusade ended in Imperial victory approximately two decades later, and the sub-sector remains in Imperial hands although both planets of Wyvn and Tallos were deemed irreversibly corrupted and an Exterminatus was ordered. The Inferno Knights succeeded in evacuating surviving loyal guardsmen and provided safe transport for the veterans to be reassigned by Sector Command.

999.M41 – Led the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th Company during the Thirteenth Black Crusade. Captain Gideon Overson of 2nd Company was slain and was replaced by Captain Solisto Graius.

Brother-Captain Llyrie Naiheja

Captain of the 3rd Company for almost four centuries, Llyrie Naiheja is respected by each and every Space Marine of the Chapter for his ferociousness in combat and his commanding, inspiring presence. Born on the feral ice world of Shavll, the sixth and furthest planet of the Arturia system, he had served in the Emperor’s name for seven centuries, bringing justice where the foul runs amok with the Fangs of Solitude, his blessed pair of master-crafted lightning claws.

Notable Actions:
431.M41 – Participated in the Glennt Campaign as an Assault Marine of the 4th Company. Avenged the death of Captain Exodus by landing the killing blow on Warboss Stacrusha with his Chainsword. Promoted to Sergeant and reassigned along with squad under command to 3rd Company.

522.M41 – Liberated the population of Bel Thrapxin from Dark Eldar raiders of the Kabal of the Bloodied Claw. Hunted the Archon of the raiding party for twenty-eight days after four scout squads had been captured by the Dark Eldar. Successfully rescued the scouts and chased the Archon back into the Webway, slaying the accompanying Haemonculi before the Webway Gates were deactivated. Subsequent discovering and bombing of dormant Webway Gates across the sub-sector ensured the planet and surrounding system freed from Dark Eldar raids for centuries to come.

547.M41 – Assaulted and cleansed Hive Hisao of the hive world Nakai from mutants that overthrown the local government. Led the 3rd Company Assault Squads into the heart of the mutant cult and personally slew the mutant high priest. Subsequent discoveries led to the conclusion of Chaos manipulation, and later led the charge against the Chaos Daemons emerging from Warp rifts, destroying the Soul Grinder that claimed the lives of four marines. Promoted to Captain of the 3rd Company after Captain Neidon Wilthis was slain due to sustained injuries after battling a Bloodthirster. Awarded the Crux Terminatus and the Fangs of Solitude for inspiring heroism and distinguished service to the Chapter.

671.M41 – Alongside former Chapter Master Glavius Prycek and brothers of the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 7th Company defended the worlds of the Arturia system from the Death Guard Chaos Space Marines. Repelled invasions against the Chapter’s Fortress Monastery, eviscerating a Daemon Prince of Nurgle and led the defenders in a counter offensive that proved instrumental in driving the Chaos forces from the system. Personally recovered the still living, but broken, body of former Chapter Master Glavius Prycek from the battlefield of Grellon’s Plain, who was placed within the metal sarcophagus of a Dreadnought and assigned to the 3rd Company as appreciation for his efforts in retrieving the fallen leader.

700.M41 – Led the 3rd Company in the Norrn Cataclysm against the Chaos Space Marines of the Iron Warriors. Encountered the Space Marines of the Dark Angels Chapter and together took the fortified city of Brelp after a siege that took thirty-eight days. Simultaneously eliminated the Warsmith and Sorcerer leading the traitorous marines with the Fangs of Solitude in a whirling melee battle, and together with the Dark Angels and remaining Imperial Guards brought the Emperor’s justice to the traitorous Planetary Governor. Marines of the Dark Angels departed deeper into the city shortly afterwards with unexplained reasons, although the 3rd Company remained to ensure a secured retreat route for their brother Astartes. The Dark Angels had gifted the Inferno Knights with blueprints for the Ares pattern Land Raider after the campaign as an appreciation for the selfless assistance, and a rare bond of respect began to form between the two Chapters.

999.M41 – Participated in the Thirteenth Black Crusade.
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6 5 4 4 4 5 3 10 2+/4+INV

Special Rules:
Independent Character
And They Shall Know No Fear
Eternal Warrior
Orbital Bombardment
Titanic Might – Gerardio can re-roll all failed attempts to wound with shooting and close combat attacks.
Chapter Tactics – If you include Gerardio then all units in your army lose the Combat Tactics special rule. Instead, all units in your army gain the Fleet universal special rule, and your Vanguard Veterans gain the Furious Charge universal special rule.

Artificer Armour
Iron Halo
Fury of Arturia – Master-Crafted Thunder Hammer. When assaulting, resolve Initiative roll with the character’s own Initiative score.
Jus Invictus – Master-Crafted Storm Bolter with the following profile:
24" / S:4 / AP:3 / Assault 2
Frag and Krak Grenades


6 5 4 4 3 5 3 10 2+

Special Rules:
Independent Character
And They Shall Know No Fear
Unerring Advance: All friendly units within 12" of Vardes Hadion gain the Relentless universal special rule.
Eternal Warrior

Terminator Armour
Taelos’ Revenge – Master-Crafted Thunder Hammer. All hits from Taelos’ Revenge are resolved at Strength 10 and add +1 to rolls on the vehicle damage table.
Storm Shield


6 5 4 4 3 5 3 10 2+/4+INV

Special Rules:
Independent Character
And They Shall Know No Fear
Inspiring Presence – All friendly units within 12” of Llyrie Naiheja must re-roll failed Morale tests.

Artificer Armour
Iron Halo
Fangs of Solitude – Master-Crafted Lightning Claws.
Frag and Krak Grenades
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Update Log
Updates (29/08/10):
- Reorganised and touched up a few sections to make the whole thing flow more smoothly.
- Changed various small details with Chapter Origins, Force Roster and Characters.
- Added the Gene-seed and Recruitment sections.

Updates (31/10/10):
- Expanded upon the Belief section.
- Expanded and changed some details in the Gene-seed section.

Updates (06/04/11):
- Expanded upon the Belief section.
- Expanded upon the Gene-seed section.
- Expanded upon the Recruitment section.
- Some minor edits and name changes.

Another patchwork update. Gave the army a little more fire motifs, and some word shifts to (hopefully) make the whole piece sound a little bit more neutral instead of (too) self-grandiose. Next up would be to find some interesting ideas to give them a little bit more mystery and uncertainty, so they don't come out as the blatantly 'good guys', if such thing existed in 40K. Maybe something like a dubiously high Librarian mortality rate or something?
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Well i like it and i think this is very well written and thought out and the effort put in is very respectable. +rep my friend. :D
This is really outstanding my friend, you have a great depth into your background and you are very detail specific

like it! So how 'bout a real story then?

keep 'em coming
To XxDreMisterxX: Thanks! I was a bit uncertain about some sections, but I'm glad you like it. I've added some more details to the article, so hopefully the IA would be richer in characterisation.

To GraveHound: While I would've loved to write a real story about them, I think I need to polish my creative-writing skills a bit more before that happens. Still, there's a little attempt at storytelling in the Gene-seed section, I hope you'll enjoy it.

I know I'm a bit late at replying, I apologise for that. Still, thanks for reading this. I appreciate all feedbacks I've received.
Finally gotten around to update this again. Added some additional bits to the Beliefs, Gene-seed and Recruitment section while excised some unnecessary stuffs that didn't really add to anything. Hopefully they're a tad more interesting now than the pretty much vanilla feel before.

Some time in the future I'll have a finished model posted up, but until I could stop procrastinating that might be a long while away. After all, typing this all up is arguably a less taxing work, and look how long it took for me to touch it again.:wacko:

As always, comments and criticisms are welcomed.
Fluff sounds pretty good, and is certainly very detailed.
Wow! That is some deep detail, all of it sounds great. I really like how in depth all of the fluff goes I only hope my own fluff is at least half of that, haha.
Their chapter colour reminds me of the screaming weazels.
Great Chapater man. Really liking it. +Rep

I hope you don't mind me asking, where do you get the marine that you show your colour scheme with? Do you draw it on a program? Is it a pre-made program that you edit? I'd love to know cause i'd really like to have it.

I'd also like to request permission to use your general layout for my own home-made chapter, if you don't mind ofcourse. Thanks !
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