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The Arkangels were established during the Ninth Founding in early M35, from the gene-seed of the Angels of Absolution chapter bolstered with gene-seed from the Dark Angels, secretly granted by the Adeptus Terra. As such they are also a successor chapter of the Dark Angels and Sons of the Lion – Lion El’Jonson, Primarch of the First Legion.

A handful of Angels of Absolution held convictions that differed from the traditional philosophies of Sons of the Lion. The need to establish a standing force in the more remote regions of southern Segmentum Obscurus provided a convenient impetus to found a new chapter.

Being founded from Angels of Absolution, the Arkangels too hold to the idea that they are not Unforgiven, that while it remains incumbent upon them to hunt the Fallen and bring them to justice at the hands of the interrogator-chaplains and Inner Circle, they share no culpability as the Unforgiven believe.

The Arkangels differ further from their more brooding blood-brothers in that they hold dear the belief that one of their primary purposes is to defend the constituents of the Emperor’s mortal populous. Similar in sentiment to a philosophy held by the Salamanders chapter, it has led to a strong connection with the people and planets they defend, fortified – literally – by the establishment of chapter keeps on those worlds. It is from these same worlds that the chapter recruits initiates. Arkangels tend to be more genial and less dour with a protective and paternal attitude towards humans. The chapter panoply, alabaster white with burnished gold trim, partly reflects this with its divergence from the more somber liveries of their Unforgiven cousins.

While the gene-seed is still considered untainted, there is a peculiar tendency for the Melanochromic Organ to recess almost entirely. The result is that upon the successful implantation of the progenoid glands, Arkangels rapidly lose nearly all pigmentation in their skin and hair, rendering them very pale with platinum-coloured hair. Furthermore, their irises take on a pale blue hue. This hauntingly elegant appearance reinforces their status as the Emperor’s Angels in the general perspective of mortal humans and lends the Arkangels a distinct identity.

Chapter Organisation
Inner Circle
Grand Master of the Arkangels
Master of Librarians
Master of the Forge
Company Masters

First Company – The Furywing
Seraph of the Furywing
Standard Bearer
20 Terminator squads
Land Raiders

Second Company – The Brightwing
Seraph of the Brightwing
Standard Bearer
Squadrons: Landspeeders, Attack Bikes, Bikes

3rd to 5th Company: Battle Companies
Company Master
Company Champion
Standard Bearer
Squads: 6 Tactical, 2 Assault, 2 Devastator
Support: Dreadnoughts, Rhinos

6th to 9th Company: Reserve Companies
Company Master
Company Champion
Standard Bearer
Squads: 10 Tactical (6th), 10 Tactical (7th), 10 Assault (8th), 10 Devastator (9th)
Support: Dreadnoughts, Rhinos

10th Company: Scout Company
Company Master
Standard Bearer
Squads: 10 Scouts
Support: Bikes

Commander Cambriel, Grand Master of the Arkangels
Master Agathon, Seraph of the Furywing
Master Damiel, Seraph of the Brightwing
Master Sariel, Third Company, Commander of the Watch
Master Arkadis, Fourth Company, Commander of the Fleet
Master Porthegon, Fifth Company, Commander of the Arsenal
Master Vingian, Sixth Company, Master Victualler
Master Osterath, Seventh Company, Warden of the Marches
Master Aramaeus, Eighth Company, Warden of the Light
Master Leviton, Ninth Company, Warden of Seiges
Master Dardaniel, Tenth Company, Master of Recruits

Razael, Master of the Forge
28 Techmarines
102 Servitors
Razorbacks, Predators, Vindicators, Whirlwinds, Land Raiders

Seraphael, Master of Librarians
4 Epistolaries
10 Codiciers
8 Lexicanum
3 Acolytum

Fleet Command
2 Battle Barges: Highest Calling, Shining Example

10 Strike Cruisers: Brazen Lance, Clarion Call, Crucible of Light, Dark Forbearance, Firestorm, Luminous Rage, Radiant Fury, Seething Song, Vicious Gift, Wings of Light

1 Nova-class Frigate: Shieldbreaker

4 Gladius-class Frigates: Blade of Justice, Sundering Blade, Sword of Flame, Sword of Light

8 Hunter-class Destroyers: Grim Reminder, Heartseeker, Holy Vengeance, Quicksilver, Righteous Wrath, Sightblinder, Spear of Mikael, Truestrike

42 Thunderhawk Gunships: Last Word, Harsh Duty, Sun Chariot, etc.

4 Thunderhawk Transports: Rinzelon, Achero’s Cradle, etc.

Selection and Initiation
As with any chapter of Adeptus Astartes, recruiting is a vital part of survival. The Arkangels are a fleet-based chapter and select aspirants from a number of worlds in the southern regions of the Segmentum Obscurus. The majority of these worlds are feudal, with codes of honour ingrained into their proud warrior cultures and strong faith in the Emperor to guide them to virtue. Planets like Persica, home to knights and soldiers who fight valiantly for realm and regent, and from where the current Grand Master Cambriel was chosen, provide ideal candidates for the Arkangels.

Once a generation, a recruiting world is visited by the Arkangels’ flagship, Highest Calling, and a Grand Tourney held. Hundreds, often thousands, of young men flock to the tournament for the narrowest chance to be selected to become one of the Emperor’s Angels. Aspirants must be young, no older than fifteen Terran years, in order to ensure that their bodies will accept the gene-seed. The Grand Tourney is usually presided over by the chapter master, though he will appoint a proxy should more pressing matters demand his attention. It is invariably highly attended by the planet’s governing elite, thronging masses of spectators, and aspirants’ proud families. The event is always the subject of legend and myth in the years that follow.

Aspirants are winnowed through trials of endurance and combat, pushing the aspirants to their physical and mental limits and beyond. Many aspirants perish during the trials, many more simply fail to perform to the necessary standards. When the dust has settled and the blood congealed, the remaining handful of aspirants are deemed worthy of selection. They are greatly honoured, their names hallowed by people they will never see again.

The successful aspirants are then implanted with the gene-seed; should the implant take and be accepted by the aspirant’s body, he will be considered a neophyte. In the course of several years the neophyte will continue to receive the many genetic implants that will transform him from a mortal human into an Astartes. During that time, he is placed under the tutelage of a scout-sergeant who will oversee his induction and training even as he serves the chapter as a Scout. Not only must the Scout become accustomed to the genetic enhancement of his body, he must learn the litanies of battle and the first secrets of the Lion as told in parable and legend. Tempered by experience in the field and the many rituals in which he must participate, the Scout will eventually get the chance to prove himself in battle. Should the Scout survive and he demonstrates his worth, his scout-sergeant will pronounce him ready to join the ranks of the Arkangels as a full Brother.

The Furywing
The First Company, the Terminator company, of the Arkangels chapter is the Furywing. As with all Sons of the Lion, the Arkangels field a veteran company composed entirely of Terminator squads. Modeled after the Deathwing of the Dark Angels, the Furywing is the flaming sword of the Inner Circle, terrible in their righteous wrath and implacable in the face of the enemies of man.

In keeping with First Company traditions, the Terminator armour of the Furywing is painted differently than the rest of the chapter, in this case a deep red and trimmed in silver. The colouring represents blood; not the blood of the foe, though that paints the ceramite of Arkangel Terminators in great quantity, but rather the blood of their fallen brethren, the blood of mankind, the blood of the Lion, and the blood of the God-Emperor. All of the strength and vitality of humanity is represented in their colouring.

The Brightwing
The Arkangels Second Company is called the Brightwing and is counterpart to the Ravenwing of the Dark Angels. Instead of a completely different paint scheme, however, the Brightwing retains the chapter’s colouring, but trims the left shoulder in silver. On their bikes and speeders all trim is in silver with the exception of aquilas and chapter icons, which remain gold.

The Brightwing serve the same purposes and perform the same duties as the Ravenwing. Generally speaking this means scouting and assault missions, reconnaissance in force and strikes both swift and lethal. It also means tracking, hunting, and capturing the Fallen wherever they are found.

When a Fallen Dark Angel is found and captured, the Brightwing ensure his secure delivery to the Highest Calling where Interrogator-Chaplains endeavour to extract confession and repentance. Should the interrogator-chaplain succeed, he earns a black pearl for his Rosarius. Whether he does or not, the Fallen is then transported to The Rock and turned over to the Inner Circle of the Dark Angels. This practice has gained the Arkangels a measure of respect from their parent chapter and bridged some of the philosophical rifts between them.

Wrath From Above
Sons of the Lion are known throughout the Imperium for the precise application of overwhelming force and firepower to crush the enemies of man. The Arkangels are no different in this approach, though the methods by which they do so are. Whenever the tactic is viable, the Arkangels prefer to drop into combat on wings of fire, striking swiftly from above like the descending wrath of the God-Emperor Himself.

This favoured tactic is achieved through the frequent use of close-combat assault squads – and sometimes tactical squads equipped with jump packs – inserted into combat zones by Thunderhawk. The gunship drops the Arkangels from high altitude, like a cruiser launching drop pods in miniature, then dives down to strafe the landing zone and circle overhead in support.

As with every battle prosecuted by the sons of Lion El’Jonson, these drops are meticulously planned and surgically executed. Unsurprisingly, this had led to highly successful joint operations with Raven Guard and White Scars.

Chapter Heroes
Mikael: Once captain of the Angels of Absolution Fourth Company and the leading voice of the small faction advocating greater interaction and stronger relationships with humanity. First Grand Master of Arkangels.

Achero: A ferocious defender of humanity and tireless in his efforts to bring the chapter to full strength. These traits often came into conflict as missions to protect Imperial populations from xenos, heretics, and daemons meant casualties in battle. Regardless, Achero refused to compromise on either of his principal endeavours, and in 739.M36 full combat readiness was finally achieved. Cut down while defending the farm folk of Aquitaine Tertius from raiding Dark Eldar, Achero managed to cling to life through the sheer force of his towering will. His body was reverently embalmed and sanctified before being interred in an armoured sarcophagus. Achero has continued to serve the Emperor as an ancient venerable dreadnought, as fearsome in undeath as he ever was in life.

Gavriel: Interrogator-Chaplain, the first Arkangels chaplain to earn a black pearl for his Rosarius and one of only four Arkangels to have done so. An utterly fearless and inspiring leader in combat, Gavriel often headed assaults on suspected Fallen hide-outs during his service as chaplain of the Brightwing.

Deeds of Legend
Founding – 324.M35
Newly minted Grand Master Mikael becomes the first chapter commander of the Arkangels. Joining him in beginning the long process of bringing the chapter to combat strength and readiness are Interrogator-Chaplain Corvael, Epistolary Cyparis, and Apothecary Kastiel.

Full Viability – 739.M36
A particularly successful recruiting effort through the sectors in the south of Segmentum Obscurus finally brings the Arkangels chapter to nearly full chapter strength. Grand Master Achero declares the chapter combat ready. Primary recruiting worlds include Tartessia Secundus, Persica, Dunedis III, Cascadia, and Salis Dar.

The Second Reunion of Persica – 414.M37
The strike cruiser Wings of Light intercepts a three thousand year old radio message requesting aid and trace the signal back to Persica, a world in the Benelith Sector disconnected from the Imperium during the Horus Heresy. Master Seraphael of the Third Company tours the capital and discovers that a mysterious figure is revered as a saint, having been the first to bring word of the God-Emperor to the planet during the Great Crusade. All statuary of the saint, known as Lothar, lacks facial features but always includes a golden element to the head and hands. Seraphael suspects that the saint may actually be Lorgar, Daemon Primarch of the Word Bearers but all evidence shows that even if this were true, contact with the Word Bearers Legion predated the Heresy. Persica is clearly a world of devout faith in the Emperor and exhibits no sign of taint or heresy. Unable to make sense of the apparent conflict, Seraphael communicates his findings to Grand Master Azazel. The response is swift and terse. Persica is to be deemed fit for repatriation and that a chapter keep was to be established to facilitate continued observation. Further, Seraphael’s findings were bound to the Inner Circle.

Pegatoon Hive – 103.M38
The smallest of the three hives on Saskitoba in the Benelith Sector, Pegatoon seemed to have a reputation for being susceptible to pestilence. Many minor cults tried to take root, but were rarely very successful until the self-proclaimed Plaguewitch Amberly convinced her followers that infection and affliction were clear signs of favour from the Dark Gods. Igniting a rebellion in the underhive, the Plaguewitch went from being an insignificant rabble-rouser to a vile heretic in need of extermination. Chaplain Gavriel of the Third Company led an assault squad into the underhive of Pegatoon and carved the cancerous cult from it. Gavriel mounted Amberly’s head on Pegatoon’s tallest spire before having the remains of the hive reduced to ash by orbital bombardment.

The Macharian Heresy – 012.M41
The death of Lord Solar Macharius saw his glorious Crusade fall to pieces with many scrambling to claim as many of those pieces for themselves as possible. This period becames known as the Macharian Heresy and nearly a hundred Astartes chapters took part in re-pacifying the worlds of the Crusade. Grand Master Faeris committed three full companies – the Third, Fifth, and Eighth – to the effort. No less than fourteen worlds were returned to compliance by the Arkangels over the seventy-year period of the Heresy.

Spikey Index
Why was the chapter founded: Standing Force
When was the chapter founded: Early M35, believed to be Ninth Founding
Gene-seed Progenitor: Dark Angels and Angels of Absolution
Gene-seed Purity: Altered Stock
Progenitor Demeanour: Sons of the Lion
Codex Demeanor: Uphold the honour of the Emperor
Gene-seed Deficiency: Altered Zygote, Melanchromic Organ
Homeworld: Fleet-based, flagship is the Battle Barge Highest Calling
Codex Adherence: Divergent chapter, per Dark Angels
Combat Doctrine: Thunderhawk Assault/Close Combat
Special Equipment: Modified Jump Pack, fortified for high altitude drop
Chapter Beliefs: Revere the Primarch, Defend the Weak
Current Status: Nominal
Friends: Imperial Guard (Persica)
Enemies: Orks

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Brilliant, I love it! My favourite part is the details about the skin colour and the effect it gives of an angelic appearance - nice touch! The edits I would maybe suggest are a) Maybe using the name Archangels instead of Arkangels, as the spelling just seems more refined. b) Maybe some more detail on the Founding of the chapter, and the Chapter Master's achievements. c) It's your choice, but I'm not so keen on the 1st and 2nd company names, purely because they don't seem to suit the general feel of the Astartes.
Great work though, and +rep because you don't see too many DA successors these days, and particularly not ones at this level of detail.


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Thank you for your feedback, it's always appreciated! :)

I spent a fair bit of time agonising over the naming. In the end, I chose Arkangels instead of Archangels just because it was more reminiscent of Dark Angels; and Furywing and Brightwing reflected elements common to archangels, effulgence and wrath. I tried to weave that theme throughout.

I agree that I should expand on the Founding and founders. I will do that soon. :)

Spanner in the works...
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Your logic and reasoning outdoes mine by a long way, so fair enough. Are you planning to create any unique units for your chapter, like independent characters or even vehicles or infantry units? Or will you write some tabletop rules for their adapted jump packs?

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I wasn't planning to, initially. My thought was that while I wanted to add my chapter idea to the 40K universe, I didn't think it was my place to add rules. That may just be my Canadian-born modesty talking, though. :)

Given more thought, I think working on some unique characters and rules would be a bit of fun, so I may indeed do that. My expansion on Mikael is nearly done anyway. lol
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