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Independent Character in Termi Armor

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So lets say i have a Chaplain in Terminator Armor.

He can obviously lead/join a Terminator squad.

When put into a Vehicle such as a LR Crusader, it can take up to 8 Termis. If i take 7 Termis and the Chaplain he takes up that last spot?

That much i assumed correct...hopefully im right.

Now Using that same Chaplain with Termi Armor...

Can he lead/join a Crusader Squad of Initiates and Neophytes? If he can what happens when i put that squad into a LR?

I'm trying to save some money and hassle in my army selection. I found a Chaplain with the weapons i want in Termi Armor and its pretty cheap. Could i use him in both roles?

I could not find anything in my Black Templar codex to prove this right or wrong...

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First point about termies in a land raider is correct.

Now for others.

If the chappy has independent character rule (he should have) then he could lead the crusader squad in the example listed. However because he wears termie armour he takes up 2 places in a land raider. So in your example the crusader would only fit 14 initiates/neophytes with the chaplain included.

Hope this helps.

Excellent! Wanted to be sure before i went and bought this Termi Chaplain I have been eyeing up.

Thank you much.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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