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Incoming: High Elves

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New High Elf miniatures on the way apparently.

This October is devoted to the scions of Asuryan, as we release a series of new High Elf miniatures.
The High Elves are the noblest of races, the remnant of a once-mighty civilisation that spanned the globe. The titanic destruction unleashed by the Daemons of Chaos and the monstrous betrayal of the Dark Elves left their nation a shadow of its former might and glory, and yet the High Elves fight on. For millennia they have stood sentinel against the depredations of Chaos, thwarting the machinations of the Dark Gods over and again, and though their population has dwindled, the skill and determination of their armies remains steadfast.
In battle, the armies of the High Elves are a glorious sight to behold. Ranks of elite soldiers clad in unspotted white and glittering silver stand against the dark tide of the Forces of Destruction. With a mystical grace and agility that is incomparable to the lumpen, slothful gestures of lesser mortals, they cleave through the foe with spear and blade - their skill and speed a match for any foe. Volleys of white-fletched arrows are sent slashing into the foe, accompanied by the heavier, deadlier shots of the Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers, which can punch through even the thickest armour. Powerful High Elf Mages direct the ebb and flow of the Winds of Magic to smite the foe with incandescent flames, or protect their allies with the dazzling power of Asuryan, the king of the Elven gods.
For more information about the High Elf releases in October, watch out for future newsletters, keep an on the Games Workshop website and check out October's issue of White Dwarf.
I'm inclined to think that this is in addition to Isle of Blood, since there's no mention of Skaven. The High Elves miniature range, apart from the Lords and Heroes, needs some work in my opinion, and hopefully this will remedy some of that.
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Some more Elven Dragonriders would be nice. Perhaps some kind of new core unit as well.
Frankly, Dragonriders aren't really what's needed. There's already a great High Elf Dragon kit. Other High Elf mounts, and as you said, Core, need to be improved more.
Here's what I think is most needed;
Plastic Core (The current core models don't look very good in my opinion, but this is a lower priority, but a combined box-set would be nice, sort of like the Dark Elf Warriors box.)

SwordMasters/White Lions/Phoenix Guard: Their models aren't really all that good, and could use some revamping. I don't think more than one or two are likely to get revamped at the most, but it would be nice. Dragon Princes could use new models, but I don't see them selling much because of the new edition nerfing cavalry.

Great Eagles: They can now be spammed, and might be a better rare choice than Bolt-Throwers, though I don't play High Elves, so I wouldn't really know.

Aside from that, some new models for the crappier looking High Elf special characters would be cool.
Remember swordmasters and white lions are around 15 year old, maybe they are due, but the swordmaster are in the isle of blodd anyway
Since they'll be in the Isle of Blood it will be even easier to make a new plastic kit for them, I think.
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