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In Your Face With Death 2.0

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Death Army
175 - Daemon Prince (MoT, Wings, Warptime)
428 - 8 Zerkers in a Land Raider (Skull with Power Fist)
233 - 8 Zerkers in a Rhino (Skull with Power Weapon)
216 - 7 Plague Marines in a Rhino (2x Meltaguns)
145 - 5 Chosen (4x Flamers)
150 - 2 Oblits
150 - 2 Oblits

The Oblits should be my anti-tank and the Chosen and Zerkers can deal with horde. Am I missing something? Am I lacking anti MEQ/TEQ? What flaws do you see where am I lacking. What armies am I going to face and just destroy me. Chaos I feel can really get in your face easy and conquer in CC which is why I run the Zerkers and DP. The Plague Marines will be able to hold AN objective. I know that isn't a lot but I feel Plague Marines are the best objective holders in this game. One thing I did notice is that I don't have much drawing fire. The two things that will be focused are my Land Raider and my DP. While I will probably be running my DP behind my Land Raider, I doubt any Land Raider can stand up to a lot of anti-tank and every anti-tank gun will only have eyes for my Land Raider. So I will leave it to you guys what am I missing?
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Nice solid versatile list.. I prefer MoN over MoT on the DP though..
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