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Anteaus cursed loudly as the aliens who called themselves the Sereillian fired another salvo from their deadly energy weapons and kept first and Second Company pinned down.

They had come into the System five days ago and were attacked on the second day. They had come in response to a distress call from the Lunar Wolves who had encountered this system a few days earlier and had seemingly vanished.

The Mortis Sword was the first of the 57th expedition fleet to enter the system and all that was left of the Lunar Wolves vessel The Fires of Chthonia was flotsam and jetsam.

Lucian had been aghast at the amount of devastation that had been wrought against vessels of the Astartes and especially the ones that belonged to the legendary Lunar Wolves.

In the twenty years that he had been warring for the Imperium with his sons and the battles they had faced more so against the Eldar who had never forgotten what had happened on Harmony, he had not seen such devastation upon a fleet of the Imperial Navy.

When the calls for aid came through he had no hesitation in sending his sons to war when the strange race that called them the Serellian Alliance attacked without so much as a diplomatic parlay then Lucian knew that the same fate that would befall the ships of the 63rd would befall his unless he acted fast.

He had sent first and second companies down to the surface where the vox signals had originated from and he contented himself with defending their approach and so far things had been going his way and as the other vessels of the 57th came into system the odds were evened although this would go down in Legion history as a battle the Primarch handled himself for a while but then it all fell into place.

Anteaus had first caught a glimpse of their attackers. Tall armoured warriors, taller even then an Astartes and a Primarch with ridge boned foreheads, body armour that seemed to move and shimmer as they did an advanced form of form fitting armour.

They may have been human once, their features were relatively human but that was a distant memory and they had become something akin to giants.
He called his Praetorian brother over and risked peering over the edge of the bunker he hid behind.

“Our blend ability is no good here brother” Demetrius lamented “they saw us even when we had it in use, its like they can track us”

“They must have some sort of cybernetic enhancements” Anteaus shook his head “Damn it we are pinned and if they flank us then we are done for”

“Perhaps I may be able to sort that out”

The two Praetorians turned at the sound of the deep and angry voice that seemed to come out of nowhere and swallowed as their Primarch appeared behind them with his Griffon Riders and the third and fourth companies.

“There are battle brothers out here somewhere and I mean to find them”

Lucians eyes seemed to take an unearthly glow his choler was up and there would be no stopping him.

“They have weapons of lasers my lord” Demetrius explained, “I am not sure how we can defeat them”

Lucian smiled a little “This is a glorious day my sons, the 63rd have arrived and are dealing with other elements of these Xenos scum and we are to find their missing brethren. So get the spirit of Eden in your hearts and lets take it head on…Phalanx!”

The Spartan Guard drew their shields and surrounded their Primarch. They moved like the warriors that they had modelled themselves on. The front row fired their bolters as the second row protected them and so on and so forth, the shields preventing much of the high technology weapons from cutting through to them and whatever shots did make it only caused slight grazes or burns that were merely irritating. But with their beloved Spartan at the helm they forged a path through the rubble and the devastation and met their enemy head on.

“You know Tarik!” Abaddon called through gritted teeth as the giants attacked again “One of your jokes would be appreciated right now!”

Torgaddon shook his head “Sorry Ezekiel I can’t think of any right now all I can think of is finding a way to stop these bastards!”

The First and Third Captains of the mighty Lunar Wolves drew on their years of fighting and allowed the fury that the Lunar Wolves were famous for to overwhelm them.

Their once gleaming white mark IV armour was now splattered with an orange ichor that was the enemies’ blood but for everyone they cut down three or four more would take their place.

They had come here to investigate radio signals, faint as they were but had been human in origin, their beloved Primarch had seen it nothing more then a diplomatic mission and had allowed Tarik and Abaddon to lead the mission.

Taking The Fires of Cthonia they had arrived here with a small fleet of diplomats only to be attacked.

The diplomats were killed outright and that had made the two Marines more pissed off then ever.

It had become apparent to them that they had walked into a trap and if there was one thing that Abaddon did not like, it was being made a fool of. He cursed himself for even thinking that he could be a peacemaker.

They had tried a speartip but that had failed and now the Justerian assault squad were unable to do what they did best.

Falkus Kibre otherwise known as the Widowmaker made his way to where his First Captain was pinned.

“My Lord” He bowed “we have detected movement from the hills”

“More of them?” Tarik sounded despairing “the hand of the ship is gonna feel my boot up its arse for testing us like this.”

Despite the direness of the situation neither Abaddon nor Kibre could keep a smile off their faces.

“Now that’s the Tarik Torgaddon we know,” Abaddon remarked.

“What? I am not joking…it was not a joke!”

Before any could answer a roar from the hills where Kibre had expressed concern reached their ears.

“What the hell have they got now!”?

Abaddon sighed well aware that his company and that of Tariks were reaching even their seemingly endless resources of energy.

They had been fighting for days and without the means to rest and recuperate this were starting to take its toll physically on the Astartes.

“By the stars!”

Kibre stared as warriors in red and gold appeared in the skies raining death on the giants from above. He lost count of how many assault marines he could see but it seemed that the skies were blotted with them.
Grenades and bolter fire rained down on the Giants scattering the body parts to the winds.

Out of the hills not only came a sea of warriors but a giant in gold armour. Tarik and Abaddon rallied their brothers and in the way of the Lunar Wolves met the enemy head on, vigourised by the site of a brother Legion.

The battle was short lived and with the Spartan Guard covering any retreat by the giants the Astartes cleaned up the battlefield effectively and efficiently.

Abaddon found himself standing alongside Anteaus.

“Abaddon of the Lunar Wolves First Captain”

“Anteaus of the Spartan Guard, First Captain” Anteaus bowed his head “I am honoured to finally meet the famous Ezekiel Abaddon”

Abaddon beamed at that and returned the gesture before he could say anymore he felt a trembling inside him and turned to see the angered visage of the one they called the Spartan and like the Lunar Wolves around him he fell to one knee.

“I thank you Lord for your intervention” he humbly said, “we did not know if anyone had heard our calls”

“Rise First Captain” Lucian softly said, “You and your brothers have done your master proud. Everything I have heard about the Lunar Wolves is true”

Abaddon beamed with pride. The Lunar Wolves knew they were the most feared of the Legions but to hear a Primarch say those words was vindication of all they did.

Abaddon was about to say something when another Giant appeared in white armour. His red cloak billowing behind him and the eye of Terra marked in red starkly from the centre of his armour.

Once more he fell to his knees, as did the Spartan Guard.

His dark hair billowed around his neck and his face was stern and unblinking. Lucian turned to meet the one brother that he had heard so much about and had taken two decades to finally come face to face with.

Horus bid all rise and turned to face his brother “For the deed you and your sons have done this day Lucian of the Spartan Guard, know that you have made a brother you can trust.”

Lucian was flabbergasted and to the observing Praetorian it was a shock to see their master so shocked at his brother’s words. It was also his loss of sensibility that hit them the most, for years they had believed that only the Emperor had that power and the Primarchs they had fought alongside never did that to their father but here was the one who could.

Everything they had heard about Horus was true, he was the Emperors favoured son and he was the Emperor, in all but name and body his manner, his nature he was a Primarch among Primarchs, no wonder he was the first.
Lucian finally found his reasoning and moved to one knee his head bowed. Horus was stunned at his brothers’ actions.

“Lucian you do not need to kneel to me brother” Horus took his hand and hauled him up “Why do you kneel before me?”

“When one is introduced to the Prince of the Primarchs then one does him honour”?

“Are we not all Princes?”

“Everything I have heard about you Horus is true. Allow me and my beloved sons to war alongside you”

Horus drew him into an embrace and held him tight and whispered in his ear “I have heard much about you Lucian and I would be honoured to war alongside you Welcome to the family little brother”

Lucian stepped back and turned to his Praetorian “Have the Eden First set a command tent up and a food tent and make sure everyone is rested. Have Sergeant Galtos go out with his scouts and search this area from top to bottom, I want to know where those bastards are hiding”

It was Nikoli who bowed his head and went to do his masters bidding

The Praetorian stood alongside the members of the Mournival, Abaddon, Torgaddon, Horus Aximand who they learnt was named little Horus and Hastur Sejanus who of all the Mournival was clearly Horus’s favourite.

Anteaus rubbed his eyes a little, still weary from the battle but refusing rest until he was certain that all was well and safe for his master. He had heard of the might of Abaddon, his peerless skill as a warrior and he had heard rumours that he was Horus’s clone son if such a thing was possible.

Little Horus seemed somewhat melancholy and Anteaus had barely seen the sombre Astartes raise a smile. Tarik Torgaddon had already told the Praetorian a few jokes that they would never have spoken in front of their mothers let alone anyone else and Hastur Sejanus had regaled them with tales of their Primarch when they warred alongside the Emperor and had learnt that they had named him Lupercal, their affectation for him.

“You say that Angron gave your lord his nickname?” Little Horus asked.

“Yes” Demetrius nodded “They met each other in what was once the Killing Ring but is now known as the Ring of Valour where we test our initiates and hold games for the populace.

Our Lords Lorgar and Curze stood sentinel over the Red Angel and our lord. It was a glorious bout with no victor and no looser. In the end it was declared a draw and The Red Angel took our master to his blood and named him The Spartan”

“Now that I would have liked to have seen,” Abaddon grinned, “How long did the fight go on for?”

”A day and a night” Nikoli beamed “and it is still told in stories to the Novitiates and the children of our world when they are taught about the coming of the Emperor”

Hastur grinned broadly “We also heard what happened between your master and the master of Angels. I was impressed.”

Nikoli bowed his head a little but refused to comment on the matter and Sejanus kept his council. He would ask later what had occurred perhaps now was not the right time.

“We also heard what befell your 6th company on Harmony” Tarik kept his tone respectful “you certainly made some bonds of honour with the Ultramarines that day”

Abaddon nodded solemnly in agreement he too had heard of the sacrifice of those companies and to his warriors heart it was the only way a warrior should go, in honour and with courage he then turned his attention to where his beloved Lupercal was stood pouring over the maps with his brother The Spartan.

“I have it on good authority from Lorgar and Gulliman that your boys are best in the mountains?” He asked.

“Its one of our strengths as yours is what you call the Speartip”

”A precision attack to tear out the throat of the enemy.” Horus explained.

“Galtos told me that the main encampment is here” Lucian pointed a mountain valley on the map “I can get my sons in the mountains, take down any rear guard they may have and leave the way clear for your speartip, whilst you tear out the throat we will rip their spines from them”

Horus laughed and clapped his hand on his brothers shoulder “I like that idea brother” his laugh faded and a illuminating light hit his eyes “However I will agree to that on one condition”


”That you fight beside me. I will not take this world without you by my side”
Horus cocked his head to one side “it is only right that we share the honour and the glory of this theatre brother”

Lucian felt a pride deep within him and he nodded once “It will be my honour to battle alongside you.”

Horus seemed satisfied with that and turned to his Mournival “Prepare the Speartip”

Lucian nodded at his Praetorian “You know what to do my sons. Tanis you stay with me and you Anteaus the rest of you rip the spines from their Xenos backs so that the Lunar Wolves can tear out their throats and together we will shred their hearts until they are no more”

“Yes Lord” The quiet Librarian bowed his head and was surprised that none of the Mournival seemed that bothered by him.

The Leigo Librarius was relatively new to the Astartes. The Novitiates that were chosen for this branch of the Astartes endured longer training and conditioning to protect them more then any of their brothers from the influences of the Warp.

It wasn’t just their minds at risk but their very souls and it took a toll on them whenever they used the powers they had been born with.

“Come my sons and my – adoptive sons” The Praetorian were flabbergasted at the honour that Horus gave them “let us illuminate this world together and make a world fit for humans and humans alone!”

“Lupercal” The Spartans roared and the Mournival were in no doubt that their father had won them over.

“Spartan” The Mournival returned the compliment and they moved out of the command tent.

The Sereillian mountain forces never knew what hit them as the Spartan Guard came out of their camouflage and bore down on them like the demons of death and destruction they were.

When the giant Reptilian like Xenos had recovered it was too late to do anything about it and fully three quarters of their number had fallen to the discipline volley of the Spartan Guard.

The Lunar Wolves Speartip did as it always did and tore its way through the front of the enemy ripping out the throats, but unlike their mountain forces they recovered quite quickly.

Lucian snarled in anger at the quick recovery of the foe and turned to his First Captain as the Lunar Wolves moved forward with all the fear that they brought to the conquered and the Lunar Wolves were indeed a fearsome sight.

“Phalanx!” He ordered “Give our brothers in the Lunar Wolves time to move!”

Abaddon and Horus watched in fascination and a little confusion as the First Company Spartan Guard lined up in neat rows then watched as the first column knelt down, raised their bolters and on the command of their Primarch fired into the throng of approaching Xenos, the shields behind them came over the top and protected them as they moved back one and the second row took their place and so it continued but the biggest surprise was yet to come.

The Serrillians ran at the warriors in red and gold hoping to break what their weapons seemed unable to do at this moment and with a word of command from the Primarch they readied their shields then raised them before them and as the creature slammed into the Marines they held them back with sheer force of will and strength.

“Hold!” Anteaus yelled, his voice carrying easily over the sounds of bolters and flames fires as well as the sound of the Xenos weapons. “Hold!” he repeated.

The Spartan himself gritted his teeth as his First yelled out to hold once more then in a move that a Primarch could do he pushed his Shield forward, his sons following suit and threw the front line off their feet.

“Now Horus!” Lucian roared and with his sons behind him he charged into the fray.

“I like that move!” Tarik was in awe and drew his bolter as his Lord roared to advance.

The Spartan Guard had done what Lucian had said they would do allow room for the Speartip to continue its. Bloody path.

From the mountain peaks came the roar of second, third and fourth companies of the Spartan Guard with the Titans Deus Sanguine and the Des Ire alongside her pounding the walls of the strange city below them.

Anteaus fought alongside Abaddon, back to back hacking down any lizard foe that came at them, Anteaus using his spear to protect his fellow First Captain from the Laser fire of this technological advanced race.

In the years when all that was won was forgotten and all that was right had been turned upside down in the madness of blood and war that follow in its wake, the friendship forged in the fires of these hells would mean nothing except vengeance and honour.

For now they fought like womb brothers and Abaddon, who had never really counted anyone from any other legion save his own or his beloved Mournival brothers as anything more then a battle brother felt a deep respect and love grow for the younger Marne beside him.

“When we have put these bastards back under their rocks Anteaus you are going to have to teach us that move you all did!” he roared over the sound of the dying.

Anteaus hacked the head off a large reptile that reminded him of the lizards that walked Eden before their ancestors arrived.

Abaddon couldn’t help but smile behind his helm at the orange ichor that covered his new friends power armour.

“You have my word Abaddon…”

”Ezekiel” Abaddon quickly corrected and put a bolter round through the head of the oncoming Lizard a little shocked to find that it was female.

“Ezekiel” Anteaus repeated.

“Do you have a first name?” Abaddon lowered his bolter, as their attackers finally lay dead at their feet.

“Yes, Anteaus, I have no last name only our Primarch has a last name and that is Dragos”


“Son of the Dragon” Anteaus explained “Besides when we were in the Killing Ring our last names were stripped from us as were our families so we see no need of a last name, it is the first name that will be remembered”

“Just like ancient antiquity where your Legion takes its name from” Abaddon murmured and turned to see Falkus Kibre lower himself to the ground

“The Primarchs compliments First Captains” He bowed his head “time to end it Lords”

Abaddon turned to his Terminators and ordered them to move out.

Anteaus raised his sword “For the Spartan and the Lupercal!” He roared and the First Companies joined their masters.

Horus struck every creature that neared him with a seamless co-ordination, so fluid that the Spartan Guard that were near him were mesmerised at how the proxy of the Emperor seemed to not falter or fail in each of his strikes.

Lucian ran towards his brother, seeing an enemy rise up from the ground behind the mighty Lupercal and with a roar pushed his brother to the ground and turned the mighty Mortis Sword upon the hitherto unseen attacker.

Horus stared for a moment as the sword of his brother cleaved his would be assassin in two and taking his brothers hand was pulled to his feet.

“Back to back!” Horus said through gritted teeth and as he looked into his bothers starlight eyes he saw that the youngest choler was up as much as his.

To the warring marines from both Legions it was an awe inspiring sight that would have made lesser men weep as it was it brought a humbling to every marine present that they could have been here to witness such a sight.

To Torgaddon it would be a story worth telling over and over again and he would tell it over and over again.

Two mighty war gods striking at their enemies and the enemies of their father in complete unison with each other, as if they were reading each other perfectly anticipating what the other was doing.

When the call came that the walls had finally fallen they all moved in for the kill and there was no stopping them.

Night rose above the blood soaked world and the dead Marines were carried on Shields to the waiting Stormbirds ready to take them home to Eden. Horus bowed his head in respect. Not only feeling the loss of his own sons as keenly as he did but the loss of a brother Primarchs sons.

There were those that believed a Primarch could not feel such a thing as grief but they were wrong. The Primarchs, as did their sons, fuelled it into energy and vengeance but when he saw the scale of the dead and especially the dead of the Army he mourned their losses.

It was the Army he felt for, a Space Marine would live on in his gene seed and the warriors name and deeds would live on in the next recipient but the Army had no such enhancements and unlike some of his brothers, he felt the normal mortal soldiers loss more then anything else.

Lucian stood beside him, his mighty sword gripped in one huge paw and watched as the Mechanicum came to ground and eagerly took the advanced weaponry of the Xenos creatures like hungry scavengers.

“Only time I have ever seen them look so excited,” He mused

“They live for technology” Horus sighed “we find anything new and under treaties our father made with them, they take it and see if they can use it to their advantage.”

Lucian made no comment and when their sons were gone they made their way back to his Stormbird and at the behest of his brother he joined Horus on the Vengeful Spirit.

Horus sat relaxed and now recovered from his battles, Lucian rubbed his neck and took the goblet he was given by a Chapter Serf

“By the eternal throne brother, when you war, you war” He looked at him.

Horus laughed and clapped a hand on his shoulder “It is how we were wrought Lucian, it is what we were made for”

Lucian nodded and finally sat back. He had not felt so weary in many a long year but after this he felt like all his strength was sapping from him.
Horus ran his finger round the rim of his glass and was silent for a moment then asked

“Brother, was your wife able to control the battle rage that encompasses us in the heat of battle.”

Lucian looked at him and a wry smile crossed his face

“Do you want to know a little secret Horus?” Horus nodded “she was the only person I feared” Horus laughed.

“She must have been formidable a woman”

“She was, she was tall like all her peoples and as dark skinned as the night on that world below us but she only came up to here on me” He placed his hand on his mid chest “but by the stars she had a temper and woe betide anyone who took advantage of her”

Lucian found he didn’t mind telling Horus about her and in a tale he would never repeat he told him how she had earnt his respect and his affection.
Horus listened and nodded in places and when his brother had finished he said

“For all his immortality our father has known a woman’s touch and if our sons are honest at some point in their lives they have known a woman. There are rumours that he had sired sons and daughters in the normal way and I sometimes wonder if we had a mother in the conventional sense what she would have been like”

“A woman that would have to put up with her sons having differing aspects and temperaments…. every mothers nightmare”

Horus chuckled and nodded “Aye that she would have been, she would have had to have been one exceptional woman to put up with Fulgrims vanity and Lorgars theological fervour amongst others”

“What was your adoptive mother like?”

”I was not raised to adulthood on Cthonia. Father found me when I was still an infant so I was raised alongside him but Cthonia was named as the homeworlds of my warriors. I never knew a woman’s love not in the carnal sense or the matriarchal sense…yours?”

Lucian sat back “She was a most instructive woman. Her husband had died when she was still young and therefore had no children to him so when she found me I was like a five-year-old living near my cryo-tube and she adopted me.

She taught me to fight, to ride the great griffons that circle our mountains and how to communicate with them. She taught me how to be a King and I loved her dearly so when the Tyrant took her from me all I harboured within me was the idea that killing the bastard would lay her to rest.”

“She died violently then?”

”Yes. She went to fight him did Queen Dragos and when I next saw her it was her severed head in his hand. He told me to surrender and he would spare those inside, he lied. He killed many men and women and children and those he did not kill he took as slaves.”

“She taught you all you needed to be a king?” Lucian nodded “She must have had an inkling that you were different”

”She did, she told me that she knew I was not off her world and that she believed I was her god returned, for no mortal child could learn as fast as I did and I took all she said like a starving man. I leant fast, I devoured history both Edens and the legends of Terra like there was no other thing.

I learnt to improve my skills with all forms of combat, sword, shield and bow and my bare hands. She introduced me to the old High King and I don’t know why he chose me as his Proxy, They say its because he knew, like my mother, that I was different but there are others that believed he was enamoured with my mother and believed that their bloodlines would make for a good future for our world”

Lucian lowered his gaze and his tone held a little sorrow to it

“it was a decision that would cost both of them ultimate their lives. So in a way I lost my mother and my father” He sighed heavily “and so when the Emperor came to our world with Lorgar, Konrad and Angron I felt like I finally belonged to something more then just being my worlds protector and the so called reincarnation of a god of death.”

Horus smiled ruefully “Isn’t it funny”


”That for all we profess to be, that we want our sons to believe that we have the same emotions and failings as they, they still see us as gods of war, death and destruction.

Mortals weep to be in our presence as they cannot even comprehend what it is that created us and our sons give us all we because the only love they will ever feel again is the love for their brothers and us, their gene fathers.

Our father tells us that religion is no more but in a way we are seen as gods or sons of gods for only demi-gods can be as we can.”

He got up and moved to his window and gazed out at the star field beyond Lucian joined his side

“I would trade a moment of it brother to have experienced what you have before the coming of our father”

Lucian clasped his hands behind his back and studied the world below

“well its funny because all I heard about you and your closeness to the Emperor, I would trade that to have been near him when I was younger.”

Horus turned to face him and his melancholy features broke into a smile and he rested a hand on his brothers’ shoulder.

“Do your sons have any future generations?”

“I believe that Anteaus and Demetrius and Nikoli do their sons and daughters would be adults now although I doubt that they would remember, they can barely remember the women’s faces they laid with and one day they will forget who their ancestors were.

Maybe one day one of their descendants will ride the stars as a Spartan Guard but not for many a year yet.”

Horus nodded “eventually the way to create a Space Marine will leave the mind conditioned to the point that all such memories will be forgotten, their parents will be like a fog on the sea any liaisons as youths will be forgotten and their minds will be but a finely tuned weapon of the Emperor and his sons”

Horus heaved a heavy sigh

“I will mourn that day brother for then they will become warriors without a sense of history. Your Sons now remember how they became what they are and why and the circumstances of their choosing to become warriors of the stars.

They will remember your history and how you came to them but the generations that follow will not and those that remember their Queen, your wife will be the last to recall her maybe the next generation will but after that they will not.

All they will be taught is how Lucian was a son of the Emperor and the ways of the Spartan Guard, they will be told how you achieved your greatness and the coming of the Emperor but they will never be told that you were married, for that, and this is the saddest part, will be seen as inconsequential”

Lucian shrugged a little a gesture that made him seem suddenly all too human “I think it might not be a bad thing brother.”

Horus nodded “as long as we remember brother, that is all we can ever do, is remember for them. So tell me how your sons learnt that move that you all performed…I know Abaddon has already expressed an interest and I see that your First and he have become firm friends fast and for Ezekiel that is a rare moment”

Lucian smiled, pleased to be off such a Maundy subject and for the rest of the night and the visit the two brothers sat exchanging stories of their battles with their sons and other Legions.

Although Horus had more to tell he was amazed by how close Lucian was to Angron, Lorgar and Curze but by the end of the visit Lucian had another that he would class as one of his closest brothers and when the time of madness took over it would take a toll that neither one of them would ever or could ever have believed would happen.
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