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In need of new books

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I have red a few BL books and want to buy more but i don't know which ones i should buy
the ones i already have are
Malakith,Shadow king,The entire Word Bearers serie,The first heretic,The malus darkblade books,Horus rising.

As you might have noticed i prevere books with the 'evil' guys as main characters.
any sugestions are welcome.
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Warhammer 40,000, with antagonistic protagonists (If that is even grammatically feasible): Soul Hunter (Please don't engage me in a debate as to whether or not the Night Lords aboard the Covanent of Blood were evil, or perspective-evil...), Storm of Iron... essentially Iron Warriors doing what they do best... Salamander for the occassional glimpse of the Dragon Warriors; a unique Chaos Warband... and perhaps Blood Gorgons*, in the future, with its unique synopsis, and the -quite simply- awesome World Eater-esque Astartes upon the cover, brandishing his chainaxe and serving a steaming hot cup of bitch-slapping...

*Zou's strength (Yes, lack of plural here) is his visera-dripping action-sequences. So Zou + Badass Legion/Warband + Chainaxes = Win.

Fantasy: The Thanquol and Boneripper series seem's highly spoken-of, though... I can't really confirm or disclaim this... though why on earth is Boneripper mentioned? Isn't he more cyborg(rat) than... well, whatever in Sigmar's name he used to be? Um... Vampire Wars as I'm sure Dark Angel has spoken of, the Nagash Trilogy is impressive and I simply adore the Sigmar Trilogy, with Empire featuring some nice plot-twists and evilness...
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I went and got grey seer due my prefrence for fantasy and starting a skaven army soon
and Lord of the Night i already got the word bearers serie.
You are officially Lord of the Night's bitch, Cain. And I shall tease you for enternity for such... :laugh:
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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