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In need of new books

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I have red a few BL books and want to buy more but i don't know which ones i should buy
the ones i already have are
Malakith,Shadow king,The entire Word Bearers serie,The first heretic,The malus darkblade books,Horus rising.

As you might have noticed i prevere books with the 'evil' guys as main characters.
any sugestions are welcome.
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The Word Bearers series is a very good, focuses around the bad guys, it contains Dark Apostle, Dark Disciple and Dark Creed, so if you can find it get it now. I would also recommend Soul Hunter, start of a brilliant series, or the Horus Heresy series, truly fantastic.

The Tome of Fire trilogy is also a great series not just for the Sons of Vulkan, the Dragon Warriors are among my favourite bad guys of 40k, mainly because they look positively badass, they are tough as hell and one of the more likeable Chaos Space Marine warbands.
You are officially Lord of the Night's bitch, Cain. And I shall tease you for eternity for such... :laugh:
Hahaha, he recognizes good advice when he sees it.
Most sugestions are quite good apart from the HH books whom I just find uterly boring to read thus I not give it an other chance but I will look into a few of the other books.
I have only read two books of it and I was struggling to get through Horus Rising and The First Heretic was medium quality at best.
....LET THE MADNESS BEGIN!. Battle for the Abyss is BL's finest piece, C.S Goto is BL's best writer, Dark Eldar are kind and caring, Orks are intelligent and the Chaos Gods victory is not inevitable!.


Hey you've got a fanboy on here already so you have to accept that someone else ain't a fan :grin:
Yeah thats me :wink:

For shame, Pistols are a coward's weapon, Sabre or Rapier- those are the arms of a true Gentleman!
Or just get Lightning Claws and Power Fists and go nuts, thats what i'd do.

Legion is possibly the best HH novel I've read to date, so I will allow some latitude for that claim and Armour of Contempt is a fine novel truly in keeping with the Gaunts Ghosts standard but it is still no Sabbat Martyr (Corbec for the sweet balls of baby jesus!).

Ravenor Rogue is another fine novel I, again, begrudgingly admit that but I'm terribly sorry, and I hope you have a box of tissues ready, SM is untouchable except possibly by His Last Command.
The best HH novel ive read is The First Heretic followed closely by A Thousand Sons, after that its a tie between Dark Disciple and Soul Hunter for my favourites.

Colm Corbec is cool, but Lijah Cuu is cooler, sure as sure.

Even Dan-The Living God-Abnett isn't universally liked, personally I don't think Horus Rising was his finest hour either...it was obviously Sabbat Martyr which is without doubt the best BL book.

After seeing how many people like Battle for the Abyss the fact that we have someone on the opposite end of the HH appreciation scale doesn't surprise me.
Still shocking though.

But neither of those are his finest moment for me. For me Abnett's best book is Malleus then Xenos. Abnett's Inquisitors are the best.

The Bequin Trilogy is in the future, and if Cherubael doesn't return with his witty gruesome banter and longing for Eisenhorn's painful death then im going to go insane!
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I don't think anyone thought differently. :p
ADB's fanboy and proud of it..

I should put that under my name, once I find out how.
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