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Greetings, i'm reletivly new here... HELLO :biggrin:

Been a space marine player since forever, but i'm acheing for a change soo i've looked up The Night Lords and from fluff facts and the books i've read i've come up with a company composition and was wondering what you'd think.

Sadly it is based on the space marines company structure soo i would apprieciate a chaos equilvilant for my small imperial brain :picknose:

Night Lords 12th Company

Command - Terminator Lord + 8 Atramantar (Night Lords Terminators as far as i can tell from Soul Hunter).

First Claw - 9 Chosen Night Lords Space Marine Veterans with Champion including Land Raider Transport.

Second, Third and Forth Claw - Each will be a Tactical Squad of around ten units each with an Aspiring Champion, accompanied by a Rhino Transport.

Fifth and Sixth Claw - Consisting of two Havoc Squads Both with Rhino Transports.

Seven, Eight and Ninth Claw - These three will be the assault squads of Raptors each with an Aspiring Champion.

Tenth Claw - This will be a unit ten Chaos Bikes and perhaps an Attack Bike or two if they can be converted.

And finally two Renerable Night Lord Dreadnaughts

Thats just my rundown of a company if i do start collecting that will be the ultimate goal :don-t_mention:

Ave Dominus Nox 'Salute'
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