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Greetings, i'm reletivly new here... HELLO :biggrin:

Been a space marine player since forever, but i'm acheing for a change soo i've looked up The Night Lords and from fluff facts and the books i've read i've come up with a company composition and was wondering what you'd think.

Sadly it is based on the space marines company structure soo i would apprieciate a chaos equilvilant for my small imperial brain :picknose:

Night Lords 12th Company

Command - Terminator Lord + 8 Atramantar (Night Lords Terminators as far as i can tell from Soul Hunter).

First Claw - 9 Chosen Night Lords Space Marine Veterans with Champion including Land Raider Transport.

Second, Third and Forth Claw - Each will be a Tactical Squad of around ten units each with an Aspiring Champion, accompanied by a Rhino Transport.

Fifth and Sixth Claw - Consisting of two Havoc Squads Both with Rhino Transports.

Seven, Eight and Ninth Claw - These three will be the assault squads of Raptors each with an Aspiring Champion.

Tenth Claw - This will be a unit ten Chaos Bikes and perhaps an Attack Bike or two if they can be converted.

And finally two Renerable Night Lord Dreadnaughts

Thats just my rundown of a company if i do start collecting that will be the ultimate goal :don-t_mention:

Ave Dominus Nox 'Salute'

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Welcome to Heresy.

There is no CSM company structure as such as far as I know.

Nightlords being one of the original 20 Chapters were still a Legion when the went over to the spiky side, so no writings of Smurf Prime, no Chapters etc.

I'm guessing theres no CSM dex to hand as you mention Razorbacks,Attack bikes and Ven Dread which are not options.

NightLords are a nice scheme to paint and look awesome when done well. look forward to seeing your minis.

Febris Militarius
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Whats wrong with haveing a small imperial brain?
Welcome! Chap I play with plays Night lords and kicks me arse a lot.... He has no set formation. But I don't see why you cannot call them w/e you want. Good luck man!
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