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Imrik, Crown Prince of Caledor

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So with Endtimes: Khaine out, I've been reading up on Imrik. My current High Elves army is Caledor-based, so I was excited to see that in two of the three ET lists I can continue to run my preference. When I saw that Imrik got an overhaul, I was excited, and decided to look him over, and I realize something...

He's really not that exciting.

From what I can tell, you can build Imrik Jr. just using the army Book. A Prince + Star Dragon + Star Lance + Dragon Armor/Shield + Talisman of Endurance is 197 points less than Imrik. Now, with the new statlines that combine riders and monsters (no chance of Imrik getting shot off Minaithnir), matching everything up...

The Star Lance literally reads that it's the one from the army book. The Armor of the Dragon Tamer is just the Talisman, while his armor and the Fireborn rule is automatically Dragon Armor. It looks like that armor might be a 4+ instead of 5+, but the shield takes care of that. They didn't even give him the Armor of Caledor, which would have been superior!

So what does that 197 points get us? Lord of Dragons, Dragonhorn, and +1 WS... am I missing something? Honestly I feel like a build your own Prince would be FAR superior with the points you can stack in. Or maybe this is a sign of next edition Elves? Are they going to take a huge point bump for monsters with combined statline?
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Cannon protection. Point a cannon or two at the Prince, the Dragon dies, Prince follows. Imrik might make his Ward, and if he doesn't you need to hit with what, roughly three cannonballs to kill him on average (so you'd need to fire perhaps seven - one misfire on the first die, one misfire on the second, one that overshoots/undershoots, one saved by the Ward, three to kill him). Neither of them seem particularly good, but Imrik's totally the better choice as he will at least get to use his mean offensive profile. Also, Dragon with ASF and a silly initiative is awesome. ASF Breath Weapons make people cry.
Not sure you're right on the Franz v Imrik combat, Vaz - pretty sure Spirit of Ghal Maraz means Franz auto-wounds with Multiple Wounds D3+1, which means he'll hit back on 5s, getting 3 hits, 3 wounds, one saved on Imrik's ward, then multiplied to 2+2D3 (average 6) which is going to really put a dent into Imrik. Might not kill him before Imrik can kill him first, but it'll be a pretty pyrrhic victory.
I absolutely hate it. Okay, maybe I'm biased because my opponent killed my Daemon Prince General/Wizard on turn 1 by casting Searing Doom until I had no more dice, but it's apparent that any army with access to low-casting spells can abuse the hell out of them (Acquiesence being a personal favourite, with Lore of Slaanesh being a star in general - that 1000pts of Malekith goes down pretty quickly when you throw 5 Cacophonic Choirs at him).
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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