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This RP is now full. You can still leave sheets and I might add you up later, depending on the situation.

"This planet. It's everything I could dream about and much, much more. There's food, water, fresh and clean air. No wars, modern-day rush, no armies. Just real, natural beauty. I hope someday you could come here with me, and we could start a new life on Earth." - Anonymous soldier in a transmission to his girl back at home


It's been a few months since the first Zaterian vessel landed on Earth. They were amazed by the beauty and abundance of the planet. Although vegetation and animals roam free in the wilderness that is Earth, a local, dominant and intelligent race was not yet found. In the current times, civilizations extend themselves to far-away places, and it's almost impossible to find habitable planets, let alone one as good as Earth. So being quick about it, different empires sent troops and pioneers to colonize it themselves, disregarding the Zaterian warnings not to come close to their newly-acquired jewel.

As a response to what he considered "aggression against the Zaterian nation", the Emperor dispatched the fine 203rd royal division, led by one of his most respected and eager generals, general Gaius Aurelius. As the Zaterians felt more threatened in the regions, extra men, weapons and supplies were convoyed in.

As General Aurelius serves his people, you came to this thriving world to claim it on behalf of your nation. Colonize and exploit it, make your friends and purge your enemies. Make a fine example of a leader - and you shall be rewarded with more men and weapons. Fail - and you will be remembered as one of those who failed to take the earth.

I decided to give the players some extra freedom on this - you can not only create your own characters, but also the race you play. You can make it from scratch, you can describe a famous race from warhammer (or from any other context for that matter), post a picture, and more or less choose any race at all. However - I forbid you from choosing too big, too tough and too agile - be creative on your nation's feats and strengths, but don't overdo it. We don't want any scared armed citizenry being stomped by giant godzillas.

Here's a blank sheet for you to copy and use. Extra details are welcome.

Army Flag:
Military File:
Race Name:
Home Planet:
Military Focus:

As an example for what you should write in your character/race sheet, I'll make one for the Zaterian stationed forces:

Personal Details

Name: General Gaius Aurelius
Army: The Royal Zaterian 203rd Battalion - The Imperial Peacemakers
Army Flag:

Gender: Male
Age: 46
Appearance: This white, bold, muscular, medium-sized human general enjoys walking around in his military uniforms. It is said he even goes to sleep with his weapon of choice - his old officer gun he even named "Peacemaker Matilda".
Military File: This brave and brutal general graduated in the age of 22 from the Zaterian Academy of Warfare. He participated as a shock trooper in the Curral Uprising against Zateria. He recieved many medals for his skills in that operation, and climbed up the ranks all the way to General. He is considered a promising, aspiring commander. His flaw, however, is his somewhat reckless nature that binds him to a higher, more pragmatic commanding figure.

Race and Civilization Details
Name: The Zaterian Empire
Appearance: The Zaterians resemble humans in their appearance.
Home Planet: Zateria I
Nature: Human-like (Please, do write more than that in YOUR sheet)
History: Their early technological breakthrough allowed them to conquer their neighbors and rapidly expand with relative ease. They are considered a tough opponent with abundant resources. Their flaw is that with great power comes great ire - they are usually treated with caution and hostility, due to their power and their arrogance.
Military Focus: The Zaterians prefer quality over quantity - they use little infantry strikes and prefer land-air combined strikes to cause damage.
The World's Colonization map:

I decided to post this blank map, courtesy of Wikipedia (All rights reserved). All the landing civilizations will be shown here. Please tell me where did your civilization choose to land using terms from our world ("I landed around Hungary, also trying to secure some sea for ports" etc.) - all nations will start with a maximum of land equivalent to Germany and France's sizes united. There's an exception for the Zaterians - they came here before and already secured a hefty piece of land. I will update the map according to what happens in the world.

Initial Resources
You will each start with the following resources:
pioneers - 500
Armed Infantry - 1,000
tanks - 50
Airships (For air battles and troop transport) - 10

If you want a doctrine not leaning on that kind of warfare - note that or PM me and we can find a different, suitable arrangement.
The key element here is success. Shine in glory in your efforts in earth - and your leaders will be happy to send you more men and weapons.
A starting officer begging for 5,000 men for a military campaign will only earn mockery back at home, let alone one that fails in even little aspects of ruling a colony. Feel welcome to ask your leaders for anything that may help your cause, starting from "spider-drones" and all the way to "evil giant death rays". Be creative - I won't necessarily give it to you - but you'll find your first-reluctant emperors will agree to give you bigger, meaner things as you prove your worth, and as the heat goes up on Earth. Remember your military focus - in a "human wave" doctrine of some sort, infantry will be easy to acquire, in order to send great forces to overwhelm the enemy. On the other hand, one that focuses on armored strengh will have an easier way of acquiring smaller, armored armies to squash the opponent.

Down here you are the masters - found settlements, protect what is yours, choose who is your friend and who is your foe.

Good luck... Earthlings. Welcome to the new world.

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This looks very interesting. I shall draft up a race when I get home tonight.

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Name: General Thr'uo Ki'eic

Army: 7th Wind Walker Regiment

Army Flag: View attachment 8448

Gender: Male

Age: 272

Appearance: White scales with light blue eyes. Black skin with blue "markings" showing rank. Roughly 8 foot tall with a Muscular build.

Military File: Thr'uo Ki'eic Has live alot longer than many other races generations and considered to be Young to his own race. Newly promoted to general, He has set out with the 7th wind walker regiment to secure the habital world for his empire

Race Name: Vrel' Gul

Appearance: 7 feet tall, Scaly skin with sharp spikes running down spine. genraley have Yellow lizard eyes and a tail with sharpened point

Home Planet: A very toxic enviroment but plenty of resorces due to plant life and few different species

Nature: Aggresive towards those who will take what the Vrel' Gul believe is there but will use diplomacy to achieve goals.

History: Their already rugged systems made being the dominat species on their home planet easy but took many years to develop their first form of spaceflight.

Military Focus: The 7th Wind Walkers use an excess of Aircraft and small elite squads of infantry to Eliminate key targets before dropping off their troops and charging. Their flaw however is little armoured support.

May i colonise Venezuela?

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Name: High Commander Lyon Darkmane.
Army: Fallen Angels.

Army Flag:

Gender: Male
Age: 240 Years of Age.
Lyon like his surname suggests has pure black hair which reaches down to his shoulders, His eyes are the colour of deep dark emerald with cat like pupils. (Lyon is the one in the front)

Military File: Within the first twenty years of serving within Natharizem Grand Army, Lyon had established himself the reputation of being a Tactical Genius and excellent warrior. After serving in the Grand Army for one-hundred years Lyon was promoted to the highest rank within his company, the rank of High Commander in which time he lend his forces to completely conquer the solar system that the Natharizem occupied, slaughtering all other sentient races that would not surrender. Lyon is also dedicated, patient and opportunistic.

Race Name: The Natharizem.
Appearance: The Natharizem are very human-like in their appearance except that stand around two-three meters tall and have an extremely well built in terms of muscle(atleast for males. Think space marine). Female Natharizem stand only five-ten inches shorter then the males of their race and have a very light muscle build(Think Eldar).

Home Planet: Cabal Prime, Also known as Cabal III.
Nature: The Natharizem in general are very similar to many other sentient races. They build up their empire and planets in peace time with the resources they have, and when they wish to expand they send off their armies to conquer new worlds for expansion. In peace time the Natharizem armies prepare and train for war, knowing that soon they shall be sent off to claim new worlds. In war time those left behind reinforce their world for resupplying their armies. The Darker nature of the Natharizem race is that fact they are actually truly after total domination of the universe.

History: The Natharizem evolved to what they are now around three million years ago on the planet known as Cabal Prime. As a fledgling sentient race they craved the completely domination of their world, they sought out and destroyed all other sentient races that would not submit to them(out of 10 races, only 3 remain). For the next one million years the Natharizem improved greatly on their technology and built up a great empire on their world. After their development of their power armour and space travel, they set about sending off their armies to wage war in the stars and havens to claim it for themselves. It took the Natharizem three thousand years to claim their solar system (Cabal Prime through to Cabal XII). After finally claiming their Solar system they set out into the wider galaxy for new worlds to claim, during this time they developed inter-stellar communication allowing any army no matter how far away they are to contact Cabal Prime for new orders and troops. Since then they have slowly been expanding their influence through out the galaxy.

Military Focus: The main focus in a Natharizem's army is their infantry which are enhanced through bio-engineering and the Natharizem's power suit technology which enhances the users strength and speed. All infantry and equipped with the standard bolter gun(40k) and Natharizem blade(a sword around 1/2 the highest of the wielder).

OOC: Uk + Greenland to be Fallen Angels area please?

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Obviously this isn't set in 40k as such, but regarding creating your army, i would like to have mine as jungle fighter humans, pretty much like the Catachans. Now question is, can my army effectively be Catachans, just in a different reality like this one is, you know same ethos, style etc etc. Will i just need to change the name? or do you want a completely inspired and self created choice? taa

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Angel of Blood - Well, other kinds of armies are alright, as long as you make them balanced. If you want an army of archers and swordwielders that's ok, if it's good with you and you can fit it proper doctrines.
What I meant by that phrase is not "Ultra-mega-big-and-strong-with-laser-eyes". If you want a certain, balanced physical feat - go ahead, but that would cost in a more specific doctrine.
Remember - your technology has to be strong enough for fast space-travel, intergalactic communications and colonization. So... I guess your technology has to be at a certain level anyway.

About your nation - I give you almost-total freedom. You can copy them in or change them all you want. This is an "import-change-fight" kind of scenario. I think it's more fun that way.

Still, thanks for pointing it out - I'll make it clearer.

revan4559, The Thunder of KayVaan-
Both approved, glad someone decided to import warhammer armies :) I'll add you to the map soon. One problem though, Revan - I gave you Iceland instead of Greenland, that's kind of alot. Sorry.

Keep on joining, people - the more, the merrier!

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this has interested me from the start, and even though i backed reever on his position earlier i would love to join this Rp if it is ok with you Fog of War. i should have a sheet up by the end of the night

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I love it man, you did even better than I expected for a first timer, I will not only rep you, I'm gonna join you as well. Good going my friend, you are off to an excellent start. I will ride this wind all the way. Heres my religious nation, ready to kick ass in the name of God, tell me what you think, haha!!!

Name: Holy Commander Agamemnon Wattinr

Army: The Holy Quastronian Imperial Forces (82nd “Gods Wrath’s” Colonial Force)

Gender: Male

Age: 69 (typical Regalians live to be 140-150 due to excellent physic)

Appearance: Agamemnon is a typical Questronian warrior with a well built body, handsome face, and strong leg muscles. He stands at 7’2”, has brown hair, green eyes, and carries numerous scars across the back of his body. He wears the trappings of Quastronian warriors of the religious Order of the Sword. He has the Holy Star of God tattooed across his back with two cross swords upon his chest as a reminder of his position and status.
Military File:

++ Coded File Release to Public 4/3/4250HA by order of Irtidad(Pope) Grenadius ++

Commander Wattinr was initially born and raised on the Holy Planet of Saint Elestria, and was born to a middle classed family. He grew up in an average life settling and had advanced scores in aptitude tests in early years of Jinkaro (high school) schooling. By the time he enrolled in the prestigious University of God (one of the highest colleges on the planet) he had already surpassed his peers in strategy and tactics upon the battlefield. He commissioned in 4202 and was sent to put down the Petrepid Heretics that had been plaguing the Empire since its inception in 3987. He not only was able to bring about an end to the conflict, but also convinced the rebels to lay down their arms, and surrender to the judgment of Holy God and his servants, the Holy Quastronian Church. He was promoted to the rank of Commander, equivalent to a two star general. Since then he has travelled from one battlefield to the next, intent upon bringing Gods message of love and peace to those infidels that are uneducated in His holy ways.


Race Name: Regalians

Appearance: An average humanoid Regalian averages at 7’0” with a well built muscular body with strong legs for added speed, mainly to help them survive their cave man years against wild beats of their home planet. Regalians as a race were a young race that had slow, but sudden advancements to their civilization. They would often go thousands of years with little technological advancement, and then suddenly have a short period where their society would be propelled by invention after invention into a new age. Thus it took them longer to get to their space age than other races, but because of this their technology is highly refined and is pried all across the known galaxy.

Home Planet: There planet of Regalia is a little larger than earth, with a stronger gravity pull and shorter days. Its surface is mainly plains with mountains dividing countries and oceans dividing the four continents that dot is bleak surface.

History: However, Regalian history is another matter entirely, and is covered with the blood of an untold number of innocent Regalains. Most of Regalian history was actually peaceful to contradict the before mentioned statement. In its early millennia, Regalains lived in peace and harmony, working together to survive from the large beasts that roamed there planet and hunted them for food. Eventually they invented fire arms early on and took on Mother Nature in a war to eradicate all life that threatened there existence. Thus it was that large populations of indigenous animals were wiped out and the Regalians became the dominant species on the planet. However, at this time the religion know as the Hyjari came into power as both a country and a world power. The Hyjari was a religion that taught a monotheistic idea about one God that had created the Regalia for the Regalians, his chosen people, and that they were to become the dominant masters of the planet. As the millennia went by, this movement went from a country to the world superpower, and eventually the world government. In the year 3987 the Holy Quastronian Empire was formed, and the Irtidad, or the Pope of the Hyjari religion, was placed as its ruler. Entire systems of government, policy, dates, years, ways of thinking, ways of operating, and everything in general were changed to suit the new world government. Thus for the next millennia Quastronia benefitted from another age of invention, and thus lead to the Regalians becoming a galactic superpower, with their Holy church at the forefront of the expansion movements. In the year 3964 the Empire came into contact with the Natharisems, another humanoid race of warriors that were conquering a near bye planet. Though the two races decided to leave each other alone on neutral grounds, it has yet to be determined whether or not these two are friend or foe.

Though not everyone agrees with the government, and riots and rebellion have clearly demonstrated this over the millennia, the Holy Quastronian Empire continues to colonize new worlds and bring gods holy message to all the Infidel.
Now they have found Earth, and are here to compete with other races, both new and old, for complete control of Earth in the name of God.

Military Focus: Quastronians are holy warriors in all essence, fighting for God and the advancement of His instrument, the Quastronian Empire (kind of like the Covenant). Thus they do not make wide spread use of “cowardly tactics,” and prefer close range instead. To a Regalians war is a fight between men and thus a feat of arms is the preferred way to settle things (like a duel). However, when war is unavoidable, they turn to close combat.

The Quastronian military are experts at closing the range between them and their opponents rather quickly and with few casualties; using a mix of Armored Fighting Vehicles, aircraft, and the extreme physic of Regalians themselves. Once they close range, they use tactics to outmaneuver and destroy their enemy in “good manly combat.” All Quastronian soldiers are trained in combatives, martial arts in essence. They are trained in the use of the M’ra......:

........ a Regalian designed power sword with amazing cutting abilities, as well as a Gorbav shield, a large power shield with the Quastronian crest on it(similar to the Roman Centurion shields). They also favor the use of Standard Combat Rifles.....:

or Sub Machine Guns over long ranger Rifles and Artillery. As such the colonial forces make use of little long range weapons and employ their Armored Fighting Vehicles and infantry to crush enemies. The Mikvah, or the elite special forces of the Quastronian Empire, is part of the colonial forces that are deployed to settle each and every planet that’s habitable.

Just for kicks here is an Quastronian tank, and battleship:


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Name: Vladimir Fangbane

Army: The Benorian Tribe.

Army Flag: I did find a cool flag but I couldn't save it on my computer for some reason... So Ill use an alternative.

Gender: Male

Age: 200 (They get to live up to about thousand years)

Appearance: Vladimir stands at 2.6 meters high, he is one of the few Benorains who have reached a height which is higher then 2.5 meters. Vladimir has a very muscular built even for a Benorain and he is physically strong. Although strong he is also smart and cunning and he does not rely on brute strength to win. He has silver colored eyes and his fur's color is dark white.

Military File: During the Benorain rebellion against the Natharizem he led as a commander of several squads, hitting important locations and eliminating influential people. He proved his strength and brutality in the fight but also proved his cunning and evil intellect by torturing and outsmarting the Natharizem military time after time. He is a great tactician who is fond of ambushes and artillery bombardments. He has an elite squad of 11 bodyguards which excel in nearly every aspect of infantry combat, from infiltration to direct assault. For his impressive record the elders of his tribe decided to sent him to the newly found plant to settle it and destroy any opposition that he may encounter.

Race Name: Benorian. Benorians.

Appearance: Benorians resemble what you know as werewolves with a few exceptions. The Benorians are an evolution of a more ancient race (which still exists) lives on cold and icy plants which differentiated them from the other tribes who prefer warm and tropical places. Most Benorians male and female are between the heights of 1.9 meters to 2.5 meters. The men and the women both are well shaped and muscular. The Benorians have abundant hair all over their body, the hair they have evolved is mostly in the colors of white and dark white which heavily differentiates from the standard brown - black color of their brethren. The hair itself is thick and long, it keeps them warm in winter and the cut it in summer (if its to hot). The Benorains always walk with their knees a little bent and their upper body forward, which makes them look smaller then they really are. Their hands have four fingers without the thumb and they have claws on them, also their feet have four fingers which also have claws on them. The claws themselves are only a little longer then human nails but are much more durable and sharp. A Benorians face looks like an evolved human head, the mouth has moved forward which made it resemble a wolf (surprise!). In the evolution their nose disappeared for some reason and was changed by four slits which are located at the very back of their mouth, the mouth has plenty of fangs and sharp teeth. The have long pointy ears which are stretched back they are also covered with fur like the rest of their body. Also the last noticeable part of their head is that they have a pair of horns which are also curved back, the horns are of medium length, because of the fact that they are curved back they cant be used to stab someone. The Benorians's strength lays with their speed and agility and less with their brute strength. Normally a Benorian moves with his knees bent with long and fast paces, they also use mainly the forward part of their feet to move, lifting the rest of the feet in the air, this results in increased pressure over the forward feet and an increase in the grip of the feet against the ground. Benorains have to ways of running, the non-military personal use two legs to run, this run motion looks more like pouncing then running, the Benorian lifts himself a little of the ground with quick long steps which result in a run, they can also sprint that way, although used by non-military, the military use this form also. The other form of running is used only by military personal, once the Benorains sign up the military they are trained to run with their arms to (four legs). This results in a very fast sprint which they can easily maintain for big distances. Although a part of their nature Benorains do not use this form of running regularly because its not comfortable as they are used for walking on two legs.

Home Planet: Frostulfr I

Nature: The Benorians are a vary territorial race and an aggressive one also. They don't take kindly to strangers and even to their allies. The Benorians are a war like civilizations and thus they expanded in this way. This led to a constant war with nearly every race around them. Benorians are not really into politics and they will take any excuse to attack a different civilizations, even if its the stupidest of excuses. Although war like they are no fools, and if they realize that there is a race which is more powerful they will think twice before attacking him. They prey on the weak at first to boost their strength and uses the survivors of other races as salves. This nature led them to a catastrophic defeat which still marks them today.

History: The Benorians first originated on the plant Frostulfr I when immigrants from their ancestor race arrived there. The ice and awfully cold planet made them adopt and over the years they have changed to be better suited to live in cold plants. After many years after they have established a thriving colony across this plant they began to spread to others, they were not widely known as they were a quite race, close to others. No one expected them to go into war with nearly every race that surrounded them, and so they did. Using the element of surprise they conquered many of the nearby planets, after only a year they had fourth of the sector in their control. Ironically they did not attack any other plants as the rest of the planets were warm and tropical which did not suit their needs. They stayed on their icy and cold plants continuing to evolve and research. A century has passed and the Benorains stayed relatively peaceful in their planets but then came the great destroyers as the Benorians call them, they have never encountered such an enemy an their recklessness and overconfidence let to their nearly utter annihilation. The race which invaded them quickly took by force all of the sector leaving the Benorians only a handful of plants, the first shock of war passed and the Benorians started defending themselves from the new enemy which now was known as The Natharizem. The Benorians pitted everything they had against The Natharizem but the technology of this new race was far superior and after a decade The Natharizem took all Benorian plants and enslaved them. The Natharizem almost completely exterminated the Benorians but luckily what saved them was their fast reproduction, each birth giving life to about half a dozen babies. For six decades the Benorains were slaves to The Natharizem but The Natharizem underestimated them. Six decades of fast reproduction is all it took to triple the original population of the Benorains and then they took up arms, after three decades of fighting they freed themselves from the clutches of The Natharizem returning back Frostulfr I and several other plants to their grip and driving The Natharizem away from this sector. The Benorians knew that The Natharizem will return one day to exterminate them so they stole The Natharizem's technology and utilized it, upgraded it and in then end they ended up as a highly advanced race similar in technology to The Natharizem.

Military Focus: Elite infantry which specializes in close quarter fights, utilizing hand to hand weapons and close combat ranged weapons as shotguns and assault rifles (doesn't necessary means that its the technology they possess, I just used it to describe) and also anti armor weaponry, also makes abundant use of artillery and their windriders(paratroopers). If this fails they will rather see the enemy destroyed with their lands, which leads to chemical warfare or weapons of mass destruction.

Ill settle in Greenland, nice and cold... Nice and cold.

OOC: If you need info on the way of life and society just tell me and Ill add.

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Race Name: Drüd

Appearance: The Drüd are a seemingly insectoid race, divided into a number of castes. Regardless of caste, they all appear beetle-like, with four wide-spread legs. Their two front legs are extremely wide, serving almost like shields with which the Drüd can protect themselves. They can retract two small arms with four fingers at will which they use for fine manipulation. They have six very small eyes embedded in their bodies. Although large, the Drüd are very slow and have difficulty manouevering quickly, such as rapidly chaning direction or spinning. They look somewhat like this:

Except they are biological instead of mechanical. Most Drüd vary in colour slightly, but all are various shades of mottled gray, ranging from slate to almost white. The Drüd speak in a sound frequency much lower than creatures with human-like hearing can hear; a Drüd would have to talk very high pitched to be heard, and even then it would sound monstrously deep. All Drüd are genderless.

The lowest caste, the Labourer caste, stands at about seven feet tall. They exhibit no special features other than already described (The Labourer caste are the pioneers).

The more commonly encountered Thane caste stand at about nine feet tall at the shoulder. Their front legs are sharpened on the edge, good for crushing and chopping at the enemy. Embedded in their backs are a number of small pulsating organs which generate an unknown energy that behaves somewhat like lightning, to devestating effect (This is their main weapon, only slightly more lethal than modern gunfire but very accurate). They wear no mechanical armour; their natural armoured carapace is thick enough to serve as basic protection (The Thane caste are the armed infantry).

The final caste, the Behemoths, stand at around 13 feet at the shoulder. The Behemoths lack the intelligence of the other castes and serve as living weapons. In addition to the traits manifested by Thanes, the Behemoths also have massive guns mounted on their back of various types; some resemble missiles that explode nova-style with the same mysterious energy, others are long-barreled cannons that hurl explosive shells over long range. They also have some mechanical armour integrated into their carapace (The Behemoth caste are the tanks).

Home Planet: The Drüd home planet was destroyed long ago, but not before they moved into a massive mechanical spaceship known as the Worldship. It looks like this:

Nature: The Drüd are a frighteningly logical race; their only purpose in investigating the planet is to harvest it of all available rescourses, then leave. The Drüd are perfectly willing to skip diplomatic negotiations completely and annihilate all other races, though they are willing to bargain with other races if it meets their long-term needs. Inevitably, however, these short-lived alliances end in betrayal, as the Drüd soon conquer all others and the only ones left become their so-called "friends".

History: The Drüd seem to be warlike to other races, but they merely do everything possible to ensure their species survival. Their planet was destroyed long ago for an unknown reason. Since then, they have prowled the galaxy on their Worldship, searching for planets to strip bare, then leave without a trace. Their very name is synonymous with fear.

Military Focus: The Drüd quickly sieze strongpoints on their planet of selection using focused cores of heavy infantry and massive Behemoths. Once critical locations are siezed, they disrupt communications and slowly spread over the rest of the planet. The Drüd have no air support other than small recon drones, so they rely heavily on ground engagements and are crippled in battles when their anti-air Behemoths are not present or destroyed.


General Name: Dtr'u'üd (pronounced ditur-uh-ood)

Army: Drüd Collective

Army Flag: The Drüd use a symbol that is frighteningly similar to the ancient Viking rune known as jera. There is no connection between the two; it appears to be pure coincidence.

General's Gender: Although genderless physically, Dtr'u'üd exhibits personality traits commonly exhibited in males of most species.

General's Age: Unknown for certain, but estimated at 400 Earth years at least.

General's Appearance: Dtr'u'üd appears like many of the Thane caste, with the exception of massive bio-mechanical armour covering his body. His energy generators on his back carapace are attached to machines that seem to enhance his energy blast, and his already formidible leg-shields are reinforced with metallic armour of an unknown origin. His body is tattooed with runes of his species.

General's Military File: Dtr'u'üd was promoted by the Overseer of the Worldship to command the Drüd activity on the planet. He served bravely as a Caste Guardian on several worlds before him, and so this excercise is a test of worth for the veteran commander.


In a nutshell:

Race pros: Well-armoured, large, relies heavily on powerful tank-like organisms.

Race cons: Slow, difficult to manouever quickly, no air support other than recon.

The Drüd have claimed Western Sibera (a part of Russia) as their drop zone.

Good luck everyone!

Scathainn :victory:

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Name: Urd

Army: The People

Army Flag:

Gender: Unknown

Age: 744

Appearance: Urd is Pale white and 7'1" tall. He Carries his Long rifle and a Short range high fire rate submachine gun.

Military File: The People do not have a military structure like other races, they consider fighting as a part of negotiation. The entire race could be classified as Psychotics, as they have no understanding of remorse, or empathy. They are not particularly cruel, but will attack without warning or provocation. And often do not understand why other races can hold grudges or get angry about their actions.

Race Name: The People

Appearance:The People are actually a twin symbiotic race. They Look much like a classic alien "Grey" but they are much taller and lanky. The have large black eyes, that allow them to see in light or darkness. They have no mouth or nose of any kind. Pale white skin. They are innately a Telepathic race and all their communication is done this way except long distance communication. The other half of their symbiotic relationship is a swarm of small insect like creatures that fly about they Grey. When dormant they live in the skin of the Grey. These insects are little more than microscopic, but they surround the grey in billions. The also can shift their reflective bodies to give the grey a chameleonic effect that is very useful in combat. This swarm also is the greys only way of absorbing nutrients both air and food. Though they can get all their nutrients from their surroundings and do not have to stop for meals, this makes them especially susceptible to fire and bio type weapons.

Home Planet: Completely covered in a dense fog, their home planet is simply called Tyr

Nature: They can generally only see things from their own point of view which can be hard on negotiations.

History: The people have a stand offish stance against other races. They use negotiation to

Military Focus: The people Military focus is biological warfare. They use sonic and radiation effects to alter the DNA of their enemy's ( much like the aliens from the TV show Threshold) to that of their own. Also they desire silicon because that is where the technological focus is. Their space ships and vehicles are almost entirely Glass (anti-grav tanks and skimmers). This makes them susceptible to kinetic weaponry, but very resistant to energy weapons. Their infantry use Guerrilla warfare to demoralize their opponents. They do not operate in squads, but as individuals, using their stealth and Telepathy to coordinate attacks for maximum effect. They always prefer long range attacks, and abhor close combat as their swarms literally eat their opponents at that range, which they find disgusting. All this to simply delay and distract their opponents until their bio weaponry can have a chance to work.

I will land in Korea/china area

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Name: Seer Karanadis Talsan

Army: The Ravenian Empire

Army Flag:

Gender: Male

Age: 1,250


Karanadis stands over 7ft. tall. Like most of his kind, he has oval eyes and a pale skin pigmentation. Karanadis isn't built muscularly, instead focussing on his mental prowess. As one of the Seer's of his people, Karanadis dresses himself in the traditional attire of his people: the ceremonial robes and boots of the War-Seer, the mystical war-helm worn by the Seers, and a rune encrusted chest piece passed down his family line.

Military File: Karanadis the Raider, as he is known formally by his peers and rivals, is a cold, calculating leader. While other races were butchering one another pointlessly, Karanadis was studying the dance of war in the great spire libraries of his people. At the age of 300, Karanadis was given command of his own warriors and set about protecting his people's empire. As a seer, Karandis followed the strands of the future and their consequences and sought the best course for his people. He saw the danger the Natharizem posed as they began encroaching on one of his people's temple worlds. Leading his warriors on a lightning attack on the Natharizem general's HQ, Karandis cut the head off the invasion force and watched in amusement as the pathetic species floundered without their leader. He saw the oncoming horde of the Drüds wash over an entire system of his people's colonies in another vision. Working quickly, Karanadis and a council of his fellow Seer's ambushed the Thanes leading the horde at a meeting set up to draw them out. Slaughtering the bugs, Karanadis quickly set about annihilating the confused and disorganized insects. He had also seen the dangerous consequences of peace talks between the Vrel' Gul and another tribe of Benorians when he was 670 years old. Using only one cadre of his Rangers, Karanadis not only sabotaged any chance of peace, but ensured both sides would war with each other for over 50 years, buying colonists of his people enough time to move through the hostile space undetected and settle several new worlds.

Race Name: Ravenans

Appearance: The common Ravenan stands at over 6 ft. tall. Their eyes are oval in appearance and most Ravenan's have pale and waxy skin complexions. Like humans, Ravenan's have 2 arms and legs. However, with their heightened metabolism, Ravenan's are a lean and lithe people. Their cardiac and neurological systems are extremely fast, leading to the point of view that the other races move sluggishly slow, while the Ravenan's appear to gracefully glide across the ground.

Home Planet: Raviena

Nature: Ravenan's are mystic, traditional people. They enjoy letting their enemies decimate each other before swooping in for the kill. They are not overly hostile, but rather manipulative. They are extremely territorial, gladly killing any unwelcomed guest in their lands. Extremely long lived, Ravenan's look more to the long run than the other races and view themselves as the only race that knows what must be done; the other sentient species's mere children compared to them. Being a very psychic-attuned people, most of their technology revolves around incorporating their mental powers into their technology.

History: Raviena. An idyllic forest planet. Centered in the middle of a nebulae, the Ravenan's evolved around an intense worship of their forest. The Ravenan's pre-industrial era consisted of large city-states controlled by warrior scholars that would later become known as Seers. The influences of this era are still felt today, hundreds of thousands of years in the future. As they took their first tentative steps outside their planet, the Ravenan's discovered a deep passion for exploration and expanding their empire. Today, the Ravenian Empire consists of dozens of star systems and over a hundred worlds. As their list of enemies grew, the Ravenan's discovered that simply recruiting basic soldiers would not save them. At a great conclave of Seers, the leaders of their people, a decision was reached. Founding the Great Temples, buildings dedicated to teaching different, specific, paths of war, the Ravenan's expanded their regular military with the Aspect Warriors.

Military Focus: Ranged Combat with fast attack vehicles and dedicated squads of close-combat and ranged troops.

Can I have Alaska please?

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Oh My God, Godsmack, i love you, i was soooooooooo waiting for someone to do the Urd, hahahaha.

Fog of War, i cannot contain myself, I'm laughing:laugh: and applauding you at the same time man, this is going to be one %^&*#$% hell of a good RPG man, way to go. Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!!!!!!:)

Also, I just finished up my nation and dude, tell me what you think.

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Something different. If it doesnt work or this gets over crowded give me a shout i am struggling to post at the mo

Union Name: The ethereals
Army: None, the ethereals are a purely diplomatic and pacifist race devoted to oratory and diplomacy they aim to unite and conquer through discussion and wisdom. They are in fact a pacifist race with blade honour duels being fought as a form of stimulation and meditation and not designed to cause harm.
Army Flag: Very simply the word listen is printed in huge white letters on the side of there ships yet each has a small tatoo upon there ships and their foreheads

Name: Aun'sae
Gender: Female
Age: 497

Military File: None, however has an exemplary diplomatic record successfully pacifying difficult situations including most notably, the impossible ceasefire over a small strip of land desperately fought over by two neighbouring countries. Aun'sae successfully brought both round the table and created a mutually satisfactory solution, signed and sealed with 24 hours.

Race Name: Ethereal
Appearance: Tall slender and lithe, a blue grey skin colour they bear robes of white decorated by sigils to represent achievements and standing.
Home Planet: Unknown, space born.
Nature: Pacifist
History: The ethereals have been for as long as they and any that encounter them a space born race. They arrive unnannounced and uninvited bearing peace and new ideas for stimulation and growth. Solving conflicts they ask favours for their services and those they have aided will always welcome there presence with open arms. Hence whilst the ethereal are small in number they are equipped with the very best technology those they have aided can offer. Hence there ships though without weaponry are quick, well shielded, their personal well armoured, though they leave there heads bear as a sign of trust. If threatened they will pull a few tricks and get the hell out of there. With no army and no need for a set base and a predilection for wandering they are able to move quickly and effectively when threatened.
Military Focus: Diplomacy and tact. Run when necessary

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Name: Emperor Vishnu

Army: Blades of Seronnas

Army Flag:

Gender: Male

Age: 782

Appearance: He stands at twelve and a half feet tall, his body heavily muscled even more so then the biggest male warriors. His scales are such a dark purple and blue that he seems almost black, his fins are huge and a milky white while his talons and spines are extremely long and a beautiful gold color like all in the royal family. He is encased in an expertly tooled suit of bronze colored armor, and the weapon he carries is a large curved blade, a huge shield in his other hand.

Military File: The Seronnians are a psychically advanced race and have used thier intelligence to help bend this ability to thier military's advantage. Each warrior is equipped with a shield, the females having stronger shields then the males, and strong angular armor made from a strong metallic alloy capable of stopping many rounds, the males having thicker armor. The females carry no weapons other then their minds, while the males are equipped with a multitude of different close combat weapons ranging from large swords and shields to spears and tridents. While a sword or spear or trident would seem like a bad weapon to have on the forefront of such a technologically advanced army the weapons are surrounded by a type of plasma field, the magnetics in the hilts and staff parts of the weapons allowing for the manipulation of this field (think power weapons).

This turns these already deadly weapons into frightening pieces of war, each one handled by a very large and pissed off Seronnian male. They have two main types of tanks, long range artillery pieces with weak armor to make them more mobile, and shorter range armor to armor fighters that are much much slower but have heavier armor. The only air support units they have are extremely fast and delicate fighter ships (they resemble eldar falcons but much smaller and slimer) and a small AI unit that is attached to every squad to help in finding enemies and giving support. The females are all grouped into one group, their abilities making them an unbelievable support unit, but their frailty making them a blessing if they can stay alive.

Military Units: The males are broken up into three groups of fighters, there are the bigger males that are equipped with swords and shields, the taller males are equipped with spears and small bucklers strapped to their arm, and the smaller but faster males that are equipped with tridents. The Females are one group, thier basic psychic lightning abilities and mind control abilities making them invaluable support units, but because they carry on the races children they are few in number on the battlefied. AI units are attached to male and female squadrons to provide support and are easily killed, air fighters have weak armor but are extremely fast and lethal. The artillery and tank pieces are few but powerful, the artillery have almost no armor while the tanks have a lot.

Race Name: Seronnians

The Seronnians are an ancient and intelligent serpent-like people. The females stand at about eight feet tall at thier maximum and have more slender bodies while the males can get up to ten feet tall and are heavily muscled. Their scales, while varying in color from a bright blue to a deep pruple, are extremely hard due to them evolving on a planet mostly covered with water that was inhabited by very large and dangerous predators. The majority of their body scales range from a bright blue (young ages) to a deep purple (much much older), the scales of thier underbellies are usually a somewhat lighter version of their body scales while the colors of thier fins are either a bright yellow or a deep red/crimson.

The fins grow in size and length along with the spines that run down thier backs and tails, the bones either being a milky white color or a watered down black, the claws on thier hands also growing as they age. As of right now the women of thier race are slimmer then the men, their faces resembling those of a human like female, and thier colors usually taking on the brighter blues and yellows. The men start off with the colors of the women but as they age their blue scales began to turn into a deep purple studded with deep blues while their fins go from yellow to eventually crimson.

The only real difference in looks is those of the royal family of which Vishnu comes from. The males easily are two feet taller then the average Seronnian male and twice as heavey, yet what truly sets them apart is their coloring. The females are a milky white, their fins a bright royal blue while the males are a royal blue with milky white fins, yet what is most different is that thier spines and claws are of a shining gold color.

Home Planet: These serpent people hail from the planet of Seronnas, a world covered almost entirely by water, a few large islands striving to exist seperate from the water. While there is much water it varies from the dark deeps to the bright shallows, all of which has in time been taken over by the Seronnians themselves. Many large predatory animals live in these waters, the abundance of life giving the planet untold amounts of different species.

Nature: The nature of the Seronnians is usually very calm, cool and collected. They do not speak unless they have something to say worthy of saying, but this does not mean that they will carry on a casual conversation about the days goings on. What seperates them from most species is their ability to weild psychic abilities, these come in a wide array of uses. The males are only capable of using these powers for communication, hence thier larger size, thicker scales, and more powerful muscles, while it is the females are capable of using these powers in a more deadly way.

The main powers used by the females are a type of psychic bolt that appears like lightning and can jump from target to target depending on how close they are. They can single out one target and temporarily immoblize them, cloud their mind and cause them to see things that are not there, or if the target is weak enough they can take control of thier mind. In short the females are capable of devastating area of effect psychic attacks and extremely devastating attacks when focused on one target. They are capable of breathing under water and above it!!!!

History: The Seronnians have been living for many thousands of years, Vishnu being one of the oldest in the Royal family itself. They do not really know how long they have been living as there are cousins of thiers that lack the sound minds that they have that still live in the same waters and cannot communicate with them. They assume that they evolved from these poor wretches and let them live out of a pity for them, yet if they are attacked they will eleminate them cousins or not.

Over the years their technology has blended with their psychic abilities and created a beautiful yet extremely dangerous people (think protoss tech). Each soldier in the military is equipped with a personal shield, the females have stronger ones then the males due to their frailty, and the males are outfitted with tight fitting angular armor to give them extra protection.

They have spread out among the stars mainly in an attempt to meet other races and foster alliances. They are in need of new worlds full of the capability of harboring life to expand their Empire, where they land they build and where they build they fully intend to stay. Vishnu is one of three Emperors, one of which is his father and still on Seronnia, the other is his brother who is out on the eastern fringes of thier empire defending it against an incursion. He is the youngest of the three and is leading this expedition personally to ensure that Earth comes under Seronnian rule.

Military Focus: The males are heavey assault units focusing on close combat, their heavey builds, armor, and shields making them very formidable in combat. The females are more of a ranged combat unit and are very frail and easy to kill if you can get past their abilities. They have few vehicles, the only real military vehicles being artillery and tank pieces that shoot rounds at unbelievable speeds (rail guns), a slim and sleek air fighter and a small flying AI unit that is equipped with two chaingun type weapons.

Weakness: While they are a rather imposing race the amount of them on Earth itself is small compared to the numbers most of the other species have brought with them. Each unit has an astute weakness that makes them vulnerable if they are seperated from the main host or whatever group they are a part of.
Male warriors:
Swords and Shields-Slowest moving infantry unit, very few in number, no ranged capabilities
Spears-Not as well armored as the SS units, basic infantry unit
Tridents-weakest armor above the females, no hand held shields at all, no ranged capabilities
Air unit-while fast and lethal their shields arent the strongest and once down they are very weak
Tank-extremely slow moving with a weak spot on thier backs, not many of them
Artillery-fast but not much armor at all, long reload time
AI support-these small orb like units have no armor and their shields are minimal, in short they could be killed by a few rounds easily
extremely weak armor, can only focus their attention on certain areas when using thier abilities making them vulnerable to flanking
EVERY UNIT: every unit is equipped with a shield (sort of like the protoss shields but not as strong) that can take a decent amount of punishment but once down it takes a very long time to recharge

Area on Earth: I would like to be in the Mediterranian waters and islands if that is possible, maybe some coastlines of greece and itally too.

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Name: Mikal Crypt
Army: The Wulfen
Army Flag:
(I'll change if this is too offensive but imo next to the Welsh flag this is my favourite flag...ever)
Gender: Male
Age: 250

Military File: Though extremely young to be leading his nation, Mikal started as a file warrior, but in five years he was promoted to being the leader's right hand man. In a battle against another army the leader was killed and passed on his status to Mikal. As the leader Mikal has led his nation into growing twice it's size and he has no thoughts of slowing down in mind.
Race Name: The Wulfen (Not the same as 40k xD)
Appearance: Most look normal with just sharper eyesight, but some have turned slowly into how Mikal appears. They live 10x longer than earth humans (Basically Mikal's age would give him the appearance and build of a 25 year old)
Home Planet: Frosið Helvíti
Nature: A very cold place, with very small natural resources except for their metals which their nation excels in making different stronger alloys. (This is much akin to winter-time Russia)
History: A rapidly evolving race, the Wulfen were able to conquer their home world in a few hundred years instead of the thousands it took other races. As soon as they conquered their home world they became restless and grew to in-fighting, their race splintering into hundreds of tribes. The leader before Mikal was able to unite the tribes in 5,600 years with his death in the final battle as the final tribes fall into his empire. As the leader of a strikeforce Mikal expanded their territory to the system their planet was on. Finally they came upon Earth and Mikal quickly brought his strike force in as a settling party to the most familiar territory taht reminded him of his home planet, (Russia)
Military Focus: Though he is a violent person Mikal will attempt to settle problems diplomatically, but if that fails he will use brute force to smash his enemies with a hammer anvil technique, and his favourite looping assault tactic.

Strengths: Obviously brute force, they are extremely strong individuals, and are very tough, able to survive in the coldest conditions with practically just a loin-cloth.
They are also very strategic, with a strong diplomatic side even though they appear brutal

Weaknesses: Dude to their homeworld and system they are built for the extreme cold and have problems with warmer locations. Mikal sent a force to an island south of their position, but they had to come back as many died from health problems due to heat. Also a very small amount of the Wulfen are good with ranged weaponry with their army set ups being men with close-combat oriented fighting and the women with ranged weapons, and the shield-maidens being a multi-task unit that has the highest respect from the race.

How's that? Obviously I don't want ALL of Russia just one spot, preferably the north-eastern part?
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