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So, I basically found a bane blade online assembled for 50 bucks and said "self!, you need this." And self said "not with out some infantry support" And I says... "Hell yeah we're awsome!"
This is the end result of ebay and me.
View attachment 6605

Then self and I went troop hunting and found some cadians on ebay and they came out like this.
View attachment 6606

And the Sgt, casue I actually like how he came out. (first time painting guard/human)
View attachment 6752

Didn't feel like a failure and self was happy so....
View attachment 6753 View attachment 6754

And then cause I was feelin spunky!
View attachment 6755

And the actual WIP... Platoon or company HQ, not sure which yet. Need to fin the medic and vox caster.
View attachment 6756
Currently have two Hvy Weapon Squads and another command squad enroute. C&C please! (I know I'm not very good)
Thanks to DeathBringer and his RP, got me back in the mood to model. Check out the RP thread for "3 days is all it trakes, had a drop out and need another person"

Thanks for lookin and cheers!

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Will edit pictures in when I get home, I finished the medic and vox caster at work. Where the devil are my Hvy Weapons!!!! :laugh:

Apparently I didn't update, (fail!!) I played last night and didn't get home till midnight. Atleast there is no girl friend to attend to when I get home tonight so updates! Wuh hahahahaha, Thank you Shaantitus!

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Heavy Weapons and command squad

:wink: Fianlly updated sorry.
First up finished vox caster and medic.
View attachment 6766
Finished Command squad
View attachment 6767
On to the new models, Bought these off a nice chap at the trading post.
Las Cannons, assembeld needs a shield for one cannon (got it) and some paint.
View attachment 6768
Also got a command squad which will be my platoon HQ. (they need a 409 bath and to be repainted in ma colors.
View attachment 6770
Also got some Hvy Weapon sqauds from good ol ebay. Gona rock some ML.
View attachment 6769
And question time! I was feelin maybe base them small and use 'em as a team or should I put cover on the bases? Thoughts and insight greatly wanted and appreciated!

Thanks for lookin C&C please! :victory:

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Heavy weapons and reenforcments.

So, after freeing my CPU from a virus I have an update! :victory:
Hvy Wpn teams are coming along, two ML are done and waiting basing.
View attachment 6743 View attachment 6772
View attachment 6773 View attachment 6774
And the Dobie was helping me in her own special way. (being under foot)
View attachment 6775

Bought some LRBT off the trading forum, sweet!
View attachment 6776 View attachment 6777
View attachment 6778
They need some of my colors touched in, but I like the camo scheme, just need to paint 'em up to army colors.

And speaking of army colors, remember the command squad, :angry: the 409 cleaner isn't stripping anything, gotta find something else.
View attachment 6779

Any help of camo painting or stripping?
C&C please!

pics fixed!

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You have some nice minis there but I can't seem to view the next set of links. I'll try again a bit later perhaps. If this is your first time painting humans then its a good effort. I can't see anything wrong with them. I love guard. I paint guard. I hate painting guard.

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Destractions destractions!

I've noticed many views, don't know if some people are keeping up or if ppl see the work and move on with out intrest. Either way, no update since I got distracted. Got a suprise apocalypse game monday so I needed to finish some Legion of the Damned Marines. Lets see what distracted me!
View attachment 6791
The squad as a whole (I know, lack details and sgt needs a wash)
View attachment 6792
Reg Termies
View attachment 6793
FLAMER! hmmmm.... guess I might wanna watch the contexted of that.
View attachment 6794
The Sgt, who needs a wash of delvan mud.
View attachment 6795 View attachment 6796
And ma capt of the legion, I actually like him, he just needs a back pack. Well C&C as always please. Prolly doing a LRBT next. (I'm bones)

:victory: Thanks for lookin.

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Holy Crap Not Dead!

:victory: As the title states I am not dead and niether are the guard projects.
Been doin the school part of the summer and hating it.
SO! The mini, I'm finishing the third ML team, got half way now.
View attachment 7242 View attachment 7243
View attachment 7244 View attachment 7245
For anyone thats noticed they have servo sjulls. I like for the fluff that they are cameras and they track kill rates and tactics of the teams. Want to apply one to each squad.

So as always please C&C or just a "you suck" "nice job" or something from the multiple views I get. Thanks and cheers.

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I really like all of this. This project log definatly deserves more attention in my eyes, the models are nicely done! Have some rep mate, keep up the good work!

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Storm Troopers!

So as I was wasting away the morning awaiting work (didn't get a job until 1345!) I painted up the last ML guy with acception of his arm and las gun.

Also started on my Storm Troopers. (I LOVE these models) I went with the design of the chap I bought them off. It just works for me.
View attachment 7249 View attachment 7250 View attachment 7251

View attachment 7252 View attachment 7253 View attachment 7254

Thank you to Dark Angel and Couger-W. And the doberman is a good girl most of the time... she has only eatten two models and an objective counter.

More soon as the ML finishes and I tackle the LC or LRBT.

Thankd for looking and cheers! :eek:k:

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So I have finally gotten around to stripping the trade thread command squad that will serve as my Company Coimmand Squad. It was tough, I had to brush off the paint cause 409 and simple green wouldn't disolve white and gold paints.
View attachment 7324
Any how the commander, he needs a name and a gun.... I'm taking ideas please let me know.
View attachment 7325
These two are going to man a mortar.
View attachment 7326 View attachment 7327
This lad is gonna be rockign a sniper rifle. Let the conversion begin!
View attachment 7328
And everyone gets a vox cause of the new orders.
View attachment 7329

I guess these guys are gonna act as the gun line with my heavy weapons and add some supressive fire.
As always C&C, ideas and comments welcome. Sorry I don't have a Titan. :grin:

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like the stuff medic marine; it really hurts when i see awesome models & i still havent finished what i started like 2 months ago - been actually playing the game

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Thank you both.
@ Fallen, it is always hard to see a pile of minis and say "I wanna paint you" and realize there is work, school and social activites along with good oldfashion gaming.
@Kobrakai, thanks for the comments, feel good about myself since I follow your project log and its awsome!

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Stormtroopers and Snipers

So first off I got confused and painted a stormie wrong. Then said it might look better, insight would be greatly enjoyed. So please throw your opions at me.
View attachment 7399
Then I tackled the sniper, he needs a wash or too and prolyl a face touch up but here he is.
View attachment 7400 View attachment 7401

C&C please and enjoy.
Thanks for looking.
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