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What would be the typical structure and ranks of naval armsmen aboard lets say a grand cruiser? IE Who dose what job at what rank.

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In the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Fleet Protection Group, our ranks and rates are as follows:

Able Warfare Specialist (RN) Private (RM)
n/a (RN) Lance Corporal (RM)
Leading Warfare Specialist (RN) Corporal (RM)
Petty Officer Warfare Specialist (RN) Sergeant (RM)
Chief Petty Officer Warfare Specialist (RN) Colour Sergeant (RM)
Warrant Officer 1st Class Warfare Specialist (RN) Warrant Officer 1st Class (RM)
Warrant Offcier 2nd Class Warfare Specialist (RN) Warrant Officer 2nd Class (RM)

Sub Lieutenant Warfare Officer (RN) 2nd Lieutenant (RM)
Lieutenant Warfare Officer (RN) Lieutenant (RM)
Lieutenant Commander Warfare Officer (RN) Captain (RM)
Commander Warfare Officer (RN) Major (RM)

Any ranks above this point are looking at command on small ships, or commander of a Battalion around 800-1000 men in size, and consequently have little to do on the front line.

Captains and Majors are the marshals of the forces on the ground, and occasionally get on with the job. However, in ship to ship operations, Above Water Warfare Petty Officers and Chief Petty Officers are the ones who are usually the ones on the pointy end of the stick.

If you're looking about Armsmen leading a boarding a party, it's usually a Petty Officer, or Leading Hand, with 4-9 Leading Hands, or a Sergeant, supported by a couple of Fire Teams (Cpl/LCpl with 3 Privates).

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