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If this is meant to be fluffy or thematic then what I'm about to say can be disregarded.

You have a lot of points sunk in redundant items. Power fists and power weapons rarely belong on guardsmen, if you're in combat you probably shouldn't be and 3 S3 I3 Ap3 attacks won't save you. Same principle with Platoon standards (+1 combat resolution will rarely come into play to be worth 15 points).

Recovery gear and fire barrels whilst not overly expensive are again, limited in usefulness. Also, I prefer Taurox Missile launchers or Battlecannon with Autocannons to just keep range and High Str. But if you think you need 12-14 S4 Shots at 24 inches then go for it.

I've had some success with Medi packs in command squads with Plasma guns. Helps alleviate Gets Hot and softens the amount of shooting 3 plasma gunners are sure to get. However, I run mine with 4 melta guns and 4 volley guns now, one to deep strike near a high priority tank then the other sits at the back issuing orders and shooting 16 S4 Ap3 shots.

Also, I prefer lots of squads of 5-6 troops to maximise the amount of special weapons I can get in. And Vox casters will have limited application, due to only having 1 orders to give out. But they are only 5 points, just means you lose a special weapon from your commands.

TLDR; trim the fat that serves no real benefit and with those points get more bodies/vehicles. Optimise squads load outs.
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