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After evaluating all of the rules, I realized that you can do... THIS!

Imperial Knight STC - 320 points

<standard Knight statline which I don't know off the top of my head>

Wargear - 2 Destroyer Chainblades, 1 Heavy Stubber

May replace any Destroyer Chainblade with:

Thunderstrike Gauntlet - 5/10 pts (use the first value if the Knight does not have a ranged weapon arm, and the second value if this is its only melee weapon)

Thermal Cannon - 50 pts

Rapid Fire Battle Cannon & Heavy Stubber - 55 pts

Avenger Bolt Cannon & Heavy Flamer - 55 pts

May replace the Heavy Stubber with a Melta Gun - 5 pts

May add one of the following Carapace weapons:

Ironstorm Rocket Pods - 30 pts

Icarus Autocannons - 35 pts

(what were these called?) Missile Pods - 40 pts

There. Nothing amazing. If you follow these points, they literally let you make all 5 of the Knight versions with the exact points. The difference is that it offers the ability to double weapons up because of the wording on these rules.
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