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Imperial knight kit size question.

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Hi all, I was hoping one of the lucky few who have a knight titan at hand could do me a favour:
I'm considering converting my own castigator, but critical to my plan is the size of the weapon shield on the thermal cannon in the regular knight kit. Would someone be willing to measure it up and post the size here? I need the width and height.
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Model sizes are ok but do not give exact measurements of their models in a public post. If you want to pm the OP the information that is fine. Otherwise GW legal will be in here or at least they use too but don't want to risk it.
I should have been clearer..... :blush:

Morfang to the rescue! :good:

Hey that is why they keep us dust farters around occasionally we come in handy. :laugh:
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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