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I know many people with IG armies who don't have the time to paint standard guardsmen, instead they leave them blank, or painted with "flat" colour. So Im writing this tutorial to hopefully make it easy to paint guardsmen quickly to a good "table" standard. Examples of this are on my army showcase however the style is a little inconsistent as they are currently going through a repaint.

Throughout I mainly use a detail or standard brush.

First of, paint the guardsman's cloth with Desert Yellow, then go over this with Kommando Khaki and finally highlight the cloth with a 1:1 mix of Kommando Khaki and Skull White.

Secondly paint the flak armour, helmet and lasgun (apart from the barrel) with Catachan green, highlight the lasgun and armour with either a 1:1 mix of Catachan green and Camo green or with just the Camo green, depending on how visible you want the highlight to be. The shoulder pads & helmet can either be highlighted normally or can be done by colouring the highest quarter of the curve (this is shown in most models in my showcase).

Next ass standard boltgun metal on the magazine, gun barrel and bayonet (if applicable).

Using any skin tone of your choice paint the arms and face however leave eye and any open mouths darker. Mix your paint in a 1:1 mix with skull white and highlight nose, around the mouth and cheek area.

Paint the guardsman's belt Scorched brown and then paint a thin line of 1:1 mix of Scorched brown and Skull white across the top of the belt.

Finally paint the eagle crest (proper name ?) with Skull white.

Your model should be finished.

This is only a simple tutorial as I am not a fantastic painter however if this hopes one person with their IG army then it will have been worth my time =)

Thanks for reading.
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