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On our 40k day Saturday we managed to squeeze in a second game, 2k again, but singles this time. I played against Dave. Dave is getting back into 40k after having a time off, he played about 15 years ago and a bit of 4th so knows maojrity of the rules (except vehicles! lol) and is still getting to grips. This was also a chance to test my new Guard list; 4 plasma guns in each CCS instead of a medic but got carapace armour, flamer Veterans changed to plasmas, both Hellhounds dropped and one replaced with a Bane Wolf with a multi melta and finally Leman Russ switched for a Leman Russ Executioner.

Imperial Guard "Steel Lions" - 2,000 points


Company Command Squad w/ Chimera 4 x plasma guns & carapace armour

Company Command Squad w/ Chimera 4 x plasma guns & carapace armour


Veterans 3 x meltaguns

Veterans 3 x meltaguns

Veterans w/ Chimera 3 x meltaguns

Veterans w/ Chimera 3 x plasma guns

Veterans w/ Chimera 3 x plasma guns

Fast Attack

Valkyrie multiple missile pods

Valkyrie multiple missile pods

Hellhound multi melta

Heavy Support

Leman Russ Demolisher heavy flamer

Leman Russ Demolisher heavy flamer

Leman Russ Executioner heavy flamer

Total: 1,990

Tyranids - 2,000 points


Hive Tyrant - scything talons, heavy venom cannon, hive commander, regeneration & armoured shell


2 x Zoanthropes w/ Myceptic Spore

2 x Lictors


3 x Warriors w/ Myceptic Spore - scything talons, rending claws & adrenal glands

3 x Warriors - scything talons, venom cannon & 2 x deathspitters

30 x Termagants

20 x Hormagaunts - toxin sacs

13 x Genestealers - toxin sacs

5 x Ripper Swarms

Fast Attack

10 x Gargoyles

3 x Raveners - deathspitters

Heavy Support

Carnifex - scything talons, heavy venom cannon, bio plasma & regeneration

Game: Capture and Control - Pitched Battle


I won the roll off and let Dave go first; I wanted to see where he'd place his units and counter them. We placed objective first, two either side of the shrine ruin, one each deployment zone side, one in a crater and one in a ruin.

Dave deployed putting his Hormagaunts, Hive Tyrant and Carnifex in the ruin and controlling that objective. He placed a large Termagant brood near the one his side of the shrine. On my right flank in a ruin he deployed his Warriors and behind those the Gargoyles.

I deployed my wall of armour, I put a Valkyrie with melta Veterans on the left flank supported close by two plasma Veteran Chimeras - these had the objective. On the right flank I put the Wolf, melta Veterans and both CCS Chimeras which were in terrain, then, finally in the middle, the stronger tanks and a Valkyrie which had LOS to the Termagants.

Dave deploys his infiltrating Genestealers behind the shrine where the objective is.

*Tactical Notes

Ok, Dave only has half his army on the board, which is good. I'll move the Valkyrie on the left flank up and bomb the Termagants, I'll torrent the Genestealers until dead and then wait until the rest comes in - rest is out of range or bunkered up, so I'll roll up the Bane Wolf and melta Veterans and blast inside that ruin - see how they works out for you xeno scum! :

Turn 1

Dave moves his Termagants to secure his side of the shrine objective, his moves his Genestealers through terrain at me. That's about it for him.

My turn I moved the left flank Valkyrie 12" to gun those Termagants to xeno sludge, heavy armour moved out and the Wolf and supporting Veterans rolled out, rest stayed put, except one plasma Veteran Chimera.

Shooting Valkyrie bombs Tyranids killing plenty, Demolisher fires at them too killing more. Everything else fires at Genestealers but 5 still live! Bane Wolf fires multi melta into ruin at the Carnifex, but misses, would have got a cover due to angle anyway.

* Tactical Notes

Ok my plan is working blasting those Termagants down, but there's a lot still left. Shame those Genestealers didn't die, next turn they will.

Plan is to move armour up and blast remaining Termagants and move the Valkyrie onto the objective when clear - the Valkyrie I'm hanging back I'll turbo boost to contest the Tyranid held objective later, for now need to kill those Genestealers and start blasting into the Nid objective ruin.

Turn 2

Dave calls for reserves with his Zoanthropes and Raveners coming in.

'Thropes land in front of my armour using the Myceptic Spore scatter rule and my own armour as a scatter buffer. Raveners appear on my right flank not far from the CCS units. Genestealers move out of terrain ready to assault a Chimera and the Warriors move out.

Shooting Zoanthropes fire at the Bane Wolf and pop it; bye-bye! :( Venom cannons blast out from Carnifex, Hive Tyrant and Warriors with the Warriors only able to crew shaken the melta Veteran Chimera.

In assault, Genestealers charge and make the plasma Chimera go boom! I lose few Guardsmen and all Stealers are safe.

In my turn I move the plasma Veteran unit out the Chimera into terrain. Other armour moves forward while the melta Veteran Chimera moves back, the squad inside bails out to blast the Raveners as a CCS unit comes to support.

Shooting both Valkyries, Executioner and a Demolisher fire at the Termagants, but due to position get cover from any shooting from the right. One Demolisher fires into the Hormagaunts on the objective killing one, I think. Genestealers get plasma'd. Raveners get blasted by melta and all three of them are I.D'd - bye snake fools! Zoanthropes get blasted by plasma and take a single wound.

*Tactical Notes

Ok bummer, a squad is out the transport thanks to those pesky 'Stealers. No matter, I'll move them through terrain next turn, hide them and use them to hold an objective. Also, mistake this turn, I should have fired the Valkyrie on the left flank and used to kill half the Termagants or something which then would have stopped them getting cover from other units - ah well, they all died anyway if I remember right.

My plan now is to deal with the Zoanthropes before they pop any more of my tanks and start moving forward.

Turn 3

Dave calls for reserves with all Tyranid reserves now coming in.

Rippers deep strike in front of my tanks, Lictors appear in the shrine ruin close to me while the Warrior Spore lands down near the Valkyrie on the left flank.

In the movement turn Dave brings the rest of his army forward leaving only Hormagaunts behind in order to support the rest of his force.

Shooting Hive Tyrant and Carnifex fire at the Executioner as it's gonna nail them next turn, scores weapon destroyed which suits Dave so no more plasma! Zoanthropes turn and pop a Demolisher. That's about it I think. Spore fires at the plasma unit on foot scoring wounds, they pass morale ok.

In my turn I move the Valkyrie on the left flank towards the Warriors which just landed in, Veterans bail out ready to light up meltaguns. All tanks move to form by the Rippers ready to use flamers while the single Demolisher and plasma Vet Chimera move a bit so those Lictors don't auto hit. A CCS Chimera gets immobilised in terrain too. Plasma unit on foot runs into terrain.

Shooting meltas out the Valkyrie on the left flank and the Valkyrie fire at the Warriors, one is I.D'd but two still remain. Last Demolisher fires and wounds the Carnifex. Plasma Chimera blasts heavy flamer and plasma shots at the Lictors killing one. All flamers on tanks blast the Rippers killing them all as melta and plasma rains out and kills both Zoanthropes.

*Tactical Notes

Ok gutted my Veterans didn't nuke the Warriors like the other unit did to the Raveners. Shame Executioner and Demolisher are gone as the Hive Tyrant and Carnifex would be in trouble my shooting turn, ah well, got plenty of plasma and melta next turn.

My plan is to get rid of the Myceptic Spore, Warriors and Lictors next turn making my objective closest to me secure. I'll move remaining armour forward and blast the big monsters with plasma and the oncoming Gargoyles with flamer templates, I don't need to worry about the Warriors really.

Turn 4

Gargoyles move down ready to blast some Guard if transports are popped along with Warrior support. Warriors on left flank apporach the Valkyrie. Lictor moves through terrain ready to assault the last Demolisher as the Carnifex moves towards the Executioner.

Shooting, Hive Tyrant wrecks the Valkyrie. That's all the shooting.

Assault Lictor wrecks the last Demolisher. Carnifex explodes the Executioner and I think the Warriors assault the Valkyrie on the left flank, don't remember then attacking the squad, if I remember right they wreck a missile pod.

In my turn I position the last plasma Veteran Chimera to flamer the single wounded Lictor. I start rolling other tanks up ready to blast the monstrous creatures and flamer the little ones.

In my movement turn I move the melta Veterans over the Valkyrie wreck losing two thanks to dangerous terrain. That's about it.

Shooting I blast the Warriors on the left flank, they're toast. I blast the Carnifex and Hive Tyrant with multiple melta and plasma shots wiping them both out. I flamer the Gargoyles leaving just three left. Warriors get blasted by multi lasers and one takes a wound.

* Tactical Notes

Ok the battle field is looking absent of Tyranid life now and those big beasties with annoying venom cannons have gone, bye suckers!

Only thing left to deal with is the annoying Myceptic Spore but that's not close to my objective. Kill the Gargoyles and they can contest, blow up the Warriors and then move into the Tyranid objective held ruin and torch those Hormagaunts!

Turn 5

Gargoyles flap away towards objective Tyranid side of the shrine, but still away from it. Hormagaunts stay hidden as the Warriors move forward.

Shooting Warriors blast away but nothing. I think they assault too if I remember right but no damage.

In my turn Veterans load back up into the Valkyrie which flies over to the shrine objective Tyranid side and claim it. Chimera assaulted by Warriors drives away and puts the hull against the Tyranid held ruin ready to blast fire in, those Warriors are now exposed to plasma and melta shots.

Shooting the Gargoyles get blasted with plasma guns and all three die. Warriors get blasted with plasma and melta and all die. I don't think the Spore gets shot at because I move my plasma Veterans on foot closer to the objective. Chimera blasts flamer template into terrain killing Hormagaunts.

*Tactical Notes

Ok, Tyranids aren't going to win here, only Hormagaunts left. Next turn I'll blast the Spore with plasma and flamer more Hormagaunts and tank shock them to contest, no synapse any more.

Turn 6

We roll for turn 6 and it doesn't happen. Guard win claiming three objectives and Tyranids claiming one.


Interesting game for the Guard. I liked the mass plasma and meltas of the army and it worked really, particualrly against those big nasty Tyranid monstrous creatures. Bane Wolf no impressed with, did nothing and got hammered, sure it can move fast but is short range - as I said to Dave in game the Hellhound would have reached that target - think I'm sticking with the Hound. Executioner is alright, though like other tanks once disabled is pretty useless.

Mistakes was not firing at those Termagants with the left flank Valkyrie to stop getting cover saves. I also should have used the last Demolisher to turn and blast the Lictors with heavy flamer instead of killing a couple of Hormagaunts in terrain. I should have also gunned that Spore down sooner and then fallen back to my objective as the plasma Veterans still in the Chimera had claimed it anyway.

Tyranid list needs sorting as Dave knows. He showed me his list in a e-mail the day before which I sent him feedback on, though he wanted to learn things himself, which is fair enough.

His mistakes was keeping half the army in reserve which let me deal with his forces more easily and managable. With him deep striking in Raveners it made a easy kill, Warriors coming in via Spore is a bad ideas as they couldn't assault, but he charged my Valkyrie anyway, should have tackled the Veterans! Anyway, it's all live and learn for Dave and he asked what he could do to change, which I mentioned to him. Though I'll write him a new list shortly ;)
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