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Justicar Alaric from Codex Imperialis popped round my house Saturday, as usual he's playing Blood Angels but today I'm more fearful than his lists than normal as it appears he has got it sorted. Will he beat me this time?

Imperial Guard "Steel Lions" - 2,000 points


1 x Company Command Squad w/ Chimera 4 x plasma guns & carapace armour

1 x Company Command Squad w/ Chimera 4 x plasma guns & carapace armour


Veterans 3 x meltaguns

Veterans 3 x meltaguns

Veterans w/ Chimera 3 x meltaguns

Veterans w/ Chimera 3 x flamers

Veterans w/ Chimera 3 x flamers

Fast Attack

1 x Valkyrie multiple missile pods

1 x Valkyrie multiple missile pods

2 x Hellhounds heavy flamers

Heavy Support

1 x Leman Russ heavy flamer

1 x Leman Russ Demolisher heavy flamer

1 x Leman Russ Demolisher heavy flamer

Total: 2,005

Blood Angels - 2,000 points


Librarian - shield of sanguinus & blood rage (one which gives preferred enemy)

Honour Guard - 4 x meltaguns & power fist


Chaplain - jump pack

3 x Sanguinary Priests - jump packs


5 x Assault Marines - plasma gun

10 x Assault Marines - 2 x plasma guns

10 x Assault Marines - 2 x meltaguns & power fist

10 x Assault Marines - 2 x meltaguns & power fist

10 x Assault Marines - 2 x flamers

Heavy Support

5 x Devastators - 4 x missile launchers

5 x Devastators - 4 x missile launchers

5 x Devastators - 4 x missile launchers

Game: Capture & Control and pitched battle


I lost the roll off and Kris (Justicar) deployed first. On my left flank he deployed a melta A.S along with a Priest behind a ruin, though I could draw LOS to the unit. In a ruin he put a Dev squad along with the 5 man A.S plasma unit, out in front of that ruin he put the Librarian attached to the H.G and the other melta A.S unit, also inside that ruin was the flamer A.S with the Chaplain. On my right flank he put two Dev squads in a large ruin with the 10 man plasma A.S unit, inside this ruin is his objective so it's well fortified.

On my left flank I deployed the Russ and a Chimera with flamer Vets, in between them was a ruin which my objective was placed in on the first floor, inside the ruin the other flamer Vets deployed. Along the front both Demolishers deployed with both CCS Chimeras behind them. On my right flank I deployed my fast units, both Valkyries and then Hellhounds shielding the melta Veterans in the Chimera - the other two melta Veteran squads are inside the Valkyries.

I attempted to seize the initiative so I can blast those Angels out in the open first turn, I fail.

* Tactical Notes

Ok I deployed my fast stuff on my right flank because that's where Kris' objective is. I know I haven't got enough fire power really to remove 20 Space Marines and I don't want to disembark my units, so I'll move the Hellhounds up along with the supporting Veterans in Chimera and clear out what I can, then send in the Valkyries to contest the objective, if I contest and hold mine that's a win so that's my plan today.

Target priority is to kill the melta units. Without these Kris cannot pop my armour 14 tanks and I'll use them as shields for the Chimeras, the missiles are also a pain so I'm hoping I can take out those Dev squads slowly with mass multi laser fire and support from the Valkyries double large blast templates and Hellhounds flamer templates. Without melta and krak missiles my armour is much safer and my weaker infantry secure.

Turn 1

Kris rolls his Angels out moving the H.G and supporting melta Assault Squad straight down the board using a ruin to get cover saves if I start shooting. He moves the flamer Assault Squad out of the ruin too. Rest of the army holds position.

Shooting the units which moved run, the melta unit moving into terrain and the H.G just falling short of it. The flamer unit only gets a few models in terrain. Krak missiles fire from the right flank at a Demolisher and manage to immobilise it, krak missiles from the left flank fire at the Russ but do no damage.

In my turn I position the Russ so it can see the Honour Guard perfectly clear. I move the other Demolisher into terrain so it can blast through at the melta Assault Squad, I move one of the CCS Chimeras ready to rapid fire while the other moves through terrain ok. The Hounds move up using a centre tower ruin to hide one which will get me a cover save next turn. Valkyries use a large terrain piece to possibly get cover, one Valkyrie moves into terrain ok.

In my shooting turn the Valkyrie in terrain drops a single template (due to LOS) and multi laser on a Dev squad in the Angel objective ruin, one Marine is killed. Leman Russ blasts out hitting the Honour Guard, the Librarian casts shield and only a few die. Both Demolishers fire at the Assault Marines supporting the H.G, one scatters and misses the other lands on target killing a few marines and leaving just the Librarian and Priest from the H.G left after saves. One CCS tries to fire at the Assault Squad but is just out of range by a 1". Marines take morale tests and unbelievable that both the Librarian and Assault Squad both fail and leg it, falling back 3D6" thanks to jump packs which puts them both back in their own deployment zone!

* Tactical Notes

Ok when Kris sent his Angels bounding down at me I was hoping to kill a single squad of meltas and prepared to lose a tank next turn to his surviving melta squad, I did what I wanted by taking out all melta weapons in that Honour Guard as 4 meltaguns are worse than 2! Though having that Assault Squad fail morale and run away is just icing on the cake!

So now I have zero threats on my door step, which is good. I'm expecting Kris to roll out with his melta again and come back at me with two melta units (he kept one back) and start kicking ass. I'll gun these down when they arrive and continue to put pressure on the left flank taking out as many Marines as I can before moving in.

Turn 2

Only movement from Blood Angels is the flamer Assault Squad getting extremely poor difficult terrain movement as he moves them into terrain to get cover. That's all the movement from Angels!

Shooting krak rockets fire at the Leman Russ and score crew stunned, so no firing for that in my turn! Krak rockets smash into the Hellhounds but I get cover due to placing one vehicle behind terrain, ends up with crew shaken after mass krak rocket attack.

I don't do a lot of movement myself crawling the Hellhounds up along with the Veteran Chimera behind, the shaken Hound pops smoke leaving the other to fire. The Valkyrie not in terrain moves out following the vehicle convoy up the board.

I fire two Demolisher templates and two multi lasers at the flamer Assault Squad and wipe them out. I fire mass blast templates from Valkyries at a Dev squad on the top floor of the Angel objective ruin, they take some kills and fail morale falling back 12", only two of them remain. I fire the operational Hellhound at the other Dev squad killing one Marine, they pass morale ok.

* Tactical Notes

Ok I'm really shocked that Kris didn't barrel roll his Angels back at me but this time sending three units, the Librarian to get the 5+ cover and the other two melta units he has remaining. Sure I would have fired at them again but the Russ was out of action and using that ruin in front of me he would have got 4+ cover. Instead he brought nothing out of his deployment zone leaving a single unit for me to target, sure that unit wasn't a threat but it's the only thing I can fire at and that unit got punished for it by being wiped out along with the attached Chaplain and Priest.

I'm also lucky another squad failed morale, with those missile launchers out of LOS they will need to move several turns to get back into position which will stop them from firing.

My plan now is to roll up the Leman Russ, Demolisher and both CCS in formation and sweep along the Angels deployment. Sure this will put me in melta range but I'll use the Chimeras to shield the big tanks and pop smoke on them, I want those big tanks firing next turn.

Turn 3

Kris' Dev squad regroups and moves through terrain putting them on the bottom floor. That's all the movement.

Shooting krak missiles fire at the Leman Russ again but do no damage. Krak missiles fire at a Valkyrie and do no damage.

In my turn I attempt to move the Demolisher through terrain, it gets immobilised. I move one CCS Chimera up against a ruin hoping to use plasma next turn. I move the other CCS Chimera through terrain and that gets immobilised too! Hellhounds, Chimera and Valkyrie shuffle up the board some more.

In my shooting turn the Leman Russ fires at the melta Assault Squad which was deployed on my left flank and not moved all game, it scatters and hits two but they pass cover saves ok. Hellhound fires at the Dev squad on the first floor of the Angel objective ruin, they are all killed with help from a Valkyrie.

*Tactical Notes

Short turn this one. Again I am surprised Kris hasn't come back out to get me, his meltas are just sitting there and doing nothing and letting his krak rockets pink of my armour 14. Bad idea. At the moment he's letting me come to him and I guess he'll then pounce, but if I keep chipping him down he won't have a lot left to pounce!

I'm a bit gutted I've immobilised two tanks this turn myself. These would have been useful moving up as a armoured column and blasting at the Angels from a far. At least my objective is well secured I guess!

Plan this turn is to start sniping that Librarian and Priest Kris has left out in the open, providing he doesn't move them and ok they're not doing a lot but its the only targets besides Devs. I'll put more pressure on the right flank and in turn 5 I'll turbo boost both Valkyries and contest.

Turn 4

Dev squad which ran away few turns ago move up through terrain and back to the position they started in.

Shooting krak missiles pound the Hellhounds and score weapon destroyed. Krak missiles smash into a Valkyrie but score no damage. Leman Russ takes more krak rockets and strugs them off.

My movement turn I move the last operational CCS Chimera into terrain, and guess what, it gets immobilised! The squad bails out and runs getting LOS on the Librarian for next turn. I move the Hounds and Chimera up along with the Valkyrie.

Shooting the plasma CCS out the Chimera blast at the exposed Librarian and Priest, after cover saves the Priest is dead and Librarian is wounded. The Hounds blast flamer at the ground floor plasma Assault Squad with inferno cannon and two heavy flamers, but only two Marines die. Meltas fire from the supporting Chimera along side the Hellhound, though only one Dev Marine fails cover leaving one standing who passes morale after been bombed by Valkyries. Leman Russ blasts the Devs on top of the ruin on my left flank along with support from a flamer Chimera multi laser, blast scatters and multi lasers fails to do any damage.

*Tactical Notes

Ok I've immobilised another one of my tanks making my own tank stuck in the mud score 3, that's more than Kris has done and he's meant to be killing my toy soliders! lol!

Plan is simple. Blast the Devs and keep pressure on the Angel objective.

Turn 5

Angels this turn start some movement, though its only the battered melta unit from turn 1 which move out towards the Hellhounds.

Shooting the Assault Squad pops the weapon destroyed Hound. Single missile launcher fires at the melta Chimera, it fails cover thanks to my placing and is wrecked - the vets bail out. More missiles slam into Valkyrie but do no good.

In assault, the Assault Marines immobilise and crew stun the remaining Hound.

My movement turn I move the Veterans away from the busted Chimera to get LOS on the Assault Squad which broke the Hellhound. I move the Valkyrie into the Angel objective contesting it, it passes terrain test ok. The other Valkyrie moves out of terrain ok turbo boosting and lands at the side of the ruin, contesting the objective also.

Shooting I fire the melta Veterans on foot at the Assault Marines killing two in total. Everything else in range fires at them too but leaving three remaining. Multi laser from a flamer Chimera and Leman Russ fire at the Devs, Russ scatters but multi laser kills two.

Roll to carry on the game but it ends on a 2, I win controlling my objective and contesting the Blood Angels objective.


This game went better than expected. I was really worried about the amount of krak rockets Kris has got which can do serious damage to my Chimeras and tackle the Valkyries and Hounds due to volume. In his first turn I couldn't believe how close those Angels got as well, I really was expecting a tank to get popped that turn.

Mistake wise I don't think I made any besides rolling 1's for terrain tests! I held the Valkyries back to contest the Angel objective which worked, no point sending in melta Veterans as the Angels would get cover on those melta shots anyway.

I cannot say the game went well for Kris, unfortunately. The list I personally think is sound, however it's his tactics. Through out the entire game he only managed to pop two tanks and immobilise two; that's it. What Kris needs to do is be more aggressive, ok he got bad luck with those two units failing morale. Not to sound condensending here's what he should have done:

Deployment was ok, except Kris purposely put in that 5 man Assault Squad to hold objective and but never put it on the objective! Kris WTF? This is a serious brain fart moment lol.

First turn move out the Honour Guard, three melta Assault Squads and the flamer Assault Squad. I can't possibly kill all those in a single turn. He then should have send the Honour Guard at my Leman Russ, this has range, they should pop it. Then use melta units on a Demolisher and a CCS Chimera, the flamers then move in and burn the CCS - in that turn a long range threat of mine would be gone along with another blast template and a plasma unit, all high threats to the Angels.

The other plasma Assault Squad should have swept down the right flank using mobility to target weak side and rear armour, then launch a assault on the troops inside. Should have targetted the meltas in the Chimera to stop troops getting close to his objective.

The missile launchers instead of bouncing of my armour 14 and Hellhounds should have fired at those fast moving Valkyries to stop them carrying troops and claiming the objective, with the troops out his Marines could gun them down easily.

Extra two turns!

Yes you read right. We got in a few extra turns. So I got the offical win but we decided to carry on for two set turns and I'll give Kris advice.

Turn 6

With my advice Kris moves the battered melta Assault Squad behind the exposed rear of the turbo boosted Valkyrie, he moves the 10 man plasma Assault Squad out of terrain to face my Veterans on foot. He moves the 5 man Assault Squad into the Angel objective. He attached the Librarian to the last melta Assault Squad which has hid in terrain all game, these move towards the Valkyrie in terrain on the Guard objective.

Shooting the battered Assault Marines unleash melta at the rear of the Valkyrie, they immobilise it but because it turbo boost it's wrecked! Other melta unit with the Librarian pop my other Valkyrie, the 5 man Assault Squad open fire (but not the plasma gun) at the Veterans which were inside. The full plasma Assault Squad fires at the Veterans (not plasma)

In assault the 5 man Assault Squad charges the Veterans, my Veterans get killed. The battered Assault Squad charges and kills a few Guard and loses a single Marine, combat remains on. My Veterans on foot which just got shot get assaulted and get killed.

In my turn I everything I can at the plasma unit which killed my Veterans and wipe them out. I fire a few multi lasers at the Devs on the left flank but no kills. Leman Russ fires at the Librarian with the melta unit, but scatters and misses.

In combat my Veterans take more wounds but manage to kill those Marines in combat, they consolidate towards the Angel objective and contest it.

*Tactical Notes

Ok, so not to blow my own horn but Kris has practically killed nearly half my army in a single turn with my advice compared to him doing hardly anything to me over 5 turns. He has taken out both Valkyries so no armour protection for them and two troop units, one remains, but I'm sure won't last long.

Turn 7

With more of my advice Kris moves his full melta unit around to target those Veterans, he moves the 5 man plasma unit to support and a solo Marine from someone - perhaps I didn't kill all those plasma Assault Marines previous turn then, ah well.

Shooting full melta unit fires at the Guard along with a frag missile from above and the solo SGT. Only a few Guardsmen remaing. Kris runs the 5 man Assault Squad hoping to get back onto his objective but gets 1, it gets him in range though so now contesting his objective now - when he moved he didn't contest at all, I claimed!

Not a lot of shooting from me, I snipe multi lasers at the melta unit but nothing after feel no pain rolls at the Devs take more multi laser fire but still stand. The Leman Russ fires at the full melta Assault unit with the Librarian but scatters and misses.

In combat by Guard bite the dust, Kris consolidates onto his objective scoring a drawing.

So offical win for me, but spirit draw for Kris ;)
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