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Another game with Justicar Alaric. This time the hammer of the Emperor!

Imperial Guard "Steel Lions" - 2,000 points


1 x Company Command Squad w/ Chimera - 3 x plasma guns & medi-kit

1 x Company Command Squad w/ Chimera - 3 x plasma guns & medi-kit


Veterans - 3 x meltaguns

Veterans - 3 x meltaguns

Veterans w/ Chimera - 3 x meltaguns

Veterans w/ Chimera - 3 x flamers

Veterans w/ Chimera - 3 x flamers

Fast Attack

1 x Valkyrie - multiple missile pods

1 x Valkyrie - multiple missile pods

2 x Hellhounds - heavy flamers

Heavy Support

1 x Leman Russ - heavy flamer

1 x Leman Russ Demolisher - heavy flamer

1 x Leman Russ Demolisher - heavy flamer

Total: 1995

Blood Angels - 2,000 points


Librarian - combi weapon + bloodlance

Honour Guard - jump packs + 4 x plasma guns


1 x Sanguinary Priest - jump pack


10 x Assault Marines - 2 x meltguns & power fist

10 x Assault Marines - 2 x meltguns & power fist

10 x Tactical Marines - flamer & heavy bolter

10 x Tactical Marines - unknown weapon & missile launcher

Heavy Support

10 x Devastators - 2 x plasma cannons & 2 x missile launchers

10 x Devastators - 2 x missile launchers & 2 lascannons

Game: Pitched Battle & Seize Ground


I won the roll off and I went second which gives me that extra turn to capture objectives if that makes sense.

Objectives were laid down so three my side in the administratum ruin, factorum ruin and shrine ruin while the Angels had place their chosen objectives in the basilica ruin & machine shrine ruins. All ruins where 12" from the board edge and in our own deployment zones.

Angels splits Devastators into combat squads along with the Tacticals. A Dev squad with 2 missiles drop in the basilica ruin with support from a Tact squad with the unknown special split into two combat squads. In a small centre ruin a heavy bolter combat squad from a Tactical Squad takes the upper floor while the plasma Devs take the bottom; the flamer half of the combat squad deplys near a crater in open terrain. All the rest units without jump packs deploy on the machine shrine ruin with Assault Marines and Librarian and Honour Guard deploying by the basilica and the other Assault Squad with the Priest down the flank of the machine shrine ruin.

I deployed putting Veterans in Chimeras by all my objectives, a Valkyrie had deployed by the shrine ruin while the other Valkyrie deployed by the administratum ruin along side the Russ. All other tanks deployed on the left half of the board as I prepared to focus on another objective and the squads on the centre small ruin.

*Tactical Notes

An Assault Squad without the Priest has deployed in direct range of my Russ. If they do not move into cover next turn they hopefully will be blown to pieces. I will move the bulk of my force up towards the basilica objective in a pincer formation with a bulk going head on while the heavy Demolishers flank around with plasma support from a CCS.

Target priority is the melta Assault Marines and the Devs once I get into range with all those missile launchers. I'll have to use my armour wisely to get cover.

Turn 1

The Assault Squad my Russ can see moves in front of the basilica in direct LOS of my entire army more or less in the left side of the board. The Honour Guard move behind the basilica. The Assault Squad on my right flank starts to move down. The flamer combat squad moves a crater for cover.

Shooting a Demolishers gets shot by lascannons but no damage. A single Hellhound suffers crew stunned, which is shaken thanks to squadrons rules. I think that's about it.

In my turn I move the Veterans in a Chimera a bit closer to the administratum objective as they was out of range. I keep the standard Russ where it is and the Valkyrie supporting it. All other tanks besides those taking objectives move forward, though I use one Demolisher to shield another.

The Russ fires and hits the Assault Squad killing majority of them. One Hellhound fires at the same Assault Squad but they cling in though the Valkyrie bombs them with missiles and they still hold on, they stick around after passing the leadership test - I think they have about 3 left! One demolisher fires at the plasma Devs combat squad and kills all but 2, they fail morale and fall back nearly off the board! The second Demolisher fires at the heavy bolter combat squad but it scatters and misses. The other Valkyrie rains down missiles on the Assault Squad on the right flank but only manages to kill a single Blood Angel.

* Tactical Notes

So a melta Assault Squad totalled but they're not done for :( I'm going to carry on pushing and hold the Valkyries back and then on turn 5 I'll turbo boost them forward and either claim or contest those objectives.

Turn 2

The battered Assault Squad moves behind the tower ruin in the centre. Honour Guard move out towards the pair of Hellhounds. Plasma Dev combat squad auto regroups thanks to ATSKNF. Assault Marines on the right flank press down towards the shrine objective.

Shooting a Hellhound takes another crew shaken result and the Valkyrie on the right flank gets shot by melta but nothing happens. Demolisher gets shot at by lascannons but nothing happens again.

In my movement turn I move a Hellhound into cover, it becomes immobilised the other moves fine. A CCS moves into terrain and gets immobilised too. The other CCS moves from behind the tower and behind the Hellhound squad. A Demolisher flanks around the tower and aims at the battered Assault Squad point blank range. The Russ and supporting Valkyrie hold position while the Valkyrie on the right flank moves back towards my table edge.

Shooting the Demolisher fires as the Assault Squad but scatters and does no damage. The other Demolisher fires at the heavy bolter combat squad but only kills one after lucky cover saves. Russ fires at missile Devs by the basilica objective and kills one after cover saves. Hellhound, CCS and Valkyrie unload at the Honour Guard and Librarian leaving just a wounded Librarian and the Priest alive - the squad passes morale. Valkyrie on the right flank drop more missile blasts but I don't think kills any this time.

*Tactical Notes

Damn! That Assault Squad failed to be destroyed, they have dual meltas and I reckon that Demolisher is toast! Glad the Honour Guard have lost all plasmas as they could be a pain in the arse flanking the weak armour of the Chimeras and Hellhounds.

Turn 3

Assault Squad on the right flank move down and come into range of the Chimera guarding the Shrine objective. Librarian and Priest just stand there I think.

Assault Squad blow up the Chimera with dual melta fire. The battered Assault Squad pops the Demolisher which missed them last turn. The Librarian fires blood lance at the far away Russ ignoring the bunched up armour and it falls short and misses. Missiles fire and score weapon destroyed on the immobilised Hellhound. More shots ring of the Demolishers armour but do nothing.

Assault Marines which popped the Chimera assault the flamer Veterans inside and kill them all after a sweeping advance on the survivors.

In my turn I move the Russ up and the Valkyrie follows. The CCS move up in their Chimera ready to dispense plasma death while the other CCS moves out into terrain no the manufactrum objective. Valkyrie on the right flank moves into the right table corner ready to fire at the Assault Marines now claiming the objective.

The CCS in the Chimera rains down plasma on the Librarian and Priest from the H.G squad killing both of them. The battered Assault Squad gets blown to pieces by the remaining Demolisher revenge from popping it's supporting unit. Hellhound fires at a combat squad on the basilica objective and kills a single Space Marine while the Russ fire at the missile Dev on the ground floor leaving two remaining; they pass morale. The Valkyrie fires at the top squad too but scores no kills after saves.

* Tactical Notes

I'm starting to clear up the Angels but sad to see a Demolisher go, it would have come in use clearing out the squads on the basilica objective and or any supporting units close by. I have lost one objective but I claim two, so I'm now losing but if I clear the basilica objective then job done.

Turn 4

No movement from the Angels this turn, everything holds position.

Shooting the lascannons hit home on the Demolisher and wreck the turret leaving it just to burn things with the heavy flamer. CCS in terrain gets bombed by frag missiles killing two plasma gun Guardsmen after cover and feel no pain saves. Assault Squad on the shrine objective fire meltaguns at the Valkyrie on the right flank and crew shaken it thanks to extra armour. I attempt to tank shock the flamer combat squad out of terrain but they pass morale.

Guard turn I move the CCS Chimera forward and is at the foot of the basilica ruin. I move the Russ forward and the Valkyrie follows. Valkyrie on the right flank remains in position but the melta Veterans inside bail out ready to unleash lasguns of pain!

Shooting the CCS gun down the Dev missile squad in terrain in a attempt to start clearing the basilica objective. The Russ, Valkyrie and Hellhound fire at the combat squad claiming the objective, the Russ shot scatters and lands on a missile combat squad behind and kills all but one after cover saves - the solo Marine passes cover saves while another Blood Angel from the squad on the objective is killed but they pass morale also. Melta Veterans out the Valkyrie on the right flank managed to melt a Angel with a meltagun possibly kill another.

* Tactical Notes

I'm starting to clear out the objective now so that's going well and I did plan to use plasma guns to kill the Assault Squad but shame I lost so many, at least the melta Veterans killed some. If I gun these down I'll reclaim the objective. Oh, that tank shock was sort of pointless I planned to get them out of terrain and the Russ blow them up but target priority should and was the squad on the objective and the flamer squad wasn't doing me any harm - I should have just turn and burnt them.

Turn 5

Flamer combat squad moves out of terrain in effort to support those on the basilica objective but don't move that far. Assault Squad moves through terrain to make sure they get cover saves.

Shooting Valkyrie supporting the Russ takes a missile shot but is fine. Plasma cannons fires and hit the CCS Chimera making it explode, I lose a plasma gunner in the explosion.

In my movement turn I get the melta Veterans in the Valkyrie and they move 6" and contest the shrine objective. I move the CCS through terrain ready to gun down the combat squad on the basilica objective.

I issue the reroll cover save order and first rank fire to the CCS itself on the basilica objective but I forget to issue orders for the other CCS - doh! CCS on the basilica fire at the combat squad and kill them with plasma shots with support from the Hellhound. Russ fires and hits the flamer combat squad leaving just two remaining, they pass morale ok. Valkyrie fires at the single Space Marine from the other combat squad in the basilica ruin (but not with 3") but it fails to polish him off. CCS in the manufactorum ruin fires at the Assault Marines but only kills 1 leaving a total of 4 remaining now.

At this point we roll to continue and the game ends on a 2+. Guard win by claiming two objectives and contesting two while the Angels hold one objective and contest one.


A few mistakes I made, one was when I was writing this report is that the immobilised Hellhound should have been destroyed because in a squadron, this could have been different because I put damaged results on the immoblised one but it also held the other Hellhound back - how dumb! I also did that pointless tank shock and I forgot to mention in my report that tank get immobilised in the next turn. Other than that I think it was ok, I had the advantage by claiming three objectives from when the game started and I used my force to move and claim another one albeit I lost one in the process but I managed to contest it so I denied it to the Angels.

A few mistakes by Justicar too. The Assault Squad which I blown to pieces first turn shouldn't have used jump packs and moved into terrain instead, then next turn let my close in and then pop out with meltaguns - those meltas should have been used to destroy Russ variants from then on. The problem in the list as there was a lot of troops but they was static, only two had movement and with one down it only left one to hold a objective in my deployment area and then the squads to hold objectives but if one objective fell others had little movement abilitiy to move in and claim it. I personally would have taken mass Rhinos if taking Tactical Squads, at least no Death Company this time and I think the army did better without them ;)
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