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I've always like the idea of several single operatives supporting the troops with surgical precison so i came up with an idea for them.

Imperial Guard Commando

F.O.C: Elites

Points: 50

WS 4
BS 4
S 3
T 3
W 2
I 3
A 2
Ld 9
Sv +4

Composition: 1 Commando

Unit Type: Infantry


Carapace Armour
Hot-shot Lasgun
Hot-shot Laspistol
Frag Grenades
Krak Grenades
Close Combat Weapon

Special Rules:


Lightweight Sniper Rifle:


Range: 24”
Strength: X
AP: 3
Type: Assault 1, Sniper

R.R.G (Rapid Fire Rail Gun)


Range: 18”
Strength: 6
Ap: 3
Type: Assault 4, Rending


The commando may exchange his close combat weapon and/or Hot-shot laspistol and/or Hot-shot lasgun for:

Bolter or bolt pistol………Free
Grenade Launcher………5 points
Power Weapon…………..10 points
Melta Gun………………...10 points
Plasma Gun………………15 points
Power Fist………………...15 points
Lightweight Sniper Rifle…15 points
R.R.G…………………... 20 points

May take:

Melta Bombs……….5 points
Demolition Charge…25 points
Jump Pack………….15 points

Right go tear it to shreads! :victory:

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I know what you mean but think about it.

You can only have one marbo

you can have three of these buggers... with JUMP PACKS!

I have got a seperate sheet for a HQ one but want to see peoples opinions on the normal ones.

Oh and is this pretty much balanced?

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Repetition by the way is single fire ;).

Points have already been brought up. And Assault Sniper Rifle, not too sure. Sounds like a bit too much FPS games and Hollywood. Assault is to suggest it can be fired when running full pelt without too much loss in accuracy. Move and fire a sniper rifle not zeroed in will require you to adjust your aim for gravity, wind, and coreolis effect, which takes a couple of seconds to do at best. Yes, you can wing it, but should you miss, you're gonna get ribbed to fuck. Sniper Teams (spotter and shooter) can't even move and fire from pre-planned firing points with a fully mapped out black brain notebook - they need to aim.

Look at the Assault weapons you have - Shotguns - buckshot spray, Grenade Launchers - fragmentation area weapons, Flamers - huge sheets of oil on fire, Ork Shootaz - well, this is more a representation of the state of mind, rather than ability of the weapons.

Heavy Weapons aren't always super heavy bolters too bulky to accurately fire on the move, they can be "too" accurate to fire on the move - i.e sniper rifles.


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*hands up* Fair enough about the sniper rifle, just thinking about that they could run to a position, quickly crouch, cover Etc. and quickly aim but you've got me there Vaz. I didn't want it Heavy but not rapid fire either (a two shot sniper rifle at Ap 3 is slightly overpowered)

And i think i'll just go change the Repetition bit now...
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