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Thanks a bunch LongBeard, I could have known that simply by
having a closer look at the description given for grenadier; 'are
combined into elite formations and receive superior training that is
equal of that provided to storm troopers'

So I stand corrected

But now I have to decide what list I'm going to use, I want to use
some of those excellent forgeworld traitors. I remembered how
unreliable lost&damned traitors were. So I was thinking about using
a combined list:

Alpha Legion (numbers are maximum allowed and only infantry, no vehicles)
1 HQ
1 Elites
3 Troops
1 Fast Atack
1 Heavy Support

Traitor Guard using doctrines (again numbers are maximum allowed)
1 HQ
1 Elites
3 Troops
1 Fast Attack
2 Heavy Support

This will be a project just for fun, because I have the cash to buy forgeworld
stuff and Indra from astro is going to help me out with the annoyance that FW
doesn't take creditcard from Holland. So the list will be a friendly one just build
for the hell of it, but the new question is now;

Would you play against a combined and restricted list as described above? (each 'force' will hopefully be 1000pst.)

Thanks in advance guys!

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That was indeed the idea, I was planning to get back to some more
serious gaming (well as serious as gaming can get with my legendary
back luck :wink:).

At the same time I don't want to give up my 'dark quest' to get an
army for each of the old chaos legions. So I'll be able to build 2 different
armies of 1000 pst., while at the same time they would make for a very
nice visual and fluff joined force.

Luckily enough the few people that still game in my area are all complete
nutters like me, so I'm certain they would allow a joined list. I just
wanted to check what others (that is where all you guys come in) think
about this idea and also if you think the restrictions I'll be putting on
myself would be fair towards other players. (I'll put up a more worked
out version and list in a bit)

Nevermind about fairness to me, I'm a fluff player anyway. That and the
only way I'm going to win more than 2 games in a row would be to build
a chaos alter, sacrifice all my dice and summon an actual daemon to do
off with my opponents. And with my luck it would probably turn on me
after it finishes with them, allowing my still breathing opponent to
claim a draw right before his/her and my demise :wink:
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