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Devestators w/ lascannon, 2x rockets and a multimelta =170
Having weapons with ranges so different isn't a good idea, to my mind. If you do have several more bodies, I'd advise you to give 2 ML to tacticals and build a third Tac squad with either MM or Lascannon - the points would be nearly the same, but you'd get fire-splitting and some variants for target-choosing.

Normal Termies x6 = 240
Without both transport (or Rhino-propelled teleport homer) and a heavy gun (Cyclone or Assault Cannon) they aren't much threat both in CC (can be evaded) and in firefight (soak/evade/armor save - whatever).

Plasma pistol
Digital weps =125
What is his place on the battlefield? What squad with?

It has too little heavy weapons to be a proper gunline and is too slow to be something else. Maybe the list is built of lefotver models but it's perspective isn't too good, I'm afraid.
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