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Had a game with Dave (Digimmortal) against his Tyranids. Dave has been getting back into the game as of late and still fine tuning his Tyranid list and doing different tactics.

Imperial Fists "Perturabo Hunters" - 2,000 points


Librarian terminator armour, storm shield & nullzone


5 x Assault Terminators 3 x thunder hammers & 2 x lightning claws

5 x Assault Terminators 5 x thunder hammers


10 x Tactical Marines w/ Rhino 1 x flamer, 1 x missile launcher - rhino w/ hunter killer missile

10 x Tactical Marines w/ Rhino 1 x meltagun, 1 x missile launcher - sgt w/ combi melta - rhino w/ hunter killer missile

10 x Tactical Marines w/ Rhino 1 x meltagun, 1 x missile launcher - sgt w/ combi melta - rhino w/ hunter killer missile

Fast Attack

1 x Land Speeder multi melta & heavy flamer

1 x Land Speeder multi melta & heavy flamer

Heavy Support

1 x Land Raider Crusader 1 x multi melta

1 x Land Raider Crusader 1 x multi melta

1 x Predator autocannon, lascannons

Total: 1,995

Tyranids - 2,000 points


Hive Tyrant - scything talons, heavy venom cannon, armoured shell, regeneration, psychic scream & leech essence




2 x Zoanthropes w/ Myceptic Spore


3 x Warriors - venom cannon & 2 x deathspitters

3 x Warriors - rending claws, toxin sacs & adrenal glands

18 x Genestealers

20 x Hormagaunts - toxin sacs

30 x Termagants - fleshborers

3 x Rippers

Fast Attack

3 x Raveners

Heavy Support

Trygon - adrenal glands

Carnifex - heavy venom cannon, scything talons & regeneration


Game: Seize Ground + Pitched Battle


I lost the roll off (again!) so Dave chose to go first so he can charge earlier. He deployed his ranged Warriors in the large shrine ruin with Raveners behind a ruin on my left flank. Along the centre of his deployment zone he put the Hormgaunts screening the combat Warriors, then in a ruin the Carnifex. On the right flank Dave deployed the Tyrant, Trygon and Termagants behind a ruin.

I deployed my army splitting my units into combat squads putting all 3 missile launcher squads close to an objective. I then put the rest of my forces on the right flank which can deal with one half of his army and ignoring the Raveners and some of the ranged Warriors fire power along with possibly the foot Warriors too.

We placed objectives one in a factory ruin, one in the open in front of the shrine, one in a black ruin and the other just in front of my missile launchers squads.

* Tactical Notes

Ok I've put my army on one flank which means a small part of Dave's force will be out of action. I'm going to use the Speeders to zoom up and knock some wounds off that Carnifex ready for the all Hammnator unit to roll up and assault the crap out of it. I'll use the Predator, Land Raider Crusader and Librarian with Terminators to multi assault the Trygon and Hive Tyrant.

Turn 1

Dave starts to move out his Hormagaunts out and claims the objective in front of the shrine ruin. He moves units on my right flank into terrain, his Tyrant I cannot draw sight too and his Trygon will get cover.

Shooting he blasts his Biovore at my combat squads and scores two wounds, the venom cannon from the Warriors blast at them too, unlucky my wounded squad fails and runs off 9" so not off the table, luckily. HVC from the Carnifex has a pop at the oncoming Hammernator Crusader but does nothing.

In my turn I move the double Speeders 12" and they get LOS on the Carnifex through the windows and can see majoritg of the big beast. Librarian Crusader rolls up 12" through terrain ok with Rhinos following behind. Squad which failed morale regroups and moves back towards the terrain piece. Hammernator Crusader moves 6" so can fire all weapons at the Hormagaunts to thin them out in case of a counter assault next turn.

Shooting I blast the Carnifex with multi meltas from the Speeders scoring two wounds. I blast the Trygon with hunter killers, Predator, Crusader multi meltas and krak rockets and it lives with a single wound thanks to cover saves. I use the Hammernator Crusader to thin the Hormagaunts a little bit, but they get cover as it can only see half the unit.

* Tactical Notes

Ok a good start by wounding that Trygon but I wish it was dead, took a lot of fire power.

One mistake, Space Marines can move normally when they auto regroup thanks to ATSKNF!

Next I'm going to polish off that Trygon with the Speeders, I'll roll the Crusader up with the Librarian and upload into the Hive Tyrant and Termagants and start hacking them down. The other Crusader I'll roll up into the Carnifex and show it some hammer time as the missile launcher squads will thin down the Hormagaunts with frags.

Turn 2

Dave calls for reserves with a single Lictor and Genestealers coming in. The Lictor appears in terrain on my left flank away from everything, probably not the best place...Genestealers appear on my right flank by my mass of armour, not good.

Dave rolls for his regen on his Carnifex and makes it, w00t!! Movement he sends the Trygon to it's doom against the oncoming Land Raider as the Hive Tyrant bunkers down with Termagant support. Hormagaunts and Warriors move through terrain and claim the factory objective. Genestealers move ready to assault my armour.

Carnifex blasts the oncoming Crusader and manages to stun it. Tyrant blasts a Speeder, it scatters hits a Rhino and shakes it. Warriors and Biovore fire at the combat squads again, Biovore scores another wound! Termagants fleshborer a Speeder breaking off the heavy flamer.

In assault the mass 'Stealers multi charge my armour. One Rhino is fine, Predator is immobilised and loses the autocannon and one other Rhino takes weapon destroyed - could have been a lot worse! Trygon assaults my Land Raider and makes it go boom!

In my turn I move my Terminators now on foot around the Trygon and run them towards the Tyrant but they're miles away. I draw back one Speeder to deal with the Genestealers while the other goes for the Carnifex with the multi melta. I tank shock the Stealers with a Rhino as they've surrounded it and auto hit isn't cool, other Rhinos move, one goes through terrain ok and pops smoke. Remaining Crusader moves 12" towards the Carnifex, Hammernators bail out.

Shooting I blast the Trygon and it disappears. I burn the Genestealers with the Speeder and squad inside a Rhino and blast every bolter as them I can, about half the unit is left. I think I drop some frags on them too. Multi melta Speeder puts another wound on the Carnifex.

In assault my Hammernators charge and smash the Carnifex to pieces.

*Tactical Notes

Ok, bummer I lost a Crusader which would have been nice to get my Terminators close to the Hive Tyrant, though the Trygon is dead anyway. The Carnifex is also down which means little anti tank fire and the Biovore is in the same ruin too so it's next to die.

Plan next is to get that Hive Tyrant and thin out the Termagants. I'll start moving some units to the black ruin to get an objective as it's turn 3 next and I've only got one.

Turn 3

Dave calls for reserves with the second Lictor and Zoanthropes coming in. Lictor pops in terrain on the factory objective and the Zoanthropes come at the base of the combat squad ruin. Rippers appear at the rear of the missile combat squad ruin.

Little movement from Dave this turn, 'Stealers go to assault the Rhino that did the tank shock. Tyrant comes out as going to die anyway so may as well get the charge.

Shooting Tyrant fires at the Terminators, it scatters and hits the Rhino which did the tank shock and stuns it again. Termagants blast the Speeder again but just shake it. Warriors fire at the combat squads, I think all is ok and the Biovore blasts the Terminators in it's face but does nothing. Zoanthropes fire at the flamer combat squad Rhino and pop it, I disembark them into terrain.

In assault the Tyrant charges the Librarian and Terminators, one Terminator is dead but so is the Tyrant, Terminators consolidate back to deal with Genestealers next turn. Stealers assault the stunned Rhino and immobilise it.

In my movement I move the Crusader around ready to blast some Hormagaunt. I move the Librarian and Terminators towards the Genestealers. I get the squad out the stunned Rhino ready to dispense bolter death as the operational Speeders moves to burn them. I move the flamer combat squad and run them onto the black ruin objective. I move the shaken Speeder onto the black ruin objective also.

Shooting I blast the Genestealers to dust, and unleash a frag at Daves Rippers which appeared behind the combat squad ruin. I blast the Zoanthropes with krak rockets and bolters and kill them both.

In assault I charge and kill the Biovore.

*Tactical Notes

Ok cool, Daves anti armour units are all destroyed except the Zoanthropes and they cannot tackle the amount of armor left.

Next turn I'll assault those Termagants but thin them out with flamer first from the squad on the objective. I'll send the Hammernators to the Warriors on foot and dish them some pain out, maybe mass assault the Hormagaunts too, maybe not before dropping some frags down.

Turn 4

Dave moves his Termagants onto the black ruin objective contesting it. He starts to move his Raveners and supporting Lictor closer to the combat squad ruin. The Rippers go for the already beaten combat squad at the rear which failed morale first turn.

Shooting turn the Termagants wipe out the flamer combat squad to a man, the solo Marine passes morale! Rippers blast and kill a Marine with spinefists.

In assault Termagants fail to assault the solo Marine, thankfully. Rippers charge the Space Marines and some how manage to kill them....gulp! Raveners manage to charge a combat squad on the top floor result is draw in combat. Lictor and Warriors charge my Hammernators, Lictor gets smashed only two Warriors left but I lose a Terminator

In my fourth turn I move the Librarian and Terminators towards the Termagants in a attempt to assault them and pull them off the objective. I move a squad out a the Rhino towards the Rippers ready to gun them down. I turbo boost the operational Land Speeder towards the factory ruin as the Land Raider pivots to target more gribblies inside.

Shooting Librarian uses avenger power and burns 4 Termagants. Crusader lets rip on the Hormagaunts.

In assault Terminators and Librarian charge the Termagants and batter them, they're out of synapse and fail morale which leads to them being chopped down, bye-bye Termagants! Hammernators lose a member but smash the Warriors and consolidate towards the Hormagaunts. Space Marines engage Rippers tying them up so they cannot contest the objective, other two combat squads engage Raveners killing one and putting two wounds on another, combat remains on.

* Tactical Notes

Ok I'm glad those Termagants have gone so I claim the black ruin objective, but rules mess up Terminators cannot sweeping advance, however it doesn't matter as the unit was under half strength and would have fallen back and not done anything anyway.

Plan is to thin the Hormagaunts out, charge them with the Hammernators and possibly kill them - if I can I'll get the other Terminator unit into the fight. Just need to finish off that Spore Pod, Rippers and Raveners.

Turn 5

Not a lot of movement from Dave, he just moves the Hormagaunts out of terrain ready to engage the Hammernators, better to charge than be charged and he could wipe them out.

Warriors fire at the Hammernators and kill one!

In assault Hormagaunts charge and kill the Hammernators, they consolidate back onto the factory objective. Ripper and Space Marine fight rages on, Raveners win combat, one squad stays locked in the fight while other squad falls back.

My turn, I move the Terminators towards the Hormagaunts put won't get into assault. I reposition the Land Speeder to burn better. Marines in my deployment zone move out with melta in hand ready to nuke the Spore.

Shooting Crusader and Speeder fire at the Hormagaunts but fail to kill them all. Marines nuke the Spore with a meltagun shot.

In assault only a single Ripper swarm left, Marines which fell back charge the Raveners but a single Ravener remains to contest the objective.

* Tactical Notes

Bummer Hormagaunts live, they won't next turn though! Damn Ravener and Ripper still goes on, I'll send that Marine squad which just killed the Spore into the Ravener fight and make sure it's dead.

Turn 6

We roll for turn 6 and it doesn't happen. Space Marines win controlling one objective and contesting 2, while Tyranids contest 2 objectives.


That was a closer game than I expected, Dave is getting better and more used to his Tyranids. A few mistakes by Dave though, his first Lictor wasn't put in the right place which meant it was out the fight - would have been better putting it in terrain by my combat squad objective which means I'd have to deal with it. He also would have been better putting the ranged Warriors on the first floor of the shrine ruin as he would still have gone LOS and that objective near the shrine he could have claimed near the end of the game and forced a draw. HIs list is getting better but could do with a few more tweaks and things sorting out, another Trygon would be great along with some Hive Guard. I also don't think that many Genestealers are needed, perhaps split them or drop them and get more Raveners, Raveners are pretty cool especially with rending claws ;)

A few mistakes of my own. First was not realising Marines can move normally, my excuse is I haven't played with them for a bit and I remembered from games with Justicar Alaric. Second mistake was Terminators cannot sweeping advance but this doesn't matter as those Termagants would have fell back and because under half strength wouldn't have regrouped and just kept falling back.
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