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Hello my first time leading an rp... Scary right馃榿
Anywho info follows:

Basicly we will have a tactical squad and a centurion devastator squad of 3 including the sergeant.

Tactical squad

captain: Marneus Thorn (carrick1995)

Veteran sergeant:

Special weapon:

Heavy weapon

Battle brother:

Battle brother:

Battle brother:

Battle brother:

Battle brother:

Battle brother:

Battle brother:

Centurion Devastator squad

Centurion Sergeant:



Weapons for tatical squad:

Bolt pistol
Plasma gun (special weapon only)
Flamer (special weapon only)
Melta gun (special weapon only)
Heavy bolter (heavy weapon only)
Lascannon (heavy weapon only)
Missile launcher (heavy weapon only)
Power weapons (captain and sergeant only)
(If you have a weapon that's acceptable then feel free to use it :). )

Other weapons can be "commandeered" or "found"

Centurions weapons

Hurricane bolter chest mounted

X2 twin-linked heavy bolters

X2 twin-linked Lascannons

Grav-cannon and grav-amp.






Role preference/ leadership role:



The squads will be currently aboard a thunder hawk awaiting deployment to a world overrun with the ork menace To reinforce there brothers at a last ditched attempt
To hold off the orks mass deployment isn't possible due to the main force at lock heads with the ork war boss and his forces.

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Hmmm hope this takes off it seems interesting.



Appearance:(not sure how much you want here kind of new to this) Dark haired, dark-eyed, below average height for an astartes


Role Preference:Anything honestly

Loadout: Bolter

Personality: Very stoic takes things, as they come. Trains his marksmanship religiously.

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Great stuff hope to see more people guess I better go next

Name:Marneus Thorn

Age :189

Appearance: tall, broad shoulders and fairly stocky, has a bionic right arm due to chain axe wound, minor scars on the face his face is fairly chiseled and defined with jet black hair styled like some sort of drill sergeant.

Loadout: thunder hammer and bolt pistol, frag and krak grenades.

Role: company captain

Personality: marneus is a task master working his men hard and is a true patriot, yet he still care about the well being of his brothers willing to lend aid and lead from the front were he can.

Skills: proficent with close quater weapons and against the orks, not a bad shot but preferres getting up close. He can also fly the aircraft of the imperium with some skill.
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