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Hi guys, iv not played 40k for 10-12 years, i recently got out some models i bought a few years ago and never got to grips with! Imperial fist is the plan, i like armies to look like armies/balanced/non silly! Not bothered about winning tournaments but at the same time i want to stand a chance!

Below in black is what i own already!
in red is what im considering buying to fill the gaps in my force



Librarian, Terminator armour

Chaplain, Jetpack

Master of the forge
4 man Servitor squad, 2 servo arms, 2 heavy bolters


10 Man Tactical squad, Heavy bolter, triple option magnetized special weapon, various mag sergent options + mag Razor/rhino

10 man Tactical squad, same as above....

5 Man Scout squad, Heavy bolter, various mag sergent options + Land speeder


Dreadnaught, Various options

5 Man Terminator assault squad, Mag for either option

Fast Attack

5 Man Assault squad, jet packs, various mag sergent options

Heavy Support

5 Man Devastator squad, 2 Lascannons, 2 Missile launchers, Various sergent options

3 man Devastator Centurion squad, mag for all the options


Stormraven, mag for all options

Any advice would be appreciated
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