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Hi guys, iv not played 40k for 10-12 years, i recently got out some models i bought a few years ago and never got to grips with! Imperial fist is the plan, i like armies to look like armies/balanced/non silly! Not bothered about winning tournaments but at the same time i want to stand a chance!

Below in black is what i own already!
in red is what im considering buying to fill the gaps in my force



Librarian, Terminator armour

Chaplain, Jetpack

Master of the forge
4 man Servitor squad, 2 servo arms, 2 heavy bolters


10 Man Tactical squad, Heavy bolter, triple option magnetized special weapon, various mag sergent options + mag Razor/rhino

10 man Tactical squad, same as above....

5 Man Scout squad, Heavy bolter, various mag sergent options + Land speeder


Dreadnaught, Various options

5 Man Terminator assault squad, Mag for either option

Fast Attack

5 Man Assault squad, jet packs, various mag sergent options

Heavy Support

5 Man Devastator squad, 2 Lascannons, 2 Missile launchers, Various sergent options

3 man Devastator Centurion squad, mag for all the options


Stormraven, mag for all options

Any advice would be appreciated

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its a pretty good collection.. a few thoughts..
the stalker isint really that great..but if just for modelling then go for it.
storm talons are great in pairs i would suggest that..
some bikers would be good also
your abit light in the vehicle department so that needs bolstering..

but my suggestion would be to hold off buying until the next codex drops..vehicle squadrons if true youll want a lot of x vehicles..

hope that helps

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I'm not well versed in the new marine toys.

But just as an FYI: red text is reserved for mods. And black text doesn't show up well on a dark website.
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