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OK, so here is my fist crack at this homebrew fluff stuff (horrible pun). Any was, just for kicks and giggles, this a homebrew about the second legion.

This chapter is heavily influenced off of medieval Russia, also known as Kevian Rus (800 A.D. to 1250 A.D.).

NAME: Imperial Dvors
PRIMARCH: Alexandr Neveski
CHAPTER MASTER: Konstantin Vasiliev
SPECIALTY: defensive measures; counter attacking
BATTLE CRY: "For the Tsar!"

History: I still need to polish it up before posting. This includes their primarch.

Chain of command: The Tsar is the chapter master and he is in command of ten companies. Each company is lead by a Boyar. The Boyar is in charged of several commanders, a small regiment of terminators (assault or ranged), 6 tactical squads, 2 assault squads, 2 devastator squads and 3 squads of rytsar.
There is no first company. All companies have equally distributed number of troops (including terminators and vehicles). This is a practice of their philosophy in which one company needs to be ready for anything.

And here is something completely different!


TSAR (CHAPTER MASTER) - The Tsar is the title given to the chapter master of the Imperial Dvors. The title and rank is usually given to either a Boyar worthy of leading to the chapter or in some rare cases, a Tsar's Guard who has proven himself worthy (but only in a few cases). The Tsar has complete control over the legion and must adhere to the Imperial Dvor Code:

You serve mankind and the Emperor without question

You lead the chapter in the Emperor's name, not in your own personal glory.

You will have at all times 10 Boyars at the royal court

You and you troops will answer the call at any time and at any moment

You will lead the legion in the most effective and effecient way possible

If it is between civiliians or troops, you will always choose the civilians, for the troops will die protecting the civillians in the Emperor's name

Besides those, there are about another fifty other oaths to take and follow when given the title of the Tsar. If any of those oaths are broken, then the Tsar will be replaced and exiled. If any of those oaths are broken, but have legitement reason and explanation behind them, then charges will be dismissed.

BOYAR (HIGH COMMANDER) - A Boyar is a leader of a company. A Boyar is a man with countless years of experience and knowledge. Boyars often lead in campaigns that require the entire company to participate. examples of these campaigns would be a conquest of a solar system, or in a planetary defense against a large invasion force. In the end, Boyars ofter deploy Voevoda (force commander) for missions. Boyars are also responsible for recuritement for their company, promoting remarkable soldiers into other positions and being the ultimate decesion maker in their company.

VOEVODA (SERGEANT/COMMANDER) - Voevoda is the standard force commander for missions. They have all the privleges and responsibilites of other force commanders from other legions. However, rather than chooseing their own weapons, they take the tradition and honor of either using a bardchie (just like their primarch), a flail (Novak's reverend weapon) or a two handed great sword (Vladmir's reverend weapon).

DRUZHINA (TERMINATOR) - Druzhina are the terminators of the Imperial Dvors. They are equpipped with the traditional termniator weapons. However, the assault class does not use thunder hammers, lightining claws or other traditional power weapons. Instead, they utilize massive two handed power bardchies as tradition states or tear-drop storm shields with power axes. Either of these weapons prove more than a match to any combatant.

DVOR (TACTICAL MARINE) - Dvors are the standard tactical marine of the legion. They come in three classes: assault, tactical and devestator. All of these classes fill out the roles like the other chapters. What makes them stand out though among other chapter marines is that they are all equipped with chainsaw swords, regardless of role. They are trained in their philosophy of being effective and effecient, meaining being equipped for all situations for best combat results.

STRYETS (SCOUTS) - Stryets are the scout class of the chapter. They are equipped with the basic weapons but focus more on snipering then on actual scouting. They are renowned for being terrorfying snipers and determined scouts at the same time. All stryets are equipped with a re-enfoced hand axe which is capable of dismembering light infantry with ease.

RYTSAR ( ELITE TROOPS) - Rytsar are the most renound troops of the Imperial Dvors. They are merciless and brutal troops who strike aboslute fear in their oppenents while also upholding the honor of the chapter. They are always seen with their power halberds at hand and wearing black on their armor to signify their position. They are infamous for forming a spear wall and slowly marching to the main front of the enemy. Anyone who thinks they can break the wall are soon to relieze that it is futile. Those who attempt are usually impaled, hacked or decapitated. When a opening in the wall or a postion needs to be held, no one can do it better than the Rystar.

TSAR'S GUARD (ELITE TERMINATOR COMPANY) - These are the best soldiers in the chapter. These warriors are armed with master crafted power halberds with intergrated flamers built on their right arm. They wear blessed terminator armour that houses a small piece of the emperor's own armor. These men are chosen from the best of the rytsar to serve the Tsar in court and in combat. They serve without question or hesitation. They do not belong in any company.
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A Dvor (standard tactical marine)

Combat Doctrine/Ideology (all righty!)

~The Imperial Dvors combat doctrine is not a warfare style but their philosophy. The Dvors believe that one must be prepared for anything and do it with best results. Such a ideology has created a unique system for each company. Each company has a small division of everything, from tactical marines to small squads of terminators to assault marines. The key idea is that you have everything at your disposal thus being prepared for everything, and with proper training and leadership, best results. This ideology has made them one of the hardest chapters to catch by surprise(arguably the hardest). Their unique system of command and organization has lead them through impossible victories offensively and defensively.
~Their doctrine is based off of "a good defense is a good offense". The Dvors are renown for utilizing defensive positions and from there employ a assault on the main front. This combination is most notable with their Rytsar. The Rytsar will form a solid wall with their halberds in front, forming a spear wall. With this stance, the rytsar will move forward and engage the enemy. The spear wall frustrates and defeats all but elite shock troops while offering a defensive position to their brethren. The tactical dvors will be placed behind to deal with any counter measures. When the rytsar engage the main front, assault dvor and/or assault druzhina will engage from the side, literally trapping the enemy and making them easy to execute. Rystar can also use this tactic when holding a position. They also employ tactics which entice the enemy to blindly charge forward in their position. A example is when the rystar form the wall, several assault marines will jump over and lure the main bulk of the enemy (usually melee) closer to the wall. Before the enemy has a chance to catch up, the assault marines will retreat back behind the wall, leaving them to open fire. This tactic can be repeated to wear down the enemy before a final assault. Beside those, the dvors practice other strategies and tactics to make a overall better army.

The Dvors utilize heavily on bardchies and halberds. Commanders have the option to choose either a bardchie, a great sword or a flail. All tactical marines are equipped with chainsaw swords (due to the good terms they are with the adaptes mechanicus and based off of their combat philosophy). Assault terminators wield either a power bardchie or a storm-teardrop shield and a power axe. Rytsar and the Tsar's Guard are equipped with power halberds.
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