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From Warseer (original thread title: Imperial Armour Volume 13: War Machines of the Lost and the Damned):
I posted quite a lot of this in the Forgeworld open day, but I went through the notes i made and had missed out a few things and i thought it would be good to get its own thread.
IA13 is called War Machines of the Lost and the Damned. It is written by Andy Hoare and edited by Talima Fox.

It will be released in Summer/Autumn 2014.

The book will contain an updated Chaos Renegades list similar to the one found in the Vraks trilogy, along with numerous chaos vehicles/war machines including updated versions of the Horus Heresy vehicles for the traitors to use in regular games of 40k. It's unclear whether this will be a variant of the 'Defenders of Vraks' list in IA1, the servants of slaughter list in IA6 or the servants of decay list in IA7. I imagine it will be a reworked version of all three. (i.e. quite chaosy but without the campaign specific units like the Alpha Legion). Talima described the list as being the renegade version of what the list in IA12 was for the Death Korps of Krieg - make of that what you will!

The art book was on display at the open day and had pictures of a Chaos Thunderhawk, Chaos Stormeagle and the Anvilluss pattern and Kharybdis assault claw.
Speaking to Andy Hoare he mentioned the rules for the Horus heresy era war machines would be updated to reflect the ten thousands years that they had spent in the warp and the access to munitions that the chaos legions had. He gave two examples, the first being the missile load out on the Storm Eagle, instead of the tempest rockets load out it will have access to Balefire missiles.

The second example was the class M2KB Landraider. Instead of the explorator augatory web which is designed for scanning enemy positions and co-ordinating forces, however due to the corruption of the warp this is now used to intercept enemy positions and thwart their movements. It will be interesting to see the rules for this.The greater brass scorpion of Khorne and the decimator engine also had new renders on screen in the graphics part, which suggests that updated rules for these models.

It's also worth noting that HH3: Extermination contains references to Iron Warrior specific siege tanks used during the battle of Paramar and the dark mechanicum using stalk tank like units to hunt the raven guard survivors on Istavaan, so it will be interesting to see whether these units crop up in either future HH books or IA13.
I am speaking to my friend who was also chatting to lots of the designers about this and many other things, so ill ask him if i've missed anything!

Afterthought - i'm not 100% sure that the name is correct, reading Vraks again all the lists refer to Renegades and heretics, but the start of the title was definitely "war machines of the".
I didn't think to ask any of these questions as we were mainly talking about the Heresey. Talima did mention that they planned to update Vraks in the future, and certainly got the impression that this was a one stop shop for chaos units from FW, whether they'll be new units I don't know. As I recall IA12 updated the DKoK but gave them a new list, so I think it likely that this will be an updated renegade list in the style of IA5 rather than the daemon/SM hybrid lists in the second and third books, but with access to some of the units contained in those books such as Ogryns!
I'm guessing there will be two sections, the first being all of the FW chaos vehicles updated for 6th, the second being the renegades list.

The renegades list may have a few GW models I.e chimeras and basilisks etc, but I can't see why any CSM units would be in it?
Some info, some speculation, but at least we're looking at a hint of what the next IA book will be.
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