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hi to all, I'm a 32 year old serving soldier both gaming wise and in reality.
Been into warhammer since Rogue trader days got out for a while but re started about 10 years ago. Only started properly gaming 2 years ago. Collect both sides of the coin, Space Marine and Chaos. Have my own ever expanding Space Marine army based on the Black Templars called the Black Angels a light infantry chapter (not many vehicles) and my pride, my massing Black Legion Warband lead by a Daemon Prince (hurry up with the new rules for him GW). Play in house games with a few friends (a Dark Angel, Tyranid, Space Wolf and new recruits Tau and Eldar).

Biggest problem army for me is always Tyranids hardly ever beaten them with anyhthing. Always willing for advice on that front.

Name derives from me being a veteran soldier and an important year for me and my friends (and a as a joke we call it 1 minute to six).

Other hobbies include music (love rock metal, ska and punk but will listen to anything wihtin reason just not chav music), Warhammer (and Warhammer World provides a good excuse to visit Nottingham Rock City), and my Scooter.

Hope to hear a lot of advice and can give some lessons learned back see ya'all soon
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