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I am a SM player trying to help my son with his IG army.
I was hoping someone could point us in the direction where we could see a standard ORBAT for an IG Regiment.
He has a very significant force (about 30000pts) and would like to organise the army as a single unit.
Obviously Mark would only comit a relevant point battle group when he is playing but would like the ability to organise the companies,plattoons and squads systematically.
We have plenty of tanks etc except we think we are short of Chimeras (we have 12). We also lack Hydra, and Manticore/Deathstrike as Mark thinks they would be fielded at Divisional rather than Regimental level.
He is not keen on Medusas or Griffons and prefers Basilisks.
He also does not want to deploy aircraft.
We occassionally play Appocalypse games and he would like to be able to deploy organised units.
I think he wants to turn any extra IG into Traitor Guard (he has some 1000 sons and Arrihman as HQ)
Hope someone can help.

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Depends on what type of regiment you plan on doing, for example...

114th Cadian Mechanised Regiment

HQ Staff - 6 officers, 208 Guardsmen, 4 Chimeras
Signals Company - 1 Officer, 11 Guardsmen, 3 Trojans
Medical Company - 2 Officers, 44 Guardsmen, 10 Samaritans
Ordnance Company - 1 Officer, 24 Guardsmen, 3 Trojans, 5 Atlas'

Attached - Commissars - 5 Commissars
Attached - Adeptus Mechanicus - 33 Techpriests

Mechanised Infantry Company x12, each consists of...
Company HQ - 2 Officers, 8 Guardsmen, 1 Chimera, 1 Salamander Command
Mechanised Infantry Platoon x4, each consists of...
Platoon Command Section - 1 Officer, 4 guardsmen, 1 Chimera
Heavy weapons squad - 6 Guardsmen, 1 Chimera
Mechanised Infantry Squad x5 - 10 Guardsmen, 1 Chimera

Artillery Brigade
Brigade HQ - 2 Officers, 42 Guardsmen, 4 Chimeras
Artillery Company x3 - 4 Officers, 46 guardsmen, 10 Basilisks
Heavy Mortar Company x2 - 4 Officers, 46 guardsmen, 10 Griffons
Anti-Aircraft Company - 4 Officers, 46 guardsmen, 10 Hydras

Storm Trooper Platoon - 1 Officer, 54 Guardsmen, 6 Chimeras

Sentinel Company - 1 Officer, 17 Guardsmen, 18 Sentinels

Recon Company - Company HQ - 1 Officer, 3 guardsmen, Salamander Command
Recon Squadron x5 - 1 Officer, 15 Guardsmen, 4 Salamanders

Regiment TO&E
1 Colonel
21 Captains
91 Lieutenants
420 Sergeants
3376 Other ranks
5 Commissars
33 Techpriests
3947 Total

362 Chimeras
30 Basilisks
20 Griffons
10 Hydras
29 Salamanders
18 Sentinels
10 Samaritans
5 Atlas
6 Trojans

Then there's Armoured Regiments, Infantry Regiments, Airborne Regiments...

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I second Stella..write us a list, but the TO & E that ItsPug put up is a great example.

You will also find similar examples in the IA Books from FW.

30K of IG is insane..I only have 12/13K, so I'm only slightly delusional as of now:grin:

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Thanks or the replies.

The Boz
I have no idea how much it would cost.
He has spent a lot with GW and Weyland.
Plus he has been given 3 armies by friends who have stopped playing Guard or gone back to Historical.
He has also spent a lot on Ebay its amazing what you can get really cheap sometimes.

Stella Cadente
A good idea!
I will have him post a list.
Being a typical lazy 14 yearold that much effort will take time.

Its Pug
Thanks for the great effort.
Obviously we were not thinking correctly when we said Regiment!
We need to reduce our target to a Battalion.
Mark agrees your list makes a great base for the Battalion list.
We are assuming 4 companys (3 battn to a reg)
4 Infantry Companies
total 24 officers, 1000 troops, 120 Chimeras
(We are CRAZY short of Chimeras)
Attached Artillery Company 10 Basilisks
Sentinel Company 18 Sentinels
1st Tank Company 10 Leman Russ
2nd Tank Company 10 Leman Russ
Heavy Company Shadowsword, 2 Baneblades
Obviously the unit cant be called a mechanised unit.
With only enough lift for a half company deffinatelly Infantry!
Can't even be IG would need to be PDF from a real poor planet
We will need to make up a suitable name "Farm Home Guard", "Suzchoul Hive Peoples Army" or something similar.
Looks like we will need to concentrate on aquiring Chimeras for the foreseeable future.
I suppose we will need to start by ripping out his 5 Hellhounds back to Chimeras (only another 15 to give us a full company lift)

Thanks for your reply.
I hope your 13K is better organised than Marks!

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The Boz

You are right, it is useless, but then again our entire hobby is daft.
Its just grown like topsy, (very like my SM army).
I suppose the largest force he has fielded at one time was 1000pts Invasion Force, 2000pts Cities of Death force, and 3000pts Heavy Assault Force he used for a Tempus Fugatives campeign weekend at WW last May.
So 20% of his army was not too bad.

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What do you do with that much, anyway? Host an Apocalypse IG-only tournament in which you provide all the armies?
We do play a lot of Apoc, but also Campaigns/Narrative-driven games. The hobby for me (and a lot of others as well) is as much about the building and collecting aspect and not just gaming.
I can field a -

standard 3K IG (full FOC) list
3K Armoured Battlegroup list
3K Armoured Company list
3K Siege Regiment

Mainly Vehicles as I only have 160 odd Guardsmen/Vets/ST's/Ogryns/RR's.
I'm a Treadhead:biggrin:

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Hi Hobo
Yes its great to play Campaign/Narrative games,especially if they are Task force based.
That is exactly what Tempus Fugatives organise.
Over a full weekend, it leads to fun relaxed wargaming.
No rule lawyers, no over competitive arseholes, just a hundred or so people playing for fun.
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